Eric is a mentioned character in Life is Strange 2. He is a mutual friend of Sean Diaz, Lyla Park, and Adam. He was the host of the Halloween cabin party that took place on October 28, 2016, the night of Esteban Diaz and Officer Matthews' deaths. His correspondence with Sean can be found through Sean's text messages.

Episode One - "Roads"

In his text messages to Adam, Sean's gamer buddy, Sean asked about Eric's whereabouts, to which Adam replied that he couldn't join their gaming session due to him hanging out with Megan.

On October 22, 2016, Eric texted Sean to ask if he was "still on" for an unknown event, to which Sean responded that he had to look after Daniel. The next day, Eric invited Sean to a "Halloweed Party cabin-style" the following Friday, which Sean accepts. During the night of the party, Eric drunkenly texts Sean asking where he is, impatiently mentioning that the beer has run out.

On October 31 at 9:12 AM, Eric contacts Sean, telling him that people have been saying "crazy shit" that he refuses to believe. He asks for Sean to reply back with what's happening, then tells him to take care.


  • If Sean examines the weed pipe in his drawer, he mentions that Eric bought him and his friends some "Purple" last month. Purple is slang for purple cannabis, which is perceived to have benefits over other types of marijuana.
  • Sean's father, Esteban, called Eric "cabin boy" on one of his text messages.
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