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"Wolves" is the fifth and final episode of Life is Strange 2.[1] It was released on December 3, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.



"Sean and Daniel have reached the end of the road. The border is close. One last, brutal gauntlet of challenges is all that stands between them and their goal.

Caught between responsibility and freedom, surrounded on all sides, can Sean find a way out of an impossible situation? And more importantly, in this moment of crisis, will Daniel still follow his lead?

Every decision Sean has made, every lesson Daniel has learned, every friend and foe they’ve met along the way: they've all been leading to this.

Can Sean and Daniel survive together – or will the world tear them apart?"[2]


  1. New Dawn
  2. Sand People
  3. Fire Flies
  4. Away
  5. Last Miles
  6. The Wall
  7. Cages
  8. Independence Day
  9. Determinant ending:
    1. Redemption- (Alternate scene - Lyla at Sean's release)
    2. Lone Wolf
    3. Parting Ways - (Alternate scenes - Sean with Cassidy and Sean with Finn)
    4. Blood Brothers



  • Sean Diaz (Determinant) - If the player gets the Lone Wolf ending, Sean is shot in the throat during the shooting.
  • Joyce Price (Confirmed Fate, Determinant) - If the player chooses to sacrifice Arcadia Bay in the original game, Joyce is among the citizens to die from the storm.
  • Chloe Price (Determinant) - If the player chooses to save Arcadia Bay in the original game, she is killed by Nathan Prescott prior to the events of this game.
  • Residents of Arcadia Bay (Presumed, Determinant) - If Arcadia Bay was sacrificed in the original game, David will tell Sean that everyone in Arcadia Bay was killed by the storm, but this isn't entirely confirmed.
  • Maria Elena Flores (Presumed, Determinant) - If the player gets the Lone Wolf or Blood Brothers ending, Flores will be knocked out by Daniel's powers and is presumably killed.
  • Police Officers (Presumed, Determinant) - During the police station escape, Sean can order Daniel to kill the two approaching officers by snapping their necks. If the player gets the Lone Wolf or Blood Brothers ending, Daniel will attack the police officers blocking their way, either knocking them out or killing them.

Unresolved Issues and Open Questions

Like the original game, there are many unresolved ideas and unanswered questions after the end of the final episode.

  • Redemption Ending
    • How is Sean only able to get 15 years, if he committed more crimes than stated?
      • Most likely because the evidence for the majority of the crimes he committed would have been circumstantial at best.
  • Blood Brothers Ending
    • Do Sean and Daniel keep in contact with Cassidy/Finn (if Sean maintained his relationship with either one of them), Karen, Lyla (if Sean called her twice during the game), Brody, Jacob, Sarah Lee, David, Chris and their grandparents?
      • It is presumed that they do or at least could stay in contact with their friends and family.
    • Are Sean and Daniel criminals?
      • It is presumed that they are merely career criminals.
  • Parting Ways Ending
    • Will Sean and Daniel ever see each other again?
  • Lone Wolf Ending
    • Does Daniel stay in touch with his family and the people that he and Sean met in the past?
    • What became of Sean's body?
    • Are Sean and Daniel's friends and family aware of Sean's death?
    • How did Daniel get to Puerto Lobos on his own? Did he walk or drive there? 


  • Like Max Caulfield in the first game, where did Daniel's powers come from?
    • Since Daniel clearly still uses his powers, it is unknown if the Max of this timeline still uses hers or even still has them, though the comic series has confirmed that in at least one of the timelines, Max does indeed still have her powers.
    • Did Daniel have his powers his whole life or just after Esteban was killed?
    • Do Daniel's powers affect reality like Max's?
  • What happened to Karen in the "Lone Wolf" and "Blood Brothers" ending?
    • Since Karen took the blame for the church fire in Haven Point, it is likely she was convicted of arson and sentenced to 2 - 15 years in a Nevada prison.
  • What happened to Hannah, Ingrid, Penny, and Anders after the story?
    • Even though we've found out that Hannah and Penny were released from custody after Episode 3, Ingrid and Anders' fates are still left unknown.
  • What became of Sean and Daniel's house in Seattle?
    • It is possible that the house was foreclosured, torn down, or sold to someon e.
  • Who survived Daniel's attack in the "Lone Wolf" and "Blood Brothers" ending?
    • Based on what was clearly seen after the events, it is highly presumed that Agent Flores and many of the police officers did not survive.
  • If Cassidy, Finn (if he didn't die in Episode 3), and Lyla do not appear in any of the endings, then what happens to them?
    • Even though they don't appear in the "Lone Wolf" and "Blood Brothers" ending, it is possible that they are still friends with Sean and Daniel. That can still depend on whether Sean maintained his relationships with them.
  • What became of Merrill, Big Joe, Nicholas, Lisbeth (if she did not die in Episode 4), and all the other people that Sean met in Haven Point?
    • Even though Merrill does appear in the Sacred Hope Hospital if Finn was killed in Episode 3, his fate remains unknown after that.
  • Who is Teddy, Merrill and Big Joe's boss?
  • Are Sean and Daniel's friends and family aware of their criminal activities in the "Lone Wolf" and "Blood Brothers" ending?
  • Did Joan die sometime after Episode 5?
    • Since Karen was wearing Joan's vest in the "Redemption" ending, it strongly implies that she passed away before that point.
  • Do Jacob and Sarah Lee's parents know the whereabouts of their children?
    • It is strongly implied that they do not know that Jacob and Sarah Lee have gone to a hospital as shown in Jacob's letter. 
    • The reason why Jacob chose not to tell his parents where he and his sister are is probably because of their negativity towards medical treatment.
  • What happened to Arthur, Stanley, and David after the events at the border?
    • Even though David does appear in one of the postcards in the "Redemption" ending, his fate remains unknown in the other alternate endings.
  • What became of the Mexican couple and the vigilantes if Sean and Daniel free them from the El Rey Police Station?
  • What happened to Brett Foster?
    • If you use Stephen's laptop in Episode 2, it says he was hospitalized and released. Presumably still living next door to the former Diaz home.
  • Were there others who survived the Arcadia Bay storm besides Max, Chloe, David, and Victoria (if Arcadia Bay was sacrificed in the original game)?
    • Even though Mark Jefferson was mentioned in Victoria's letter, it is still unclear if he survived or not.
  • What happened to the car that Sean stole from the Sacred Hope Hospital? More importantly, how did the owner of the car react when she discovered that her car was stolen?
  • What is Jolena Shore (the place that Agent Flores mentioned in Episode 4)?

Licensed Soundtrack

Main article: Soundtrack (Season 2)



  • On Metacritic, the episode has a Metascore of 83/82/83 and a User Score of 5.8/6.4/6.3 for PC[3] / PS4[4] / Xbox One[5] respectively
  • Steam user reviews were mostly positive[6]


There are nine achievements the player can earn on Steam, PlayStation or Xbox for finding collectibles or completing drawings.

The Magic Place Achievement.png The Magic Place
Xbox G Icon.png15BronzeTrophy.png
Find optional collectible #1 in Episode 5
The Age Of Reason Achievement.png The Age Of Reason
Xbox G Icon.png15BronzeTrophy.png
Find optional collectible #2 in Episode 5
She Wolf Achievement.png She Wolf
Xbox G Icon.png15BronzeTrophy.png
Find optional collectible #3 in Episode 5
Remorseful Achievement.png Remorseful
Xbox G Icon.png15BronzeTrophy.png
Find optional collectible #4 in Episode 5
Dead Man's Bones Achievement.png Dead Man's Bones
Xbox G Icon.png15BronzeTrophy.png
Find optional collectible #5 in Episode 5
Boundaries Achievement.png Boundaries
Xbox G Icon.png15BronzeTrophy.png
Find optional collectible #6 in Episode 5
Specks Of Dust Achievement.png Specks Of Dust
Xbox G Icon.png40SilverTrophy.png
Find all optional collectibles in Episode 5
Homeward Bound Achievement.png Homeward Bound
Xbox G Icon.png30SilverTrophy.png
Finish Episode 5
Out Of Ink Achievement.png Out Of Ink
Xbox G Icon.png30SilverTrophy.png
Start any drawing in Episode 5


  • Due to the surroundings in the trailers, the episode was predicted to take place either in Arizona or New Mexico, the former of which was confirmed upon its release.
  • Considering the ending of Episode 4 and the early released sketchbooks below, it was considered likely that Karen Reynolds would return in this episode, which was confirmed upon its release.
  • This is the first episode in the franchise at the moment without licensed music.
  • This is the only episode of Life is Strange 2 that includes a character from the original LIS game, David Madsen.
  • In the Parting Ways ending, it is assumed that Daniel took the blame for everything else and is either on house arrest or the U.S. Government has Daniel under watch probably because they figured out that Daniel has telekinetic powers and wanted to study his abilities more.


Concept Art

Promo Screenshots

Early Reveals

Pre-release preview of pages from Sean's sketchbook covering events that take place between "Faith" and "Wolves."[7]



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