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"Roads"[1] is the first episode of Life is Strange 2. It was released for PS4, Xbox One and PC on September 27, 2018 (times vary slightly based on the platform and region).[2]


After school on a Friday in late October, Sean Diaz and Lyla Park meet at Sean's house to discuss plans and provisions for a Halloween party set to occur at Eric's house that night. Sean learns his crush and classmate Jenn Murphy is attending, and Lyla tries to help him initiate. Lyla tells him Eric's house doesn't have many supplies and that he'll need to help supply, and writes him a list he eventually fulfills.

Later on, Sean's little brother Daniel Diaz is involved in a conflict with neighbor Brett Foster in their front yard, resulting in a fight between Sean and Brett. Police arrive to assess the situation. The brothers' father, Esteban, runs outside to intervene, and is shot and killed by Officer Matthews.

Soon after, the immediate area is disheveled by a mysterious force and the brothers pass out. Sean comes to, surveys the aftermath, and carries Daniel away from the scene in a panic.

Over the following 4 days, the brothers make their first efforts towards reaching their father's hometown of Puerto Lobos, Mexico. The brothers travel between campsites, a restaurant, and a gas station before Sean is assaulted and kidnapped by the gas station's co-owner. Daniel helps him escape, and the pair come across Brody Holloway. Brody drives them further south along the coast, rents them a room at Three Seals Motel, and gives them enough money for bus tickets. That night, Sean and Daniel confront the reality of their dad's death and what it may mean for their future.

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  1. 1452 Lame Avenue, Seattle
  2. Into the Woods
  3. Bear Station
  4. US-101
  5. Jewel of the Pacific Coast
  6. Sand Castle
  7. #RoomWithAView
  8. Long Road Ahead



  • Esteban Diaz - While attempting to calm the officer down and reach his sons, Esteban is fatally shot in the chest by Officer Matthews.
  • Kindred Matthews - Following Esteban's death, Daniel causes a telekinetic shock wave that throws Matthews backwards onto the street, killing him on impact.

Licensed Soundtrack[]

Main article: Soundtrack (Life is Strange 2)
  • Lisztomania - Phoenix (Played during the opening montage)
  • On The Flip Of A Coin - The Streets (Optionally played in Sean's room)
  • No Woman - Whitney (Played in Brody's car)
  • Banquet - Bloc Party (Played during the optional dance party at Three Seals Motel)


Episode 1 received generally favorable reviews.[3][4][5][6]

  • On Metacritic, the episode has a Metascore of 80/81 and a User Score of 5.8/5.4/5.1.
  • Steam user reviews were "very positive" near the episode's release.
  • GamesRadar calls the episode a "disappointing and slow start to the new season" with a score of 3.5/5.[7]
  • IGN praises the episode despite some rather clunky moments and a lack of subtlety for its aesthetic, strong characterization and charm with a score of 7.7/10.[8]
  • Trusted Reviews calls the episode "an essential genre-pushing experience that isn’t just for fans" with a score of 5/5.[9]
  • TBC

Awards and Nominations[]

  • Episode 1 of Life is Strange 2 was nominated for the Herman Melville Award for Best Writing in the New York Videogame Awards 2018.[10]


There are nine achievements the player can earn on Steam, PlayStation or Xbox for finding collectibles or drawing something.

Side Tracked Achievement Sidetracked
Xbox G Icon15BronzeTrophy
Find optional collectible #1 in Episode 1
Bear Aware Achievement Bear Aware
Xbox G Icon15BronzeTrophy
Find optional collectible #2 in Episode 1
Bonus Miles Achievement Bonus Miles
Xbox G Icon15BronzeTrophy
Find optional collectible #3 in Episode 1
Ranger Achievement Ranger
Xbox G Icon15BronzeTrophy
Find optional collectible #4 in Episode 1
Trail Angel Achievement Trail Angel
Xbox G Icon15BronzeTrophy
Find optional collectible #5 in Episode 1
Room Service Achievement Room Service
Xbox G Icon15BronzeTrophy
Find optional collectible #6 in Episode 1
Dillydallying Achievement Dillydallying
Xbox G Icon40SilverTrophy
Find all optional collectibles in Episode 1
A Long Road Ahead Achievement A Long Road Ahead
Xbox G Icon30SilverTrophy
Finish Episode 1
Sketchy Achievement Sketchy
Xbox G Icon30SilverTrophy
Start any drawing in Episode 1


  • Prior to the episode's release, a choice between obeying the police officer or attempting to explain the situation to him was shown in the official gameplay preview. This choice is not present in the final game.[11]


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