Eriksen Garage is the garage in the Eriksen Household, the home of Charles Eriksen and his son Chris.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Chris's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.
  • Chris can open the door to the garage.
  • He can turn on and off the light switch.
  • He can look at and unlock a combination lock. Inside the locker: (Comment: Look: "If Dad used a padlock, he wants to keep me out..."
    After unlocking: "Yes!")
    • He can look at and take some firecrackers. (Comment: Look: "Thanks for storing my explosives, Chief..."
      Take: "Now I'm ready to rock... Sorry Dad...")
    • He can look through a binder, where he can examine:
      • A news article on Emily's death. (Comment: "Hmm..")
      • Emily's obituary. (Comment: "I know Dad spent a lot of money on the funeral... a lot.")
    • He can examine a letter from his grandparents. (Comment: "Grandma and Grandpa were so nice... I wish we saw them more.")
  • He can look at a pair of hiking boots. (Comment: "Dad never threw away Mom's hiking boots... Good.")
  • He can look at and use a can of spray paint. (Comment: "Now I can color Captain Spirit just like my drawing!")
  • He can look through the contents of an old box, where he can examine:
    • A letter from Blackwell. (Comment: "This is where Mom went to school before we came here.")
    • A resignation letter. (Comment: "Mom didn't go to art school because of me... But she was already an amazing artist.")
    • Some of Emily's old comics. (Comment: Comic #1: "Oh wow, I remember when Mom drew that... And Dad couldn't stop laughing..."
      Comic #2: "I... don't... get this one. I'm too young!")
  • He can look through a binder, where he can examine:
    • An old college newspaper. (Comment: "Mom and Dad always talked about how they met at school...")
    • A drawing of Emily from her kindergarten class. (Comment: "It was weird having my Mom as my kindergarten teacher... but fun!")
    • An ultrasound of Chris in his mother's womb. (Comment: "My first picture... I look so tiny and weird... Maybe I'm an alien baby!")



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