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This article is a script for Episode 3: Wastelands of Life is Strange 2.


Previously on Life is Strange is presented as a series of monochrome watercolors, with the heroes depicted as animals - the Diaz family as a wolf pack & Chris as a raccoon. Each line of dialog is a new art piece, elements fading in as they are narrated.[1]

Sean: Once upon a time... In a wild... wild world... there were two wolf brothers, living in their home lair with their papa wolf. They all lived happily together but...

Sean: one day... hunters took their Dad away... ...forever.

Sean: So now the brothers were alone...

Sean: and they had to find a new home...

Sean: That's when the big brother discovered that the little one... was not an ordinary wolf... but a superwolf!

Sean: And then... they worked together to learn how to use his power, and to follow the rules for them.

Sean: They discovered a secret hideout where they could train day and night... They were happy.

Sean: But the little wolf got very sick so they had to move on...

Sean scared the cougar away

Sean: On the way, a deadly predator attacked them, but they scared it away...

Sean let Daniel kill the cougar

Sean: On the way, a deadly predator attacked them, but the little one destroyed it using his power...

Sean: They decided to journey to the home of their nearby ancestors to seek help...

Sean: Finally, the tired and hungry brothers, made it to the home of their ancestors... The old wolves invited them to stay. They even took care of them... They were happy to have a safe, warm place to rest...

Sean: The little wolf even made friends with a raccoon, and together they went on awesome adventures!

Chris was hit by the police car

Sean: Unfortunately, hunters were hot on their trail, and found them. But the tiny raccoon helped the brothers escape... and got badly hurt...

Daniel used his power to protect Chris

Sean: Unfortunately, hunters were hot on their trail, and found them. But the tiny raccoon helped the brothers escape... and almost got hurt...

Daniel told Chris the truth

Sean: Unfortunately, hunters were hot on their trail, and found them. But the old wolves helped the brothers escape...

Sean: The brothers had nowhere to stay again... so they decided to keep going South... to the distant homeland of their papa wolf...

Summer Breakdown

A bright white light fills the screen, as On Melancholy Hill begins to play. The camera zooms out from Sean's wall and jumps to different shots of Sean's room. We see Sean resting on his bed with his headphones in. The camera goes back to showing off Sean's room, then finally to a corner perspective of Sean and the door. Daniel creeps in and takes something from Sean's desk drawer.

Sean: No way, you little shit!

Daniel, caught in the act, scampers away.

Sean: Daniel! Get your ass over here, now!

Seattle - 3 months before the incident

Sean: He is sooo busted...

(if Sean searches behind the bathroom door)

Sean: [he slowly approaches the door, then quickly moves it aside] No time for this... where are you?

(if he opens Daniel's door)

Sean: (thinking) Of course... Like I want to play fucking hide and seek.

(if he searches behind the living room door)

Sean: [he peers around the closet door] Could be anywhere... shit.

(if Sean opens the basement door)

Sean peeks inside and Daniel's laughter is audible, clearly from another room. Sean sighs and shuts the door.

Sean checks Esteban's room. Daniel tries to run past him, but Sean grabs his arm.

Sean: Woah! Hold on!

Daniel: Let go! Stop it!

Sean: Dude, I told you to stay out of my room!

Daniel: Ow, that hurts!

Sean: Yeah, I'm not fucking around anymore! Got it?


Sean: Do you hear me, Daniel? You. Shall. Not. Enter. Your. Brother's. Room!

Daniel falls backward into the bookcase. Esteban's award falls to the floor and breaks.

Sean: Watch out, man!

Daniel: You started it, dickhead!

Hit yourself.

Sean: Are you listening now? Thou. Shall. Not. Enter. Thy. Brother's. Room!

Daniel falls backward into the bookcase. Esteban's award falls to the floor and breaks.

Sean: What the fuck? Nice job!

Daniel: You started it, butthole!

Esteban appears from the basement.

Esteban: What is this crap? Are you fighting again?

Sean: You're proud of yourself?

Daniel: Stop it!

Esteban: Enough! Getting tired of this... Sean, what happened? NOW!

He never listens!

Sean: Dad, I told him not to come into my room!

Daniel: He got mad and...

Sean: He never listens!

Daniel: and... he hit me and broke the trophy!

Sean: He's lying! He always does that when he gets busted! Little shit!

Just goofing around!

Sean: We were just goofing around, Dad. Swear!

Daniel: He started it! He always gets mad at me!

Sean: He's totally lying! You little...

(No answer)

Daniel: He started it! He always gets mad at me!

Sean: He's totally lying! You little...

Esteban: Enough! [He grabs Daniel and Sean] You both better listen because I'm tired of this crap, okay? This is my house too, not your playground! You hear me? [He bends down and picks up his trophy] Jeez. You guys are working my last nerve this week... [to Daniel] You okay, mijo? I'm going to talk with your brother. You know the drill. Bedroom, and no games.

Sean: I didn't do anything!

Esteban: Uh huh. Let's talk. NOW!

Sean: This is sooo stupid! It's BULLSHIT! [He kicks a book out of his way and lies down on his bed]

Esteban: Okay, you really taught that book a lesson. You done? Huh?

Sean: Whatever. Like you're gonna believe me. Daniel is always right!

Esteban: Look... Please? [He sits down on the bed] Listen Sean, I can't do this on my own. I... I can't. I need you to help me. I know you don't want to babysit Daniel... you grow up, you need space, more freedom. I get it. But we're a trio now and you gotta take some responsibility. That "little shit" is just a kid, you're almost an adult.

He's spoiled!

Sean: I always look out for him! But I can't stop him from creeping around my room! Even you told him! He's just spoiled...

I know...

Sean: I know that... And I do look out for him, I swear. But he's a little... brat.

Esteban: So were you. And you had 8 years of being spoiled before you had to share toys with your little brother. I know it might sound cheesy, but we have to be good role models for him. He's a Diaz, right?

I hear you...

Sean: Okay, I hear you... I'll try to be Super Bro.

Esteban: Just try to be there for him. Like you are now. Ese es mi hijo.

Don't wanna babysit him.

Sean: Does that mean I have to babysit him all summer?

Esteban: Okay, maybe you're not ready to grow up yet... but you will eventually understand.

Esteban: I'm late for work. Go talk to your brother, and work this drama out. We'll go to the movies tonight if you guys don't wreak the house. I know you love to hear this, but I'm proud of you. Both of you.

Sean: Okay, get back to work.

Esteban: See you tonight kids, be nice and don't break anything... else.

Sean walks over to Daniel's room and knocks.

Sean: Can I come in? It's the big, bad, brother.

Daniel: No! Stay out!

Sean walks in anyway.

Daniel: I said, no! Get out! Whatever, I'm not listening! La la la la la la la...

Sean: Come on, dude.

Daniel: I didn't hear anything. La la la!

(if Sean tries to talk to Daniel)

First attempt:

Sean: Hey, Daniel...

Daniel: Leave me alone!

Sean: Come on...

Second attempt:

Sean: Look, I'm sorry, man...

Daniel: No you're not!

Sean: Oh please...

Third attempt:

Daniel: I don't wanna talk to you!

Convince with Drawing

Sean: Whoah, don't know who drew this, but it's totally rad!

Sean: (as Power Bear) "Hey, Daniel! Why are you pouting?" "A young space warrior should never pout!" "We need to stand strong against the enemy!" "Come on, man,

Sean: (as himself) I'm running out of punchlines here!"

Convince with Plush

Sean: Ooo, I forgot about Bobby the Yeti! I brought it back from that field trip to Vancouver! I mean, who does that, other than a super cool big brother?

Sean: (as Bobby) "He's right, Daniel, you should totally forgive him!"

Sean: (as himself) See? I'm not saying it, Bobby does.

Convince with Robot toys

Sean: Damn, haven't seen you in forever... Dad made me give this to you, you always wanted my toys... Does this even work anymore? Not after you took care of it... Poor robot.

Daniel: No battery. Duh.

Convince with Creepy toy

Sean: Oh, you kept this guy! We got him from that creepy circus, remember? You wanted him soo bad. Got him for you shooting at that freaking target...

Daniel: Yeah right, Dad aimed the gun.

Sean: So what? You still won. Because of me.

Daniel: (as Sean starts to poke around Daniel's room) And don't touch my stuff!

Daniel: (as Sean continues to poke around his room) Sean, I'm gonna tell on you... I mean...

Daniel: (if Sean still continues to poke around his room) Go away...

Daniel: (after first attempt to convince) Leave me alone!

Daniel: (after the second attempt) Why are you still here?

Daniel puts his spaceship down.

Daniel: (if Sean makes a third attempt using the above items) I can't hear you!

Daniel: (if Sean makes a fourth attempt using the above items) Come on, go away!

Sean: Oh, now you can hear me.

Sean approaches Daniel and tries to convince him with the Spaceship.

Sean: Hey, that's cool! Did you make it?

Sean reaches out to take the spaceship but Daniel grabs it.

Daniel: Be careful!

Sean: Woah...

Daniel: It's fragile!

Sean: No problem. Suddenly you're Mr. Careful.

Daniel makes a face.

Sean: Okay if I sit down? [He sits next to Daniel] So... When did you get this?

Daniel: Last month. Dad said I should learn to do stuff by myself, since you're not around as much.

Sean: Hey, come on, it's not like I'm leaving home!

Daniel: You might as well, I never see you. We don't even play games anymore! We don't do anything!

Sean: Daniel, I just... I wanna hang out with my friends sometimes... You're gonna be doing the same thing in a couple years.

Daniel: Why? I don't wanna grow up. It's boring. [He takes out a watch from his pocket and holds it out to Sean] Here. Sorry I took it...

Sean: [He examines the watch] That's what you wanted? That stupid watch?

Daniel: You said you'd get me one at the thrift store last week... but you forgot. Like before...

Sean: Well, you better keep this watch, then. [He holds it out to Daniel]

Daniel: Wow! [He hugs Sean] Thanks, Sean, this is sooo cool! I'll keep it forever and ever!

Rise and Shine

The camera fades in on the watch. It pans out to show that Sean is asleep in an open tent. A dog licks Sean's foot but disappears as Sean flinches. The dog then reappears and begins to lick Sean's foot again, waking him up. As Sean looks around for the culprit, the dog quickly wanders away from the tent. Slowly, Sean sits up, looking around the tent.

He puts on clothes and exits the tent, putting on his shoes. Hannah waves to him, completely topless.

Hannah: Hey Bedhead, had a good sleep?

Sean: Oh! [he stands up and looks at her, a bit nervous] Hi, uh... yeah, I-I did, thanks...

Hannah: Nice. Okay, I better hit the shower before they use all the water.

Hannah nods at Sean and walks away.

Sean: Right... See ya around.

Humboldt County, California - 2 months after Beaver Creek

Penny: Hey, Sean! Breakfast time!

Jacob: [as Sean approaches] Shoot, what's the date today? Is it the 15th or... 16th?

Optional Conversation with Jacob

Sean: What's up, Jake?

Jacob: Hey Sean, not much.

Sean: What do you got going on there?

Jacob: Ah, this is a birthday card for my little sister. Don't laugh.

Where is she?

Sean: Aw, that's cute. Where is she?

Jacob: Oh uh... She's with my parents, of course. Where else would a nine year-old live? Oh shoot, I mean... I didn't mean Daniel.

How old is she?

Sean: Aw, that's cute. How old is she?

Jacob: She's nine years old now. Like Daniel...

Sean: Do you miss her?

Jacob: I probably miss her the most.

Jacob: I'm kinda jealous you get to hang out with your brother all the time... But I bet it's hard to be his brother and father figure.

That's my job.

Sean: That's my job now. Full time Daniel Wrangler.

Jacob: He's really lucky to have you.

Ask Daniel.

Sean: Yeah, just ask Daniel. He's nine going on 14. He's sooo tired of me right now...

Jacob: Ah, kids... Just ignore him and he'll be all over you.

Miss being alone.

Sean: Yeah, I do miss being on my own sometimes... You know, privacy, stuff like that.

Jacob: Really? I hate being alone... Guess I'm used to having people around...

Jacob: Hey, since you're such a pro big bro, what's a good way to end this letter? "Goodbye" sounds a bit lame, right?

Thinking of you.

Sean: "Thinking of you"?

Jacob: I do think a lot about her...

Sean: I'm sure she does too.

Jacob: I don't know... I'm afraid Sarah's a bit mad at me for leaving her...

What is she into?

Sean: Well, what is she into? Like anime or video games, uh, puppies?

Jacob: She has a pet chicken named Alexander... Sarah loves that thing, but it creeps me out.

Sean: Why not draw a creepy portrait of Alexander?

Jacob: Good idea! It'll match my chicken scratch perfectly.

Hearts and unicorns.

Sean: How about some hearts and unicorns around her name?

Jacob: Hmmm. She might think it's too cheesy.

Sean: Not if you mean it! I'm sure she's crazy for her big brother.

Jacob: I don't know... I'm afraid Sarah's a bit mad at me for leaving her...

Jacob: Anyway, thanks for your help, Sean. I gotta finish this before I get ready for work. Don't wanna be late, or Big Joe will eat me for lunch.

Sean: You and me both. See you later Jake!

Jacob: Sean, thanks again, man.

(if Sean waits around the shower before speaking with Penny and Ingrid)

Hannah: [from inside the shower] Whoever is creeping around... I can hear you...


Sean: Hey, it's... Sean. I'm just...

Hannah: Just... what? Huh? Are you blushing? Didn't mean to embarrass you!

(no answer)

Hannah: Didn't mean to embarrass you...

Conversation between Ingrid and Penny

Ingrid: Did you see all that fog earlier?

Penny: Creeps me out. You don't know what's inside. Like that movie...

Ingrid: The sun has saved us!

Penny: Your man crashing hard today.

Ingrid: Yeah, Anders smoked too much again. I'll get him up before Big Joe gets here.

Penny: Good. Don't want you to start the day with that asshole yelling.

Ingrid: These trees are just so gorgeous...

As Sean walks closer, Penny calls out to him.

Penny: Coffee time, Sean! Man, grab some and sit yer ass down.

Conversation with Penny and Ingrid

Sean pours some coffee into a mug.

Penny: What? You hear that?

Ingrid: Uh... I heard nothing, Penny.

Penny: Hmmm. Maybe it was the coffee brewing. Never mind. You can't hear? Only me.

Sean sits down at the table.

Ingrid: I don't understand. Why?

Penny: How you miss all those insects? How the fuck? The swarm is coming... bzzz...


Sean: You mean bugs? I haven't seen many flying bugs. Not in the winter at least...

Penny: Sean, Sean... Narcs. Stealth drones. All that shit. Wake up, boy. Look up!

Sean: You... saw them? When? How?

Penny: Because vision, Sean. They watching us now.


Sean: Wait, do you mean... cops? Like coming to bust us?

Penny: Sean... them motherfuckers is gonna shutdown all the farms. Make room for Big Pharma. You'll see. No way Big Boss can pay them off. It ain't gon' happen.

Ingrid: That would be shit for me and Anders to lose the job. The cash is good for us to travel.

Same here.

Sean: Same here. Plus this was a steady gig... Don't wanna hit the road, yet. Daniel won't either...

Penny: Don't puss out if the narcs show. Merrill takes care of his peeps. Yeah, he's a major dick, but fair. He always puts us to work every season. Some of us need this shit job. Not the tourists here...

Where are you going?

Sean: So... then... where's your next pit stop?

Ingrid: We want to see all the cowboys in Austin. But we spent too much money so far. Traveling is expensive.

Penny: Depends how you travel. I mean, look at us...

Penny: Kush gig. But not when they legalize that shit.

Ingrid: Then you can work legal on the farm, right?

Penny: Not if the government steps in. Then the pigs. Pill pushers. All bad.

Can't screw workers.

Sean: Well... at least they can't just screw over workers... like here.

Penny: What? That means people like you and me will be fucked. No paperwork, no job. Truth.

Sean: I hear ya...

Thugs can fuck off.

Sean chuckles.

Sean: That just means Merrill and all these green rush thugs are toast. I hear ya...

Legal in Washington.

Sean: It's legal in Washington and it's worked out okay... It's gonna be legal everywhere soon anyway.

Penny: Legal. But controlled. By who? The bitches who made it against the law! Yay freedom.

Sean: I don't know... Things have to change...

Sean: [Sean drinks the rest of his coffee] Oh, um... did anybody see Daniel? I haven't seen him this morning...

Ingrid: I saw him walking with Finn. They were headed to the lake.

Sean: Thanks, Ingrid. I better see what he's up to. [He stands up]

Penny: Tell 'em no swimming. That lake is toxic, man. Nasty.

Conversation between Ingrid and Penny

Penny: I keep thinking you're Dutch. Because weed. Where from again?

Ingrid: Sweden. Malmö. You wouldn't hear about it.

Penny: A long fucking way to work a farm.

Ingrid: Yeah... Been working for three years in a coffeeshop to pay for the trip.

Penny: Hope that shit was worth it.

Ingrid: Oh yeah. Good times.

Ingrid: Wish we came sooner. I feel like we will never see everything now...

Penny: You did. Got to ride with us, right? You saw the real shit.

Ingrid: True. I will miss you too, Penny.

(if Sean makes more coffee before walking away)

(Sean pours more coffee into the carafe.)

Sean: [laughing] Welcome to Café Diaz.

Penny: Niiice! I like that gourmet shit!

(if he doesn't)

Penny: Uh, I think you forgot something, Sean. You gon make some more coffee, right?

If Sean makes more coffee:

Sean: Oh, huh... Sorry, my bad...

Penny: Yeah, not your coffee boy. We share. Always.

Sean follows the path towards the lake. He can overhear a conversation between Finn and Daniel as he walks.

Conversation between Finn and Daniel

Finn: How can you be so good at this?

Daniel: (laughing) I think I got this now!

Finn: I'd say you do, yeah. Remember, look straight, sharp throw. Boom!

Daniel: Let me try again!

Finn: There you go, sweetheart!

Daniel: How long have you been throwing knives?

Finn: My old man taught me when I was bout your age.

Daniel: So cool!

Finn: Fuck! I've never been so good, trust me. You're killing it!

Daggers Drawn

The camera zooms in on a target that is painted onto a tree. A knife hits the bullseye.

Finn: What the fuck, man! You're awesome! Come on, once again!

Finn pulls the knife out of the tree.

Daniel: YES!

(if Daniel swears)

Daniel: I fucking rule!

(if he doesn't)

Daniel: I'm the man!

Daniel successfully throws the knife again and high-fives Finn.

Finn: Holy shit, that was dope!

Sean walks over to the two.

Sean: What's up, guys? Morning target practice?

Finn: Six bullseyes. In a row. Kid is a fucking ninja. [Finn hugs Sean] Hey, we didn't want to wake your sleepy ass up...

Sean: Yeah... Thank you for that. You okay Daniel?

Daniel: Hey.

Finn: Seriously, I've never seen anyone throw like that.

Too young for blades.

Sean: Daniel, I told you about playing with knives. You're too young. You know the rules, dude.

Daniel: Don't stress, man.

Sean: Daniel!

Daniel: What?!

Six bullseyes, really?

Sean: Wow, Finn trained you well. Six... bullseyes, dude?

Daniel: Yeah, I got better... Lucky.

Sean: You can't throw a baseball without hitting me in the nuts. How did you learn to aim so good?

(Daniel has high morality on Daniel)

Daniel: Practice!

(Daniel has low morality)

Daniel: Not true, liar! You're the one who sucks at baseball!

Sean: Yeaaah... right.

Finn: Hey, wow... [putting his hands on both of their shoulders] What's up with you two? [to Sean] I shoulda let you know, but-but I'm watching him like a hawk. Seriously, much respect. He's like my own blood. Not that I'm as hot or cool as his big bro. [He winks at Sean]

Finn goes over to the tree and removes the knife.

Finn: Yo, Sean! Idea! I wanna see if Daniel inherited the family blade skills... from you. [He holds out the knife to Sean] How about a little demo?

(Daniel has high brotherhood)

Daniel: It was my turn!

(Daniel has low brotherhood)

Daniel: He can't do it!

Finn: Come on, let's give the man a chance.

Sean: [taking the knife] Okay, yeah. I'll take a shot.

(if Sean hits the bullseye)

Finn: BLAM! Right between the fucking eyes! [He high-fives Sean] Damn... Did you guys escape from some circus? [He removes the knife from the tree]

Daniel: That was just luck...

Finn: Seriously, that shit was off the chain! One time is luck, second time is skill. So let's see...

(if he hits the target)

Finn: Oooh, Sean, hold your right arm more like this... Better alignment, better aim.

(Daniel has high brotherhood)

Daniel: Won't really help...

(Daniel has low brotherhood)

Daniel: He just sucks at this!

Sean: Dude, what's wrong with you?

Finn removes the knife from the tree and gives it back to Sean.

(if he hits the target again)

Finn: Come on sweetie, one more time! I know you can do it.

He removes the knife from the tree and hands it to Sean.

Finn: Be zen, Sean. That's the secret!

(if he completely misses)

Finn: Oh, he whiffs it!

Daniel: Ha ha! Only you and me can throw!

Finn: Sean, hold your right arm, you know, more like this... and don't aim so hard. You tell him, Dan.

Daniel: It's okay Sean, you just suck at this, that's all.

Sean: Dude, stop that! Seriously? What's wrong with you?

Finn: Let's go for the second round! You're good, don't stress. [He hands Sean the knife]

(if he completely misses again)

Finn: Come on sweetie, one more time! I know you can do it.

He picks up the knife from the ground and hands it to Sean.

Finn: Be zen, Sean. That's the secret!

(If Sean hits the bullseye on his first try, Daniel will use his powers during Sean's second turn. Otherwise, Daniel will use his powers during Sean's third turn.)

Sean whips around to look at Daniel.

Sean: Oh fuck that!

Daniel: Ha, missed! See, I rule!

Finn: Sorry Sean, you're not a ninja. But you're still cool. Just ask your brother for help next time. [He picks up the knife from the ground]

Sean: Yeah, what would I do without him.

Daniel: Hey, don't look at me, it's not my fault you can't throw!

Finn: Whew, after that workout, I need some more fucking java.

Daniel: Wait, don't go yet! [Sean stops Daniel from leaving with Finn]

Finn: It's all good, Daniel. We can practice later. Yeah, if it's cool with... Big Brother. Love ya, man...

Daniel: What now?

Think that's funny?

Sean: You think that shit is funny?

Daniel: What shit?

Sean: Stop acting stupid. You're pushing it, Daniel... You made me miss! In front of Finn. What if he finds out, huh? What then?

Daniel: I'm not stupid! He won't find out!

You cheated!

Sean: Daniel... I can't believe you cheated.

Daniel: What? What do you mean?

Sean: Come on, don't play dumb... You're showing off in front of Finn. You want him to find out?

Daniel: Finn is cool, he wouldn't tell anybody!

Sean: You don't know that! You're gonna get busted, enano. You need to listen to me.

Daniel: Stop calling me that!

(Daniel has high brotherhood)

Daniel: I'm not a kid anymore.

(Daniel has low brotherhood)

Daniel: I hate it!

Sean: [He grabs Daniel's shoulder] Daniel, don't...

Daniel: Why?! [He shrugs Sean's hand off of him and turns around] See! [He holds out his hand]

Sean: Stop, Daniel! NOW!

Daniel: Or what?!

Sean: I said "stop," Daniel! [He grabs Daniel's shoulder]

Daniel: Don't grab me! [He whips around, hurling Sean to the ground with his powers]

Sean pulls himself back, afraid of Daniel. Daniel puts his hand over his mouth and runs over to Sean, bending down next to him.

(Daniel has high morality)

Daniel: Sean, I-I'm sorry! I-I didn't mean to...

(Daniel has low morality)

Daniel: I'm sorry! I didn't mean to be that hard...

Sean: I'm okay, it's fine... I told you. You're good, but you don't have control over your powers yet.

Daniel: Y-yeah, but we stopped training since we got here... You'd rather hang out with your new friends...

Sean: Well... because we need to fit in if we wanna keep that job, okay? But you're right, let's um... do some training later today, cool?

Daniel: Yeah, let's go by the lake again... But, Sean, how long are we gonna stay here? It's been like a month!

Sean: I know, but... we need more money to get to Puerto Lobos. Remember?

Daniel: It's gonna take forever! We should try and find mom since we have her letter now!

I said no!

Sean: No, we shouldn't. I've told you a million times that we can't trust her.


Sean: We already had this conversation. Sorry Daniel, but we can't. We don't even know where Karen really is. And we can't risk getting caught while looking for her.

Sean: She's... one of the reasons we're out here. That's why we're going down to Mexico.

Daniel: How come I never get to choose? I'm the one with the power...

I'm the adult.

Sean: Dude, that's how it is, I'm the adult now. Okay?

Daniel: Yeah, well, that sucks.

I gotta take care of you.

Sean: I hear you, it's not fair. But you're my brother... and my responsibility. I have to take care of you!

Daniel: I know. But I'm not gonna be a kid forever.

Daniel: Finn treats me like an adult, he understands...

A car honks in the distance.

Daniel: Uh oh, Big Joe!

Ask about the watch.

Sean: Hey... you don't wear your watch anymore?

Daniel: What? Oh... Nah, I put this on instead...

(Daniel has high brotherhood)

Daniel: Finn gave it to me, pretty cool, huh?

Sean: Yeah, pretty cool.

(Daniel has low brotherhood)

Daniel: Finn gave it to me, way less lame, huh?

Sean: Yeah...

They stand up.

Say nothing.

Sean and Daniel stand up.

Sean: Hey, Daniel... remember what I said. Low profile.

Daniel: Yeah... Okay...

Sean: We're cool.

(Daniel has high brotherhood)

Daniel: I don't like working on a farm.

Sean: I know... it could be way worse... We are making cash, enano.

Daniel: Okay, okay...

(if Chris was hit by the car)

Daniel: Wish we could check on Chris... just see if he's okay...

(if he wasn't)

Daniel: Wish we could... send Chris a present... or something... Or... maybe just check on him...

Sean: We will, Daniel. When we're safe and far away.

Daniel: I know...

Daniel: I had fun playing hide and seek last night... especially in the dark!

Not scared?

Sean: You weren't scared at all? Come on...

Daniel: Not with Finn! We had the best hiding spot!


Sean: That was cool... Thought Penny might hide forever...

Daniel: Yeah, but we said the trees were off limits! Cheater!

(no answer)

Daniel: Finn and I had the best hiding spot ever!

Daniel stops when he reaches Big Joe's truck, looking for a place to sit. The camera pans to Finn.

Finn: Sit here, my man. [Daniel climbs onto the truck and they high-five] I need a bodyguard like you.

Daniel: Cool, tell Sean to get me a knife.

Sean steps onto the truck. He jealously looks over at Finn and Daniel before reluctantly sitting down. Cassidy sits next to him.

Cassidy: Mind if I sit here?

Sean: Sure!

She puts her arm on Sean's shoulder, leaning in.

Cassidy: Why so serious?

Sean: Uh, nothing! Just, thinking...

Cassidy: Cool... I'm always worried about my city boy!

Big Joe: Everyone here?! This isn't a fucking school bus! We're late!

Redwood Curtain

The camera fades in on the truck as Big Joe drives it through the forest.

Finn: Hey little man... you know I already had to use my knife in a fight?

The camera pans to Finn and Daniel, their conversation mostly inaudible.

Background conversations:

Finn and Daniel

Daniel: What? Really?!

Finn: Heh, I don't bullshit you. Some gutter punk jumped me in Austin. So I cut his ass! Yeah, he cut me, too...

Daniel: Oooh, ouch! Are you okay?

Finn: [chuckling] I was lucky, my friend. I'll show you the battle scars sometime.

Daniel: Aww, cool!

Finn: You be careful with knives, though, okay?

Daniel: Hey, who's the knife master here?

Finn: Please, don't hurt me!

Daniel: You better behave, mortal!

Ingrid and Anders

Ingrid: Anders, did you lock the tent?!

Anders: You were the last person in there![2]

Ingrid: Wrong! You went back for the lighter!

Anders: Oh hell, I thought you were going to bring some water.

Ingrid: Man, we have to watch out for this! Why am I the only one to care?

Anders: It's not my fault.

Ingrid: Urgh! Remember when we got robbed?

Anders: Yeah yeah yeah, it's always my fault.

Hannah, Penny, and Jacob

Hannah: Geez, my back hurts.

Penny: No shit! Too much sex, guys, waaay too much sex!

Hannah: Shut up! You was so high last night, how can you know?

Penny: I know.

Jacob: I'm just not... used to it, but I don't mind, you know? Free country!

Cassidy: So at this point I'm like "whatever dude, just gimme more booze!", you know?

The camera pans to Sean.

Sean: Yeah...

Cassidy: You're not listening to anything I say, are you?

Sean: What? Yes I am! The party, the monkey... [he looks up at Finn and Daniel]

Cassidy: Two peas in a pod, these ones! Aww, is Sean jealous?

He's a big boy.

Sean: No way. He's a big boy now. Better to get out of his way...

Cassidy: Smart. But if you get too clingy, people run away... I know what I'm talking about.

Keeping an eye.

Sean: Nah, just keeping an eye out, you know...

Cassidy: Yeah. Big Brother watching, that's cute.

Cassidy: So, how do you feel? Who knew this little tree market snowflake would end up here, with us misfits...

Turning into a dirty hippie!

Sean: All good! Just hope I won't turn into a dirty hippie if I hang around too long...

Cassidy: You better stop talking to me then, I'm the most contagious!

Sean: Mmmm... Too late, guess I'll take the chance!

I feel free.

Sean: I actually feel... free. It's been a long time. Thanks to you.

Cassidy: I hope so! Finn and me had a bet how long you would last... Okay, I lost!

Sean: Thanks, I'm glad you did! Can't get rid of me yet...

Like an outsider.

Sean: Well... I still feel like an outsider, you know?

Cassidy: Ah, you're doing great, trust me. I was way worse than you when I joined the gang.

Sean: Really? Looks like you found your place now...

Big Joe: Hey! How 'bout shut the fuck up back there? I can't hear my music!

Finn: Guess what, he was on his secret sat phone again this morning. Speaking Romanian and shit!

Cassidy: Oh no. Here it comes...

Finn: He's Agent 420 and he has a License to Kush!

Daniel: What's that?

Penny: Told you all a thousand times, Big Joe is a clone! They come from a factory in Silicon Valley!

Cassidy: Maybe he's just the factory reject... Merrill got a good deal on him.

Just a goon.

Sean: He's just a goon, guys. Bet he worked for some gang. Must've done something bad to end up here!

Finn: Duh, boring!

Daniel: Yeah, boring!


Sean: Bigfoot. Think about it: Big Joe... Bigfoot...

Finn: Whoa, you might be onto something! They both smell...

Daniel: Stinky Big JoeFoot!

Don't be mean.

Sean: Okay, just don't be so mean. He's right there...

Finn: Oh Sean, are you crushing on Big Joseph? Oh, that is so sweet!

Daniel: Sean loves Big Joe! Sean loves Big Joe!

(no answer)

Daniel: He doesn't look like a clone...

Cassidy: Oh, that's why he was rejected!

Finn: Fuckin' A. Worst Clone Ever.

Hannah: Shit, you're all in love with Big Joe. You can't stop talking about him, I swear...

Daniel: But his ass is too big!

Finn: Hahaha! Right on! Hahaha!

Penny: Buuurn! Hahaha!

Anders: Hahaha, you guys are funny.[2]

Jacob: He's kind of a mystery...

Big Joe: Hey! Pipe down back there! Enjoy the scenery for a change, for fuck's sake.

Cash Crop

Anders: Shit... so tired...

Ingrid: Yeah, me too...

Anders: Let's try to go to bed early tonight, okay?

Ingrid: Yes! Please! And no weed.

Anders: Mmmmm, it kinda helps me sleep.

Finn: All right, who's ready for another great day at the office?

Hannah: Shut uuup!

Finn: Ooooo, somebody doesn't want to be employee of the month!

Cassidy: I'm sooo fucking tired!

Big Joe whacks Cassidy on the back of the head.

Big Joe: Stop your bitching or get outta here...

Cassidy: HEY! Jeez...


Sean: Hey, come on, that's not cool!

Big Joe shoves Sean backwards.

Big Joe: Uh, are you really shit talking me, Cheech? Huh?

Cassidy: Forget it, Sean... Seriously. We're late.

Big Joe points at Sean, then walks away.

Cassidy: Hey, you're gonna get us kicked out of here.

Sean: Well, I just wanted to...

Cassidy: What? Be a white knight? I can take care of myself, Sean.

Daniel: Bro, that guy would have beat you down.

Do nothing.

Sean looks down.

Cassidy: Sir, yes sir! Come on Sean, we're gonna be late!

Big Joe: [nodding] Right...

Big Joe comes up to Sean and pats his cheek twice, then walks away.

Sean, Daniel, and Cassidy walk into the greenhouse and join the rest of the drifters.

(if Sean intervened)

Merrill: Oh, thanks for coming. I'm not in your way, right?

Cassidy: No, no, we're sorry, we-we just...

Merrill: You don't get paid to be late. Next time, you won't be.

Cassidy glares at Sean.

Merrill: Listen up, I need two teams today. Finn, Penny, Anders, and whats-your-name will clean up the mess from the storm.

Jacob briefly waves to acknowledge that Merrill is referring to him.

Merrill: The rest of you get to sit and trim.

(if Sean didn't intervene)

Cassidy: Girls gotta sit on their asses while the males are outside... yeah, right on!

Penny: Like I wanna go pick up a bunch of shit all over the camp...

Daniel: Hey, you wanna trade places?

Sean: Shut up, Daniel.

Penny: You got a deal, kid!

Daniel: Yeah! I get to go outside!

Merrill: HEY! You guys still don't get it. This is work, not a goddamn summer camp. You're not special. There are dozens of hippies like yourselves begging for work at the next town.

Merrill walks over to Daniel.

Merrill: Kid, your dad should teach you to shut your mouth.

Daniel looks at the ground.

Merrill: Finn, you better watch your guys.

Finn: Of course, Boss! No problem.

Merrill: Okay, so move it!

Big Joe: Yeah! You heard the man! Stop fucking around and get in your teams! All right?

The drifters leave the greenhouse. As Sean attempts to exit, Merrill holds him back.

Merrill: Hold up. You and me are gonna talk.

As Big Joe leaves, Merrill turns to Sean.

Conversation with Merrill

Merrill: Remember, I'm only letting you and your brother work here because Finn put in a good word.

Sean: I know. We really appreciate it, thanks--

Merrill: Yeah, yeah, no ass kissing please. Just watch out. Next time your brother fucks up, you're both gone asap. Look. I'm not trying to bust your balls, but this is a pot farm and he's a fucking kid. You hear me?

Thanks again.

Sean: Totally. Um... thank you again.

Merrill: Didn't you hear me? I don't speak Kiss Ass.

Sean: Sorry...

Got it.

Sean: Got it.

Sean: I'll keep him out of the way.

Merrill: You better. This business has enough shit already.

What kind of shit?

Sean: What kind of shit?

Merrill: Jesus, what is this, an interrogation?

Sean: Uh, no, I'm sorry!

Merrill: Okay, time's up. Get the fuck outta here...

Going to check on him.

Sean: Right. I'm gonna go check on him, then.

Merrill: How old is he, anyway?

Sean: Oh, uh... nine. He's nine years old.

Merrill: Jeez. Tough age. Gotta keep a close eye on them.

Going to check on him.

Sean: Not my business, but... you got kids?

Merrill: Yeah, a daughter. Twelve years old.

Sean: Do you... do you get to see her?

Merrill: Not often. But she needs the money I get out here.

Yeah. Not easy.

Sean: Yeah... Not an easy thing to do out here.

Merrill: I know. Ain't no place for children. That's why I keep mine in New York.

Sean: Isn't that... hard?

Merrill: Course it is. But it won't be forever.

Merrill: Okay, I'm not your buddy. Get the fuck outta here, you got a lot of work to do today.

Sean: All right, uh... Thank you!

Sean follows Merrill into the trimming area. There he closes the door behind him and sits down at a table in between Cassidy and Daniel.

Cassidy: Hey... you okay?

Merrill: Now for the fun part... I need this all done by tonight. No excuses. So get on it.

Big Joe enters the room.

Merrill: All right. We good?

Big Joe: Finn is playing boss with his crew. I told 'em they'd all work late if they didn't finish on time.

Merrill: I hope so. Okay, I gotta make some calls.

Merrill leaves.

Big Joe: [to the drifters] Well? What're you waiting for? You know the drill!

Daniel sighs.

Sean: What?

Daniel: Dude, this sucks ass. I feel like I'm in prison...

I know...

Sean: I hear you. But we're not. This is just our job, man. We have to follow Merrill's rules for now... especially you.

Daniel: What do you mean?

Sean: He's not into having kids around here. So don't give him any excuse to get pissed off.

Cassidy: You never know with Merrill... He can be cool, but it's scary when he loses his shit...

Daniel: Okay, jeez, I'm not doing anything bad...


Sean: Ssssh! Merrill almost kicked us out because of your big mouth! What part of "lay low" don't you get? You shouldn't even be here!

Daniel: Sure, I bet you wish I wasn't here!

Sean: Oh stop!

Daniel: I can tell!

Sean: You know exactly what I meant!

Cassidy: Aww, I feel you, Daniel. Sometimes I get stir crazy in here, too...

Big Joe: Look, I know you guys are having the time of your life here, but I am not. So shut your mouth and give me some quiet, for fuck's sake!

Big Joe leans back in his chair and looks at his phone.

Cassidy: Why do you stick around then?

Big Joe: None of your damn business. But I'd be long gone if I had the chance, trust me.

Sean: (thinking) All right man, just pick a bud and get to it.

Daniel: Man, look at all these buds...

Hannah: Oh this is nothing. Last spring, we were trimming about two or three pounds a day.

Daniel: Whoa, that's a lot!

Hannah: Yup. Had to work overnight all the time. Fifteen hours straight once.

Cassidy: Yeah. Tryna forget. I was done with Kush after that...

Ingrid: Whoa, we are lucky...

Cassidy: Right, and then your arms fall off. Fuck all that.

(if Sean stops trimming)

Hannah: Sean... Sean... still with us?

Sean: Uh, y-yeah, sorry, brain fart.

(if Sean intervened)

Cassidy: You get any reception, Big Joe?

Big Joe: This place is a cell killer.

Cassidy: Of course.

(if Sean didn't intervene)

Big Joe: Awww... Fuck this!

Cassidy: This game sounds bad, man. What is it?

Big Joe: You've got work to do. Mind your own business.

Cassidy: Okay, whatever, mister grumpy.

Big Joe: Jeez... It's called Mustard Party, okay?

Daniel: What?! You're playing Mustard Party? Jeez, that's so cool! I used to be on the scoreboard!

Big Joe: Cool. I don't care.

Cassidy: Awww, Joseph, are you not on the scoreboard?

Big Joe: Shut up. You got work to do.

(if Sean stops trimming again)

Big Joe: Hey amigo, you don't get paid for not working! Jesus!

Sean: I know, sorry, sorry!

Daniel: Ouch! Shit.

Ingrid: Ooo, you okay, sweetie?

Slow down.

Sean: It's okay, you're doing fine. Just slow down if you need to.

Daniel: I know, I will... Thanks, Sean.

(if Sean fails to cut the bud when answering)

Daniel: Look, you cut yourself too!

Sean: Damn, better follow my own advice.


Sean: Dude, I told you a thousand times! Focus! Trim the plant, not your hand!

Daniel: Okay, jeez! Sorry, Sean...

(if Sean fails to cut the bud when answering)

Daniel: Look, you cut yourself too!

Sean: Damn, better follow my own advice.

(no answer)

Hannah: Look, Daniel, you just zoned out. We all do it... then we don't.

Cassidy: My ass hurts... Fuck, this is really boring.

Hannah: Aw, poor baby... that's the job. Don't think, just work...

Cassidy: Okay... Just don't ask me to smile for the camera all day long...

Feels like a factory.

Sean: Feels like working in a factory. Imagine doing this for years...

Cassidy: See? Sean agrees with me!

Daniel: As always...

Ingrid: This is fun at first but it does start to get old after a while.

Hannah: How about stop bitchin' so much? Sean, you're already on Merrill's shit list. Don't get us all kicked out of here. Just sit and trim.

It's cool!

Sean: I don't know, we get paid to give haircuts to marijuana. It's kinda cool!

Daniel: Yeah, I'd rather do this all day than be in a stupid classroom!

Still have to learn.

Sean: Daniel, you still have to learn stuff... I had to go to school...

Cassidy: Yep, you fight like brothers. So cute.


Sean: Exactly. We don't have any homework... or teachers...

Cassidy: Sure, just Merrill and Big Joe. Whatever...

Big Joe: Quiet!

(no answer)

(no dialogue)

(no answer)

Hannah: You could be taking orders for fries and burgers.

Cassidy: Uh, I don't think so.

Hannah: Then be glad you're here.

(if Sean stayed silent during both prompts)

Daniel: Sean, you okay?

Sean: Huh? Oh, uh, no... I'm just focused on my buds...

Big Joe: Finally, something I wanna hear.

Cassidy: Damn Sean, we really need to do something about your hair!

Sean: What? What-what's wrong with my hair?

Cassidy: Are you kidding me? It's hiding your pretty face, I can't allow that!

Sean: Come on, it's not that bad, just...

Cassidy: Just a mess, yes! But worry not, we've got everything to take care of it at the camp...

Sean: Yeah, yeah, we'll see...

Merrill: (off-screen) Teddy? Merrill here. Sure. Huh. Huh huh... Yeah, about that...

Cassidy: But, for real though... if you could snap your fingers and go anywhere...

Hannah: Cassidy, we get it... over and over...

Merrill: (off-screen) Hey, come on... Give me a break, I can't --

Hannah: You don't wanna be here... So what?

Merrill: (off-screen) Jesus, okay, man! Calm down, I... Yeah, yeah, I got you.

Cassidy: So I'm allowed to dream a little! You won't get hurt, promise. What about Louisiana? Must be so sweet this time of year!

Love to go.

Sean: Oh, I'd love to visit New Orleans...

Cassidy: Yep. Check out the voodoo shops and the blues bands...

Sean: That would be cool...

Dream bigger.

Sean: Come on, dream big! I'd like to see the pyramids... or the top of Mount Fuji...

Cassidy: Sean Diaz, Global Traveller!

Sean: Yeah, stuck in Humboldt.

(no answer)

Big Joe: Hey, how about visiting Uranus?

Cassidy: (sarcastically) That's very clever, Big Joe.

Merrill: (off-screen) No, it's... Yeah, no problem. I'll do what I have to. Thanks. Fucking asshole.

Big Joe: Bitch, bitch, bitch... nobody's making you babies work here... You guys are all the same... "Cool, let's be trimmigrants!" Then you barely work for a month... This is my life.

Merrill: (off-screen) Joe! Come here for a sec!

Big Joe: Shit. It's always something...

Big Joe leaves the room.

Hannah: Damn... Can you folks put a lid on it? We got shit to do here!

Cassidy: Whoa, whoa, down!

Hannah: Easy for you to say, cowgirl! Some of us have to work...

Cassidy: Please! I bust my ass like everybody else!

Hannah: Uh huh. Don't even... You're always looking for an excuse... "Ooo, it's 420!" "Hey Sean, let's talk..." "Ow, my arm hurts..." Wah wah.

Cassidy: Get off my crack, Hannah! We've been stuck out here for two months! I didn't come out to California to work on a fucking farm, I wanna see some water! Are we gonna squat out here forever? Build a house? What?

Merrill: (off-screen) Just hung up with Teddy.

Hannah: Stop... you know we voted to stay for awhile. Once it's legal, we ain't got no more job here...

Big Joe: (off-screen) Shit... How's it going?

Merrill: (off-screen) Same as always... They want everything by tomorrow.

Big Joe: (off-screen) Friday? How are we supposed to --

Cassidy: I'm just over this place...

Hannah: Then go! Take the fuck off! If we're a family, we stick together! You're on the bus... or off the bus...

Everybody chill!

Sean: Hey, everybody chill... let's not get --

Hannah: [pointing at Sean] Sean, step back. This is our business... Just grow up, Cassidy... stop acting like a princess...

She needs freedom...

Sean: Hey, she just needs freedom, dude...

Cassidy: Exactly! Thank you, darling.

Hannah: Just grow up, Cassidy... stop acting like a princess...

(no answer)

(no dialogue)

Cassidy: Thanks, Mom. Anything else?

Hannah: Yeah, but we don't have the time!

Cassidy: Did you fall out of the wrong side of the tent or what? Shit...

Merrill: (off-screen) That's not my problem, Joseph! You know the drill. Do your work.

Hannah: You're clueless...

Big Joe (off-screen) Yeah, sure.

(if Sean picks up the souvenir)

Sean: What's this?

The door opens and Big Joe walks in.

Big Joe: Fuck this shit...

Cassidy: Hannah... sorry.

Hannah: I know... Hey, I don't wanna fight... been a long, crappy week...

Big Joe: Just keep it fucking down in here, okay?

The camera pans to show the drifters trimming the weed buds at various angles.

The Trimmigrants

Sean holds his right hand, rubbing his palm. He is sitting on the back of Big Joe's truck. Finn walks over to him, leaning on the railing.

Conversation with Finn

Finn: Cheer up, my little Sean. Trust me, it's not as bad as you think. Other farms in the areas just straight down exploit your ass.

(if Sean missed several cues to trim the buds)

Finn: You gotta be careful with those scissors... they're sharp as fuck.

Sean: Yeah, no shit...

(if he didn't)

Finn: Look at these baby soft hands!

Sean: Trimming sucks! At least I didn't cut myself again today...

Finn: Aww, you'll get scars, but you'll get it. Part of the fun.

Sean stands up, following Finn.

Finn: And sexier.

They get off the truck.

Finn: Later, Big Joe... [he flips both middle fingers at Big Joe as he drives away] Smile, asshole. [He turns to Sean] So, did you have a good day at work, honey?

Family clash.

Sean: I did. Loved the Jerry Springer moment when Hannah and Cass started picking on each other.

Daniel whined.

Sean: Not with Emo Daniel acting like a brat... it gets old, man. At least Hannah and Cass were there to provide the entertainment...

The girls are cool.

Sean: Actually, kind of fun... Cass and Hannah crack me up... they're like sisters.

Finn: Yeah! They love to start shit with each other... then get high. Short term memory loss.

Merrill was pissed.

Sean: Yeah, too bad Merrill was in a pretty shitty mood from the start. He ruined the day.

Finn: I got that from his speech, yeah. He is having a hard time with his own bosses. This isn't Silicon Valley.

Sean: He should know better, then. Threats don't make people work better.

Cass is a TV show.

Sean: Having Cass around is like a TV show. She can't sit on her ass for more than an hour.

Finn: Yeah, always been this way. Like these sharks that die if they stop moving, you know?

Sean: I was the same at school. So glad we're out here now.

Finn: Uh huh. No wonder she digs you. So do I...

How was your day?

Sean: How was your day? Did you have fun outside?

Finn: Nope. Picked up branches and shit, got covered in mud. Would not recommend!

Sean: Still sounds better than sitting on your ass all day...

Finn: I feel you, Sean. As always. That's why you're such a good fit for the family.

Sean: You totally hooked us up... a job, cash, friends. Safety.

Finn: Sean, everybody's cool with you two... Daniel is your secret weapon.

Sean: I don't know. He's way too young for this bullshit...

Finn: You gotta be zen about this. The more you try and control him, the less you have. It's deep, huh? Swear, he acts just like me. That's how I know he's smart. He's also got a kick-ass hermano. Yeah, my brothers were like that...

So what's your story?

Sean: So... what's your story? Um, I mean, you don't have to tell me but...

Finn: Yeah, I was pretty lucky, my parents were okay. I had three big brothers who spoiled me.

Sean: Aww, you were the baby boy.

Finn: Like Daniel. But my family was kinda... messed up. My dad was like a front for hot cars. Yeah. He'd steal, strip and sell 'em. My brothers and I helped him... You know, typical shit. Until we got busted. Fucking feds wanted me and my brothers to testify... But my dad narced on us instead.

Sean: Damn, Finn... that sucks. What happened?

Finn: I went to jail. When I got out, I was like, fuck EVERYBODY. So I hit the road, Jack... And, anyways, I found a cooler family out here... You know, I love traveling, checking out new things... yeah, never gets old.

He doesn't listen to me...

Sean: Maybe, but he doesn't listen to me anymore...

Finn: Don't worry. You're in a new group, he's tryna fit in on his own. Bet you're doing it too. Trying to be your own person, not just "Daniel's big brother."

Sean: Sure, but... I try to be both, you know?

Finn: You're a good guy, Sean Diaz. You just need to trust yourself more. I know losing your family is tough. But the world is yours to create a new one, you know what I mean?

Sean: Yeah... I was pretty sheltered growing up... but now I'm starting to totally love seeing the world.

Finn: Well, going to Mexico is the ultimate road trip.

Not to Daniel.

Sean: Not to Daniel. He doesn't even want to go. At all. Instead, he wants to go to Arizona to see his mom... Fuck that.

Finn: It can be tough growing up not knowing your folks... He needs closure, that's all. Give him time. He'll follow you anywhere.

If we make it there.

Sean: If we make it there, dude. Who knows... It's pretty scary. So fucking far...

Finn: It is. But you have time, and a strong... dammit... will. Yeah. Nothing can stop you from going there. It will be all right, Sean. Don't worry.

(no answer)

Finn: But you could stay with us... You get a traveling home... a new family... all that crap...

Finn: Okay. Therapy's over.

Sean: Oh yeah, I gotta move those water tanks for the shower and stuff...

Finn: It's cool you're doing your part, Sean.

Sean: Finally! Glad I can help.

(After speaking with Finn, Sean can overhear Hannah peeling potatoes while talking with Ingrid and Anders and help her with her chores. Alternatively, he can wait until their conversation is over and talk to Hannah afterwards.)

Conversation between Hannah, Ingrid, and Anders

Ingrid: So Hannah, how long ago did you come here to Humboldt for work?

Hannah: Nine years... I left Santa Fe because it was Hell... No money, nobody... Hitched north, worked on farms, learned how to trim... Had to bail after some tweaker tried to attack me up in Arcata...

Anders: What? That is awful, Hannah.

Hannah: I almost killed that fuck... but I came back to Humboldt because of Finn, who had this sweet deal with Merrill.

Ingrid: It is nicer here than other places we saw... Too many junkies and homeless...

Hannah: They go together sometimes... No home, get high. What the fuck else are you gonna do on the street?

Anders: Clean it up? We see so much trash in the forest around here... California is very green, but starting to look like shit.

Hannah: Not everybody has time to fucking recycle or compost their shit... Especially when you live off the grid.

Ingrid: We all should try... It's everybody's planet, too.

Anders: Sweden is not perfect, but we try to be more eco-conscious. We only have one planet.

Missing the point.

Sean: I think you're both are missing the point, guys. Hannah wasn't talking about the environment... When you don't have any food or... roof... You're not gonna recycle or eat only organic.

Hannah: Yeah, who gives a fuck? Tourists talking shit again... like you guys have it so hard...

Anders: We did not say that we did...

Not for long...

Sean: Not for long. It's true, we gotta do something...

Ingrid: That's what we are saying!

Hannah: Blah fucking blah... Tourists talking shit again... like you guys have it so hard...

Anders: We did not say that we did...

(Say nothing/didn't sit down)

Hannah: Tourists talking shit again... like you guys have it so hard...

Anders: We did not say that we did...

Hannah: Tell me again how many hours you spent on a plane during your awesome trip around the world? And then you come crying about hobos spreading garbage in the forest?

Ingrid: Good point.

Hannah: Now you're here sponging off us trash. On an illegal pot farm. With a tourist visa. Lecturing us. Funny, right?

Ingrid: Hannah, I am sorry. We were not trying to lecture you. We are grateful we found that job and that you let us stay in the camp with you guys...

Hannah: I know... We're cool.

Anders: Do you hate us now?

Hannah: You're funny. Don't worry. You'd know if I hated you... All I care about is my family right here... These three gutter punks. The rest... None of my business.

Optional Conversation with Hannah

(if Sean helped Hannah with her chores)

Hannah: Not used to peeling potatoes, huh? A lotta work...

Sean: I know how to cook... Just not everything yet.

Hannah: Yeah, but you hate it... You want a pizza... watch TV... I can tell.

(if he didn't)

Hannah: I'm done with these potatoes, but thanks for nothing.

Sean: Sorry, Hannah...

Hannah: Whatever, you're just like those Swedish tourists.

Hannah: Like those kids who come through here all psyched... Then they have to bust ass, and they're gone.

You don't know me.

Sean: Yeah, well, thanks, you have no clue who I am... Or the shit I've been through.

A lot to learn.

Sean: I know I have a lot to learn... I mean, you've been doing this for years... right?

Hannah: Pretty much... Ten years or so...

No choice.

Sean: Like I have a fucking choice! What am I supposed to do? Maybe you chose this life, but I didn't...

Hannah: I know, I know... We all got scars of our own. I just fucking hate phonies... too many here... Crusty backpack doesn't make you one of us.

What will?

Sean: Well, what do I gotta do to pass initiation?

Hannah: Don't be a pussy... Stand up for us...

Don't want to interfere.

Sean: I know. That's not what I'm trying to do. Last thing I want is to interfere with your group.

Hannah: I'm not saying you can never fit, just letting you know how it is...

Hannah: You can't be part of our family unless you open up. This is a family too... Not a pit-stop. Out in the wild, sharing is caring.

My brother comes first.

Sean: I hear you... But my brother comes first... always.

Hannah: That's good... Shows you're not a selfish prick... Met way too many...

Hard to start over.

Sean: I know... just... hard to start all over... It's like rewiring my brain... Everything's different.

Hannah: Yes it is. Been there... Long time ago.

What brought you here?

Sean: You don't have to tell me but... how did you end up on the road?

(if Hannah trusts Sean)

(Hannah pats her arm on Sean's leg.)

Hannah: My community was a mess. Too much wasted talent. My mom, she was an artist. And a drunk. Tried to get her into rehab countless times... worked my ass off to buy her paint and stuff. Until I realized she was just returning everything to Z-Mart to get the cash back to buy her booze. I just knew I had to get the fuck out before that curse would get me too.

(if she doesn't)

Hannah: Same ol' story... Fucked-up family dysfunction. I just knew I had to get the fuck out... before that curse would get me too.

Sean: I'm glad you're at peace now.

How did you meet the others?

Sean: So how did you hook up with the others?

(if Hannah trusts Sean)

Hannah: Met Finn at some squat when he got out of jail. Young punk but old soul... We just clicked. Then we ran into Cassidy a year ago. Pissed at everything... hurt. Unable to commit to anything. Except us. Then... Pennywise found us. Here in Humboldt. Tripping about his friend Jinx... But, you know, he just fit in. Now we're all pretty fucking tight...

(if she doesn't)

Hannah: The usual way... Just... bumming around... Hooked up with Finn first, then Cassidy... Then Pennywise. Now we're all pretty fucking tight.

Sean: Hell yeah, you are. It's... awesome.

Liking this life?

Sean: So... are you satisfied with your life now?

Hannah: I'm grateful for what I have, yeah. Not everything is perfect, but we got balance. Prospects. That's way more than I had before.


Sean: Thanks for taking the time to talk, Hannah... That's... cool.

Hannah: Yeah... Anyway, didn't mean to grill you, Sean... It was a long day.

(Sean gets up.)

Sean: [to himself] Whoa... Hannah's tough to figure out... don't fuck with her...

Daniel: [as Sean approaches] Almost done!

Optional Conversation with Daniel

(This conversation can only happen before Sean finishes moving both water tanks.)

Offer to help

Sean: Need two more hands, dishmaster?

(if Daniel accepts Sean's offer)

Daniel: Uh... yeah, that'd be cool.

Sean: I'm on it.

Daniel: So boring.

Sean: Yeah, I don't miss doing the dishes.

Daniel: Then why are we doing them?

They continue to wash the dishes.

Daniel: That's it! Finally! Need a hand with your own chores?

Sean: That'd be awesome...

(if Sean already moved one tank)

Sean: I need help moving the last water tank. This shit is sooo heavy.

Daniel: Okay. I'll wait for you near the water tank so we can finish your chore!

(if he didn't move either tank)

Sean: I need help moving the water tanks to the shower and kitchen.

Daniel: Okay. I'll wait for you near the water tank so we can take on those barrels!

Daniel walks away.

(if Daniel rejects Sean's offer)

Daniel: No thanks, almost done. I'll meet you at the lake for my training.

Sean: Okay, then...

Ask for help

Sean: How's the dishmaster?

Daniel: Great. So much fun.

Sean: How about taking a break to help your big bro move some water barrels?

(Daniel accepts)

Daniel: Yes! But you gotta help me first!

Sean: I'm on it. Step aside...

Daniel: So boring.

Sean: Yeah, I don't miss doing the dishes.

Daniel: Then why are we doing them?

They continue to wash the dishes.

Daniel: That's it! Finally! Gonna wait for you near the water tank so we can take on those barrels!

(Daniel refuses)

Daniel: I have to finish my chores, dude.

(if Daniel swears)

Daniel: It sucks ass.

(if he doesn't)

Daniel: Soooo much fun.

Sean: All right, then.

Optional Conversation with Cassidy

Sean: Hey.

Cassidy: Hola, ¿qué esta señor?

Sean: Bien ¿y tu?

(if Sean doesn't have her guitar pick from last episode)

Sean: Estas ensayando para La Voz?

(if he does)

Sean: Tengo la púa que perdiste.

Cassidy: Uh... ¿no comprendo? Don't laugh, still learning, Professor.

(if Sean doesn't have her guitar pick from last episode)

Sean: At least you're trying... Hey, am I bugging you?

Cassidy: Never, but let me finish this new song before I forget it...

Sean: Don't let me get in the way! Talk later.

Sean: (thinking) She's so natural... I wish I could be more like that, socializing is... hard.

(if he does)

Sean: I said I got the pick you left at Beaver Creek.

Cassidy: What? That's so cool! Why didn't you tell me?

Sean: I... didn't want to look like a creep.

Cassidy: You don't! I lose them all the time, you can keep it... stalker.

Sean: Talk later.

Sean: (thinking) Damn, Sean... can you try and be less shy sometimes?

Optional Conversation with Finn

(Sean immediately continues talking with Finn)

Sean: What are you doing?

Finn: The usual... carving some wood.

Sean sits down next to Finn.

Sean: You're like a walking Swiss army knife... Who taught you?

Finn: I learned wood carving with an Inuit native back when I lived in Alaska. It's an antique technique, helps me vent out and focus. Yeah, I just let my hand sculpt the wood and... sometimes I have good surprises.

Finn holds up a poorly carved piece of wood and they both laugh.

Finn: I'm just kidding, man. It's actually a cool cowboy thing I've been trying to do for a while, but I-I suck at this. It's just fun to relax.

Sean: I can tell... Don't let me stop you, cowboy.

Sean pats Finn's leg and stands up.

Sean: Later...

(Sean talks to Finn after some time)

Sean: What up?

Finn: The usual... carving some wood.

Sean sits down next to Finn.

Finn: I learned wood carving with an Inuit native back when I lived in Alaska. It's an antique technique, helps me vent out and focus. Yeah, I just let my hand sculpt the wood and... sometimes I have good surprises.

Finn holds up a poorly carved piece of wood and they both laugh.

Finn: I'm just kidding, man. It's actually a cool cowboy thing I've been trying to do for a while, but I-I suck at this. It's just fun to relax.

Sean pats Finn's leg and stands up.

Sean: (thinking) Finn is too punk rock to be a farmer...

Sit and draw

Draw Cassidy.

Sean: (thinking) I like how Cassidy is in her own world when she's playing music.

Draw Finn.

Sean: (thinking) Finn's attitude is so nonchalant... Like he's not bothered by anything.

As Sean looks at his drawing, Cassidy walks over to him.

Cassidy: Booh!

Sean jumps and Cassidy laughs.

Cassidy: Man, you are so focused when you draw... That's cute.

Sean: Yeah, huh... thanks?

Cassidy: [Grabbing Sean's sketchbook] Let me be the judge!

Sean: Woah, woah! Give it back! Please! [He reaches for his sketchbook but Cassidy moves it out of his reach] Cassidy... [he stands up and grabs it] do not even... look... [he sits back down]

Cassidy: Whoa, down, boy. Really, Sean?

Sean: I didn't mean to freak...

Cassidy: Stop this tortured artist shit. Share it... come on. [She leans in closer to look at his sketch] Fuck, you're good...

Sean hands his sketchbook to Cassidy.

(if Sean drew Cassidy)

Cassidy: Wow... I look happy... Like I belong here. I love how you see me, Sean... I think I look cooler as a sketch.

Sean: Really? You think it's okay?

Cassidy: No, I'm just being nice. If it was bad, you would know. I don't lie.

(if he drew Finn)

Cassidy: Oh no way! That looks exactly like him! He would love it.

Sean: Don't you think that's weird?

Cassidy: Why would it be? Don't overthink everything Sean Diaz.

Cassidy: Well I could never draw like that. What's your secret?

People like you.

Sean: I don't know. I just get inspired by the things I see and do... And... being around people like you helps. [Cassidy gives him back his sketchbook and sits down on the ground] A lot.

(if Sean drew Cassidy)

Cassidy: So I'm like your muse? Sweet!

Sean: Well, you're a great model, yeah.

Cassidy: Aw, don't make me blush. We all learn from each other, right? That's why I love my life right now... finally.

(if he drew Finn)

Cassidy: Looks like Finn does inspire you, huh!

Sean: Watching him has taught me a lot...

Cassidy: Yeah, he has this kind of aura. You know, he -- he found us this place, and help us pull through.


Sean: Practice. I just keep trying to get better... I would draw no matter what. That's what keeps me going.

Cassidy: Ha! Yes, same here with my music. [She gives him back his sketchbook and sits down on the ground] This place is great for inspiration. These redwoods, the fog, the ocean... Smells like hope and freedom.

Sean: Except for the working part I guess...

Cassidy: Yeah, but we don't always have to suck up to fuckers like Merrill. Most of the year it's just us. The road and us.

Not that easy.

Sean: Yeah, but life isn't easy going from place to place. I don't know how you do it... I mean, I do because we did...but it's still hard. Hope we can just get to Mexico...

Cassidy: Oh, you will. You guys came a long way already. You're tougher than you think...

Don't miss anything?

Sean: What do you miss about your old life? Anything?

Cassidy: Besides some friends, nothing. Well, my own bathroom... Out here, you see that you don't need all that bullshit they sell. That's freedom.

Cassidy: I mean, the trick in this country is just to survive...

Sean: I guess... I do like traveling around but... I want a base. Will you... ever go back to Texas?

(High intimacy with Cassidy)

Cassidy: No fucking way. My daddy was a methhead who beat the shit out of my boyfriend... just because he wasn't white. Yep. Then my big brother told me he would shoot me if I dated... dated that... well, you know... My mom didn't say squat as usual... Thanks, Mom! So fuck 'em all. This is my family now.

Sean: Damn... I'm sorry, Cassidy.

Cassidy: Ah, don't be. I feel sorry for them...

(Low intimacy with Cassidy)

Cassidy: Going back to all the crap I left behind... no way.

Cassidy: So tell me, what do you miss about your old life?

Things I took for granted.

Sean: Everything. Because I didn't appreciate shit when I had it... Like just waking up at night to get a bowl of fucking Skweekinax cocoa.

Cassidy: Oh my God, I used to eat those too!

Sean: You always think it's gonna be there... stupid stuff like that.

Family and friends.

Sean: Well, apart from my dad... I'd say Lyla, definitely. She was like my best friend. I miss our talks...

Cassidy: I'm sure she is very special.

Sean: Even when I had a shitty day, she would always make me laugh. Always. Feels like years since we talked... probably never again.

Being carefree.

Sean: Being carefree... Like I miss not having to worry about Daniel 24/7. Just want him to be safe... He's not gonna have what I had.

Cassidy: Probably not, yeah...

Sean: But... things change, right?

Cassidy: Yep. So keep moving forward. You have a good heart, Sean. [She stands up] I think you could use some alone time... See ya later.

(Sean stands up).

Ingrid and Anders' conversation by their tent

Anders: Oh, I think I will miss it here...

Ingrid: Same... But we can't resist the wanderlust! Plus, Portland's waiting for us! [She sighs.] I think I'll take a nap.

Anders: Me, too. I'm exhausted after today.

Conversation with Daniel #2

(if Daniel helps)

Daniel waits for Sean by the water tank. Sean can then ask Daniel to lift them.

Sean: Let's get these over to the kitchen and shower. [He grabs both water tanks and pretends to struggle] Okay, let's do this... Carefully.

Using his powers, Daniel helps Sean lift both water tanks.

Sean: By the way, you kicked ass today. You have been, all week.

Daniel: Thanks, man.

Sean: I know this sucks, but you're a good worker. Now that we have a nice stash, we don't have to stay long... I really don't trust these guys... And Big Joe's got 360 vision.

Daniel: More like Big Joke. Hate that guy...

Sean: Don't let him hear you say that. Seriously. He's not funny.

Daniel: That's what Finn calls him.

Sean: Well, you're not Finn. These guys are dangerous, understand? They don't fuck around.

Daniel: Jeez, are you scared?

You should be.

Sean: You should be. Fuck, we're in Outlaw Kingdom here.

Bigger than us.

Sean: This game is bigger than us, Daniel. Older, too.

(no answer)

(no dialogue)

Daniel: Well I'm not scared...

Sean: Your power doesn't make you invincible...

Daniel: Yeah, it's just here to move barrels around...

The drifters will comment if Sean walks by them.

Ingrid: These barrels don't even look heavy! Thanks, Sean!

Cassidy: Whoa, it's The Incredible Sean!

Finn: Didn't realize our bro was so buff!

Sean puts down both water tanks.

Sean: Hey Daniel, thanks for saving my back. I owe you.

Daniel: Cool. Hey, you said we could go training today...

Sean: I did, I did... Ready when you are, young master.

Daniel: Yes! Let's meet at the lake!

Daniel walks away.

(if Sean picks it up alone)

Sean struggles to lift the water tank.

Sean: (thinking) Let's get these over to the kitchen and shower.

The drifters will comment if Sean walks by them.

Ingrid: One step at a time, Sean!

Cassidy: Little Sean working out!

Finn: Don't drop 'em Sean!

Sean puts down the tank in the kitchen or next to the shower. He then goes back and picks up the other tank.

(if Sean brought the first one to the kitchen)

Sean: (thinking) Let's carry that one to the shower.

(if he brought the first one next to the shower)

Sean: (thinking) Let's carry this one to the kitchen.

Sean puts down the second water tank and Daniel comes over.

Daniel: Gonna wait for you near the lake dude! Don't forget me.

Sean: I won't. See you there.

Daniel walks away.

(if Sean walks with Daniel to the lake)

Daniel: Man, trimming sucks... I like Hannah though...

Sean: Ooo, why is that?

Daniel: I don't know... She's honest... and tough... like a warrior...

They're all warriors.

Sean: Well, they're all kinda warriors... Hannah, Finn, Penny, Cassidy...

Daniel: Cassidy? Oh, right! "Wahh, I'm bored!" She whines like a baby...

Sean: You would know, right?

Daniel: Shut up.

Too honest.

Sean: Yeah... Maybe too honest sometimes...

Daniel: I thought that was a good thing...

Sean: Not when she just likes to fuck with people...

Daniel: Well, she's cool to me... sorry.

(no answer)

Daniel: Did you know she's a Navajo?

Sean: No, I didn't... how do you know?

Daniel: Duh, she told me! We talk a lot... she's pretty cool...

Sean: She makes me feel like an idiot... maybe if we talked more...

Skipping Stones

(Sean walks up to the lake as Daniel picks up a stone and throws it at the lake. He uses his powers to make the stone continue skipping across the water.)

Sean: Sweet. But can you do it without your power?

(Sean taught Daniel how to skip stones)

Daniel: Oh yeah. I can do better with my own skills now. Next level.

(Sean did not teach Daniel how to skip stones)

Daniel: Well, you never bothered to teach me, so... I found my own technique.

Sean: Onward. Ready to rumble?

(Daniel doesn't swear)

Daniel: I am soooo ready.

(Daniel swears)

Daniel: Fucking A!

Team howl.

Sean: Let's start with our team howl...

(Sean howls towards the sky.)

Sean: Diaz lobos!

(Daniel has high brotherhood)

(They both howl.)

Daniel: Yeah, we still sound okay... Now let's do this! Come on!

(Daniel has low brotherhood)

Daniel: Come on, we don't have time for that... So let's go, I'm ready...

Sean: Hold up. Too many people over there. Let's hit the other side.

Let's train on the other side.

Sean: Hold up. Too many people over there. Let's hit the other side.

If Sean waits around instead of going to the tree trunk:

Daniel: Finn said he wants to show me this little cave or something... it's by the other side of the lake.

Sean: Sounds cool... count me in.

(Sean walks up to the tree trunk.)

Sean: Hey, can you move that tree trunk?

Daniel: Duh.

(Daniel lifts the fallen trunk.)

Sean: Damn, you know what you're doing!

If Sean waits around instead of going to the tree trunk:

Daniel: Dude, I'm not gonna hold it up forever.

Daniel: Well... Tell me when you're ready.

(As Sean walks under the tree, Daniel suddenly lowers it, narrowly missing Sean's head.)

Sean: HEY!

Daniel: Ha ha ha! Your face! Come on. I wasn't gonna drop it on you!

Sean: Very funny, man...

(After Sean walks past, Daniel lowers the tree, then turns to face Sean.)

Daniel: Okay, let's have some fun.

Train precision.

(Sean picks up a pinecone.)

Sean: Pick a rock... any rock.

(Daniel lifts a nearby rock with his powers.)

Daniel: Okayyyyy... and?

Sean: Let's test your aiming system. Target in sight!

Daniel: Locked... and loaded...

(Sean throws the pinecone towards the lake, and Daniel hits it with the rock.)

Sean: Awesome!

(Sean picks up another two pinecones.)

Sean: Okay, you're good. Now let's spice things up a bit...

Daniel: Bring it on!

(Sean throws the pinecones towards the lake, and Daniel hits them both with one rock.)

Sean: (while clapping) Holy shit, that was not a fair fight!

Daniel: That's right! What's next? Come on, find something else!

Train control.

(Sean gestures towards some rocks on the lakeside.)

Sean: Uh... think you can lift all those?

Daniel: I know I can...

(Daniel lifts the rocks, then manipulates them to soar across the lake before returning them to the lakeside.)

Sean: Whoa, Daniel... that's a- that's amazing.

(Daniel smiles and nods.)

Daniel: That all you got?

Train destruction.

Sean: Hmmm, let's try this...

(Sean takes a few steps back, then points at some mushrooms growing on the side of a tree.)

Sean: I want you to focus on these ugly mushrooms... and blow them apart.

(Daniel doesn't swear)

Daniel: Dude, it's toast!

(Daniel swears)

Daniel: Dude, I'll blow the shit out of that!

(Daniel begins to concentrate with his power.)

Sean: I'm waiting... Or maybe you --

(Daniel throws his hand forwards, blowing off the side of the tree. He turns back to Sean, satisfied.)

Sean: That was some next level shit, Daniel.

(Daniel has high brotherhood)

Daniel: Thanks... I've been training on my own sometimes.

Sean: I know, I haven't been around a lot lately...

(Daniel has low brotherhood)

Daniel: I can do anything now.

Sean: Hey, don't go crazy. This is still a secret.

Didn't tell anyone?

Sean: You didn't tell anyone, did you?

Daniel: No way! Why would I?

Sean: Not even Finn?

Daniel: No! Jeez, you don't even trust me!

Still have to be careful.

Sean: You still have to be careful with it, man.

Daniel: You always want it both ways... use it... then don't...

Sean: We just have to make sure you can control it.

Daniel: Well, it's my power, not yours...

Daniel: Whatever.

Chill the fuck out.

Sean: You better chill the fuck out, Daniel. I mean it. Why are you making a drama out of everything I say?

What's wrong with you?

Sean: What's wrong with you, man? I don't like this new emo-Daniel... You keep throwing attitude at me for no reason. Sick of it.

Am I a bad big brother?

Sean: Am I a bad big brother? Because I hang out with other people?

Daniel: Uh... You're ALWAYS with them!

(if Sean agreed with Cassidy several times while trimming buds)

Daniel: And with Cassidy too...

Sean: Don't be so jealous. She's cool.

Daniel: She's weird! Lyla was way better.

Sean: You don't know her.

(if he didn't)

Daniel: That sucks...

Sean: Oh, come on Daniel...

Daniel: Bet you don't even want me around anymore...

Sean: Don't say that! You know it's always you and me, enano...

Finn is a bad influence.

Sean: Listen, I think Finn is a bad influence on you...

Daniel: You're just jealous!

Sean: Yeah, hell no! Why do you say that?

Daniel: Because you always show up whenever we hang out... you hate him!

Sean: Knock it off! I... I do like Finn...

Daniel: I mean... never mind.

Sean: That's it, enough. You're being a brat. I can't say anything without you having a shit fit! We're family!

(Daniel stalks away towards the lake.)

Sean: We still have a long way to go and we have to go together, right? I know it sucks...

(Daniel shuts his eyes.)

Sean: But you have to grow up now.

(Daniel opens his eyes and aims his arm towards the lake. A giant, uprooted tree trunk begins to rise out of the water.)

Sean: What the fuck?! Daniel, stop it! Stop it, Daniel! NOW!

(Daniel suspends the trunk multiple feet over the lake. He turns back at Sean and nods his head as Sean looks on in awe, then drops the trunk into the water.)

Daniel: I'm not a kid anymore...

(Daniel angrily walks away as Sean watches, shocked.)

Campfire Tales

The screen fades in on the hanging decorative lights around the camp. The camera jumps to show Sean sitting around a campfire with Daniel, the dog, and the other drifters, many of whom are smoking weed or drinking beer. Cassidy is playing the guitar.

Penny: I got serious munchies. Any chips left?

Hannah: Dude, you scarfed the whole fucking bag... Have another hit...

Penny: Yeah, yeah, I packed a fat bowl...

Ingrid: [to Anders] You getting tired, babe?

Anders: You know me. Past my bedtime.

Penny: Wooooh, you see that shit? It's a fucking UFO! I'm serious, man! Look!

Finn: They're finally coming to take you back!

Cassidy continues to sing and play the guitar as the camera shows different angles of the drifters around the campfire. They clap as she finishes the song.

Cassidy: Tripped on a few words, but ya'll are baked, so I'm good...

Finn: Good job, sis.

Hannah: So beautiful...

Penny: Damn. Why you ain't rich and famous? I mean, you can hook us up.

That was cool.

Sean: That was cool, Cassidy.

I love your voice.

Sean: I love your voice!

Cassidy: [smiling at Sean] Meow.

(no answer)

(no dialogue)

Cassidy: Thanks, everyone! I take ass, cash or grass. Ahem. Hint hint.

Finn: [extending a joint to Sean] Sean, take a puff and pass it to your friend.


Sean: Um, sure. [He takes it from Finn] I'll take a hit.

He extends the joint out to Cassidy, but Daniel attempts to grab it. Sean pulls it away from him.

Sean: Daniel... No fucking way.

Sean reaches over and hands the joint to Cassidy.

Daniel: How come you can but I can't?

Sean: Because I said so.


Sean: Nah, I'm-I'm good.

Finn extends the joint out to Cassidy, but Daniel attempts to grab it. Finn pulls it away from him.

Sean: Daniel... No fucking way.

Daniel: Jeez, I was just joking.

Finn reaches over and hands the joint to Cassidy.

Sean: Ha ha. You better be.

Ingrid: That is all for us. We must sleep.

She and Anders stand up.

Finn: There go the party animals. What is it, ten o'clock?

Anders: No worry Finn, we'll party like rockstars tomorrow for our last night.

Finn: C'mon! One more round!

Ingrid: God natt!

Anders: Sleep tight! [He waves]

The remaining drifters wave goodbye as Ingrid and Anders walk away.

Hannah: I swear, everytime you play that song, Cass... I see my poor Blackflag.

Cassidy: Aww, man. I'm sorry...

Daniel: Who's Blackflag?

Hannah: He was my dog, back in Colorado, until... last year?

Finn: Yeah, something like that.

Hannah: A year ago, we were hopping a train, just me, Finn and Cass... and Blackflag. We got caught stealing some shit in some random town, motherfuckers called the cops on us. Had to run for it... We saw that train from afar and went straight at it, cops right behind us. We barely made it... But nobody's able to get Blackflag.

Sean: Jesus...

Hannah: Yeah... I see him chasing after the train, yapping at me. But I left him there. That's it. End of story. I hope the cops picked him up, got him a better home... I think about that damn dog every day... Here's to Blackflag.

They raise their beers.

We lost a dog too.

Sean: That sucks, Hannah. We lost a dog, too... Little Mushroom.

Hannah: It's hard... But shit, that's life so you gotta walk on...

Sorry Hannah.

Sean: Sorry about your pup, Hannah...

Hannah: Fuck it... that's life... Yin and yang, right?

(no answer)

Daniel: Man, I miss Mushroom... That was our rescue dog. She didn't make it with us.

Hannah: Aw sweetie...

Hannah: Jeez. Sorry I ruined the mood.

Finn: Don't worry, Hans. We can do worse! Let's hear everybody's worst memory! Fair and square.

Cassidy: You serious?

Finn: Why the fuck not? We all need to say our peace, once in a while. Who's up? Penny?

Penny: Cool. Bust out the violins. Check this out... Say hello to my little friend, "Jinx." Met him dumpster diving in New Mexico. He was cool, but boy had issues. Mood swings, delirious, self-harm... Fun shit like that. He seemed to get better with me. I think I loved him... He gave me this coin. Said he never gave his trust to no one before. We used to come here every now and then, hook up on cash. But he disappeared. A few miles north from here. In a pot farm just like this one. He went out one night, high as fuck, and zoom. That was the last time I saw him. Now, I gotta hold onto this fucking penny just in case...

Your name?

Sean: Is that... how you got your name?

Penny: Yup.

Sean: Whoah. He must mean a lot to you.


Sean: Wow... Wasn't there, like, an investigation, something?

Penny: Fuck no. He didn't have no ID, no nothing. Cops don't give a fuck about us. I looked for him for a while, but... I couldn't track him down.

(no answer)

Cassidy: Jesus Christ.

Finn: That sucks, brother. Shit like that happens around here.

Hannah: Plus the guy needed medication.

Penny: Sure did. I just hope he's okay. Maybe I'll run into his crazy ass someday, who knows... It's a small world. I'll hand him back the trust that he gave me...

Finn: All right, bad vibes indeed, can we do worse? Uh, Jake? Please?

Jacob: Well... just don't laugh. I guess my worst memory is when I lost my faith...

Cassidy: Yeah, you mentioned it... What happened?

Jacob: I used to be a sheep. A true believer. I was raised in Haven Point, Nevada. Small community. We have this amazing Reverend. People line up to listen to her. She's... intense. But for some reason, things... happened to me and I started doubting myself... It kind of escalated. People said I was trouble, I couldn't get the answers I was looking for. Even from my own folks.

Hannah: I know the feeling.

Jacob: I felt so lost... Wasn't sure what to believe anymore. So I left. I just needed to be alone for a while, you know? Find the truth by myself. I'm still looking for it.

Finn: Jacob, my son, maybe we are the truth you were looking for...

Jacob: I'm glad I found you guys. I don't know if I'll ever go back there... Not until I get a signal from God at least.

(if Sean told Daniel that heaven exists)

Daniel: I hope you can. Bet your family misses you a lot...

Jacob: I miss them, too... just not the other stuff.

Families are complicated.

Sean: Family ties are a mess... Trust me, I know how that feels to be rejected.

Jacob: Thank you, Sean...

You did the right thing.

Sean: You probably did the right thing. I hope you find the space and answers you need...

Jacob: Thank you, Sean...

(no answer)

(no dialogue)

(if he told Daniel that heaven doesn't exist)

(if Daniel swears)

Daniel: I don't believe in that shit.

(if Daniel doesn't swear)

Daniel: I don't believe, it's kinda dumb...

Same here.

Sean: I'm with Daniel. But I hope you and your parents can make up...

Not our business!

Sean: Jesus, Daniel. This isn't our business! Sorry, Jacob...

(no answer)

Daniel: Huh? Didn't want to be mean! Sorry...

Jacob: Don't worry. It's my cross to bear, as they say...

Jacob: What about you, Cassidy? Your turn.

Cassidy: Huh... Nu-uh, pass. I already sang a song.

Finn: Figures. What about you, Sean? You obviously don't have to talk about that shitshow back in Seattle, but, if you have something else...

(if Sean is sober)


Sean: Yeah, I've got a whole bag of these, don't worry.

Finn: We're all listening, man...


Sean: Well... this was a while before we met you guys in that market... We crashed at an abandoned house, with our pup, Mushroom. One morning she got out to pee, and disappeared. She had run into a fucking... puma.

Hannah: No way...

Sean: Swear.

Penny: What the hell happened?

Sean: I faced it like I'm facing you now.

(if Sean intervened)

The pup was dead.

Sean: Our puppy was dead. There was nothing we could do...

Daniel: We failed her... Poor puppy.

Scared him away.

Sean: I scared the beast away, but it ran away with our pup between its jaws.

(Daniel has high morality)

Daniel: That was a brave move, Sean.

(Daniel has low morality)

Daniel: We failed her... Poor puppy.

Hannah: Oh fuck. I'm sorry, boys. That's awful.

Cassidy: Laws of nature... But that still sucks. Cougars are beautiful creatures, but they're super scary.

(if he did nothing)

I killed the beast.

Sean: We... I... managed to kill the beast, but Mushroom was already dead...

Finn: Jeez, man. You killed a living creature... Not sure it deserved it...

(Daniel has high morality)

Daniel: It happened so fast... We didn't know what to do.

(Daniel has low morality)

Daniel: Mushroom didn't either.

The pup was dead.

Sean: Our puppy was dead. There was nothing we could do...

Daniel: We failed her... Poor puppy.

Hannah: Oh fuck. I'm sorry, boys. That's awful.

Cassidy: Laws of nature... But that still sucks. Cougars are beautiful creatures, but they're super scary.

Sean: I was so afraid it would hurt Daniel, too...

Hannah: I bet. A kid wouldn't stand a chance against one of these...

Hank Stamper.

Sean: Well... this is after me and Daniel took off from Seattle last year... We ended up at this redneck gas station in the middle of nowhere...

(if Sean stole from the gas station)

Sean: We had to steal some supplies because we had like nothing to eat...

Hannah: Classic.