The Eriksen Household is a location in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit and Episode 2 of Life is Strange 2. It is the home of Charles Eriksen and Chris Eriksen.

The house consists of Chris' room, Charles' room, a living room, kitchen area, bathroom and a yard. A garage is situated near to the house.


Chris's mother, Emily Eriksen was most likely never present in this house; Charles and Chris moved here after Charles was unable to fulfill the mortgage payments on their first house as detailed in a letter in Charles's wardrobe. The letter, addressed to both Charles and Emily was sent on the 6th December 2015, just under a year after Emily's death. Charles's expenditures on Emily's funeral and investigations, combined with his drinking and job loss led to the foreclosure on their original house.

As a result, they moved to the other side of town away from Chris's friends. Many of Emily's possessions were not moved into the house, and are kept in the garage in boxes.

Captain Spirit

Chris spends his time around the house completing activities while helping his father with some chores. Once Chris finishes all activities and/or wakes his father from a drunken snooze, his father becomes angry and blames Chris for his mother's death, resulting in Chris running of the house, tearful and upset.

Life is Strange 2

Episode Two - "Rules"

The house is seen again when Daniel Diaz uses his power to stop Chris being hurt as he falls from his tree house. The next day, Daniel visits the house to play with Chris, and Daniel's brother follows shortly after. After the two brothers spend time with Chris, they leave the house with Charles to buy a Christmas tree at the market.


Captain Spirit

PC users: Hover over the text to see Chris's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.

Chris' Room

  • Chris can look at a flyer on the wall above his desk. (Comment: "Man, I wanted to go to that...but Dad had to watch the play-offs...")
  • He can look at his drawing of Captain Spirit in costume. (Comment: "Watch out, supervillains! Today I make my own superhero costume!")
  • He can look at his drawing of Team Spirit and Team Mantroid. (Comment: "Every superhero team needs a supervillain team!")
  • He can look at and optionally give himself a fake tattoo. (Comment: "It is time for my secret tattoo... Only my team will know what it means...")
  • He can look at his bag on the floor. (Comment: "So glad I did my English homework already... Ms. Stroud's pretty nice and she likes my stories...")
  • He can look at a box of toy weapons. (Comment: "Captain Spirit doesn't need weapons...but just in case!")
  • He can look at and play with Power Bear and Noctarious. (Comment: "Are you ready for the ultimate battle of Good versus Evil?")
  • He can look at his favorite book. (Comment: "I've read this one so many times...")
  • He can look at a letter included with his favorite book. (Comment: "I miss Hal... He feels like he's so far away even though he lives on the other side of town.")
  • He can look out his window. (Comment: "I can't wait to go back inside the Flying Fortress...")
  • He can call Sky Pirate with his walkie-talkie.
  • He can look at his baseball trophy. (Comment: "I miss playing ball with my friends...before we moved.")
  • He can look at his bug motel. (Comment: "Hey, spider baby, I think you caught your lunch in your web... And there's a snail, moving so fast, he's in one place...")
  • He can look at his DVDs. (Comment: "Hmm, this is a perfect day to watch Frozen... Last time Dad told me not to sing along so loud...")
  • He can look at his comic books. (Comment: "Mom bought me so many cool comic books... She told me "Never throw them away"... I won't!")
  • He can open and close his wardrobe.
  • He can look at and put on his cape. (Comment: "Gotta have a super cape... Only Captain Spirit can wear it.")
  • He can look at his toybox. (Comment: "I could take over the town with this army...or the world.")
  • He can look at and eat from his advent calendar. (Comment: "Mmmm, chocolate... Thanks, Claire!")
  • He can look at his slippers. (Comment: "No superhero should wear those. But they're so comfy.")
  • He can look at his secret map. (Comment: "The secret treasure is buried out there in the wild... Now, I have to locate the second part of the map...")
  • He can look at Henry the stuffed bear. (Comment: "Sorry, you're too cute to fight evil.")
  • He can look at his drawing manual. (Comment: "I hope I can draw as good as Mom someday...")
  • He can look at and throw the basketball. (Comment: It would be cool to shoot like Dad.")
  • He can look at and play with Shark-Stinger. (Comment: "Here comes the Shark-Stinger!")
  • He can look at his Christmas wishlist. (Comment: "This isn't greedy, right, Santa? Plus, Dad will love that I want basketball lessons...")
  • He can look at the Forest Warrior. (Comment: "At least the Forest Warrior will protect me from the Snow Ghost...")
  • He can look at a book about Vikings. (Comment: "What kind of Viking would I be?")
  • He can look at a box of empty firecrackers. (Comment: "Dad took away my firecrackers when I blew up the garbage can last year... Hmmm, I wonder where he hid them?")
  • He can look at his console. (Comment: "Dad said he was gonna fix that last month... Rrrriiiight...")
  • He can look at and turn on his TV. (Comment: "Only my brainwaves can activate the monitor!")
  • He can look at a list of Pizza Arcade rankings. (Comment: "That was a fun birthday party at Pizza Arcade... I hope that it'll be cool next year!")

Charles' Room

  • Chris can look at a fist mark in the door. (Comment: "I've never seen Dad get that mad... It really scares me.")
  • He can look at and take Charles' pants. (Comment: Look: "Yuck! Those pants need to be washed. I swear Dad wears them every day."
    Take: "Only the neo-magnetic waves of my Cleaning Machine can save these pants now!")
  • He can look at a height gauge. (Comment: "I'm too old to be measured now... right?")
  • He can look at a bottle of perfume on the dresser. (Comment: "I'm glad Dad kept Mom's perfume... Smells just like her...")
  • He can look at a baseball bat resting against the dresser. (Comment: "I hope I get to go practice with Dad again this summer.")
  • He can look at, fix, and turn on and off a lamp. (Comment: Look before turning on: "That does not look good..."
    Turn on: "Light on!"
    Look after turning on: "Ah, that's better!")
    • After fixing the lamp, he can look at and take a key. (Comment: Look: "Oooh, the mystery of the secret key is solved!"
      Take: "Yes!")
  • He can examine a drawing of his father on the wall. (Comment: "I know this drawing sucks, but it's cool that Dad put it here.")
  • He can look at a record player. (Comment: "Dad doesn't play Mom's records as much as before...")
  • He can play a record of "Moon and Moon" by Bat for Lashes.
    • Afterwards, he can look at and play the record from its place on the record player. (Comment: "That was cool. I like vinyl. I hope Dad keeps Mom's stuff forever.")
  • He can look at Charles' bed. After playing the vinyl record, he can lie down on the bed. (Comment: "Mom and Dad would always let me sleep with them whenever I got scared...")
  • He can look at and steal from a pack of cigarettes. (Comment: Look: "If I smoke in the Fortress, I'm breaking the superhero code..."
    Steal one: "Dad loves his cancer sticks... Gross... Wonder what they taste like...")
  • He can look at a box lying on a high shelf. (Comment: "Shoot, that's way too high for me to reach...")
    • Afterwards, he can move a chair to reach and examine the box's contents. (Comment: Police letter: "Dad was so angry at the police..."
      Detective letter: "I remember Dad yelling on the phone a lot..."
      State Highway Monitor letter: "Jeez, Dad wrote a lot of letters...")
  • He can look at a stashed-away magazine. (Comment: "They're naked... Whoa.")
  • He can look at and wear bandages from a sports bag. (Comment: Look: "Oh, I could use this to make some cool armor!"
    Wear: "Yes, this will totally protect me from Mantroid!")
  • He can open his father's wardrobe. Inside the wardrobe:
    • He can look at a PlayBox console. (Comment: "Oh... my... God. Dad actually got me the new PlayBox... No way...)
    • He can look at a basketball with signatures scrawled all over it. (Comment: "Dad used to always talk about this basketball...)
    • He can examine a letter. (Comment: "Hmmm, Dad never told me he had a new... friend...")
    • He can look into a case full of papers. Inside the case:
      • He can examine a fan letter. (Comment: "Wow, Dad had fans when he was playing in high school...")
      • He can examine an alcoholism recovery flyer. (Comment: "That's scary...")
      • He can examine an old mortgage payment letter. (Comment: "So we moved because Dad couldn't pay for the house... That sucks.")
      • He can examine a job termination letter. (Comment: "Dad got fired? That's when he started working for the railroad...")


  • Chris can read the newspaper on the table. (Comment: "Boring.")
  • He can look at and wear the aluminum foil (if he chose a helmet for his costume). (Comment: "Oooh, this could make a pretty good helmet...")
  • He can look at the door. (Comment: "We never use this door in winter, because of the snow.")
  • He can look at and trash the beer cans on the counter. (Comment: "Ew, sticky beer cans.")
  • He can look at the microwave, irradiate it when it's cooking, and give the mac 'n' cheese to Charles. (Comment: Empty: "Hmm. Maybe I could cook something for Dad."
    Cooking: "Still in progress..."
    Finished: "Cooking complete!")
  • He can look at and wash or mega clean the dishes. (Comment: "Those dishes definitely need a Mega Clean.")
  • He can look at the postcard on the fridge. (Comment: "I've never seen a beaver around here...")
  • He can look at and add ice cream to the grocery list. (Comment: Before editing: "Oooh, Dad's going shopping!"
    After editing: "That should be enough.")
  • He can open the fridge.
  • He can look at or drink the milk inside the fridge. (Comment: "Better drink that magic milk.")
  • He can look at or cook the mac 'n' cheese in the fridge. (Comment: "It's early, but I can make Dad some mac 'n' cheese... He's too lazy and he won't eat anything...")
  • He can look at and trash or power trash the takeout in the fridge. (Comment: "Oh, vomit!")
  • He can give Charles the beer in the fridge.
  • He can look at and take out the recycle bin. (Comment: Before adding beer cans: "I could pick up all the beer cans, so we could recycle..."
    After adding beer cans: "Geez, that is packed. I better take it out.")
  • He can look at the phone numbers. (Comment: "'Chris, these are the most important numbers for you on this list.' Oh, yeah, haha, cool story, Dad.")
  • He can use the phone.
  • He can put the car keys in the trinket bowl and take them out again.
  • He can look at the cellphone. (Comment: "I'm sure I can beat my highscore on Mustard Party 2...")
  • He can unlock the cellphone. (Comment: "Aw, I need a PIN code! What is it...")
  • He can read a letter. (Comment: Page 2: "Grandma and Grandpa are so cool...but no way I'm ever leaving Dad.")
  • He can look at the laptop. (Comment: "Hmm. Dad's too busy to care if I go online.")
  • He can use the laptop. (Comment: Page 1: "There's my Hawt Dawg Man!"
    Page 2: "I can't see Dad selling homes..."
    Page 3: "Whoa, is he getting us tickets again? Best dad ever!"
    Page 4: "That would be a blast, being a freight-hopper... Choo-choo!"
    Page 5: "Oh, those are Dad's pages...")

Living Room

  • Chris can exit the house through the front door.
  • He can look at the books on the top shelf. (Comment: Book 1: "I wish I could have gone on a hike with Mom..."
    Book 2: This has to be Mom's. She liked art.")
  • He can look at a photo on the book shelf. (Comment: "I wonder why Dad never hangs out with Nick anymore...")
  • He can look at and shoot Charles with a soft bullet gun. (Comment: "Sorry, Pop, it's war.")
  • He can look at the books on the bottom shelf. (Comment: "Book 1: "Hmm. I should check this out."
    Book 2: Oooh, that looks scary! I should read that!")
  • He can look at and speak to Charles. (Comment: "Maybe Dad would want to watch an anime instead... No.")
  • He can look at and evaporate the whiskey bottle. (Comment: "Why does he drink that if it just makes him mad?")
  • He can look at Charles' basketball pictures on the top shelf. (Comment: Picture 1: "If I could go back in time, I'd go see him play."
    Picture 2: "He looks so different in his basketball outfit...")
  • He can look at the picture on the bottom shelf. (Comment: "Dad never smiles like that anymore.")
  • He can look at the basketball trophies. (Comment: "Dad was so popular...")
  • He can look at, add a log to, and burn the fire stove. (Comment: "I'm frozen... I must build a fire...")
  • He can look at and play with Mar-T Rex the dinosaur toy. (Comment: "Oooh! It looks like Mar-T Rex is getting hungry.")
  • He can look at Charles' stat book. (Comment: "Dad loves his stat notebooks...")
  • He can look at a magazine. (Comment: "Hmm. I don't think Dad reads these... I think he just takes them from work.")
  • He can look at and take the car keys. (Comment: "Okay, you guys can't hide from me!")
  • He can look at and sit on the couch. (Comment: "I could sit on the couch and watch the game with Dad... If he sees me...")

Laundry Room

  • Chris can turn the light switch on and off.
  • He can look at a box of Christmas decorations on a high shelf. (Comment: "Dad doesn't want to set up Christmas decorations yet. Makes him think of Mom.")
  • He can look at a basket of dirty laundry and add it to the washing machine. (Comment: Look: "Ew, these clothes even smell dirty!"
    Add to laundry: Now you will learn your lesson and stay clean!")
  • He can look at, add his father's pants to, start the laundry machine. (Comment: Look: "I could help Dad do the laundry using my mind magic!"
    Wash: "I hope I set this right...")
  • He can look at and open a "dark door". (Comment: "Oh God, I hate going in there..."
    "Come on... Don't be afraid... Go in there... and turn on the heat."
    "Captain Spirit would never be scared of the Water Eater's lair... right?")
    • After entering, he can look at and tame the Water Eater. (Comment: "No more fear... I have to face this monster! The city needs hot water!")


  • Chris can use and look at the faucet. (Comment: Before defeating Water Eater:
    Use: "Jeez, where's the heat? I bet the Water Eater sleeping again..."
    Look: "Oh no, I hate going to the Water Eater's lair."
    After defeating Water Eater:
    Look: TBA
    Use: TBA)
  • He can use and interview himself in the mirror. (Comment: Use (costume not started): "I feel naked without my costume on..."
    Use (costume started): "I can't fight Mantroid until my costume is done..."
    Use (costume mostly done): Now that's a superhero!)
  • He can look at a razor. (Comment: "I wonder when I can start to shave... Superheroes shave?")
  • He can look at the stickers on the toilet lid. (Comment: "I can't believe Dad let me put these stickers here...")
  • He can look at a toy submarine in the bathtub. (Comment: "No diving today, Nemo...")
  • He can look at and apply makeup. (Comment: Use: "Oooh, now I can use that make-up from Halloween..."
    Apply: "No one will guess my secret identity now!")
  • He can examine a Hawt Dawg Man comic book. (Comment: Page 1: "I never get tired of Hawt Dawg Man... never!"
    Page 2: "Man, I love this issue!"
    Page 3: "Wish I could draw like this...")


  • Chris can look at a shovel and clear the snow. (Comment: "Hmm... That snow looks super slippery... I could shovel it.")
  • He can open the mailbox and find a flyer advertising a family gun range event. (Comment: "No way.")
  • He can look at a creepy tree. (Comment: "Oh my God! The Lake Demon is rising!")
  • After scaring the raccoon away from the garage, he can look at the raccoon by the lake. (Comment: "Awesome!")
  • He can look at, rebuild, and blow up the Snowmancer. (Comment: Look before rebuilding: "I can't fight Snowmancer looking like this... No fair."
    Rebuild:"Oh Snowmancer... This is sad. You used to be a good enemy. Look at you now... How are you supposed to train me to fight Mantroid looking like that? What can we do?"
    Look after rebuilding: "Now the Snowmancer is ready for battle.")
  • He can look at a broken swing. (Comment: "Dad won't fix the swing because... 'It's too dangerous to fix!'")
  • He can look at painted-over graffiti on the side of the house. (Comment: "Jerks... Like people don't drink in bars around here...")
  • He can look at, inspect, and insert the keys into the Spiritmobile. (Comment: Look without keys: I can't go anywhere without the keys..."
    Look with keys: "I wonder if Dad will teach me how to drive?"
    Child services letter: "I hope Dad doesn't get in trouble because of me...")
  • He can look at and open the garage's main door. (Comment: Look: "It sucks we don't use this landing bay much... It's so cool!"
    Open: "These boxes have been here forever...")
  • He can look at a hole in the garage's roof. (Comment: "Hmm, looks like we had a visitor...")


  • Chris can open the door to the garage.
  • He can turn on and off the light switch.
  • He can look at and unlock a combination lock. Inside the locker: (Comment: Look: "If Dad used a padlock, he wants to keep me out..."
    After unlocking: "Yes!")
    • He can look at and take some firecrackers. (Comment: Look: "Thanks for storing my explosives, Chief..."
      Take: "Now I'm ready to rock... Sorry Dad...")
    • He can look through a binder, where he can examine:
      • A news article on Emily's death. (Comment: "Hmm..")
      • Emily's obituary. (Comment: "I know Dad spent a lot of money on the funeral... a lot.")
    • He can examine a letter from his grandparents. (Comment: "Grandma and Grandpa were so nice... I wish we saw them more.")
  • He can look at a pair of hiking boots. (Comment: "Dad never threw away Mom's hiking boots... Good.")
  • He can look at and use a can of spray paint. (Comment: "Now I can color Captain Spirit just like my drawing!")
  • He can look through the contents of an old box, where he can examine:
    • A letter from Blackwell. (Comment: "This is where Mom went to school before we came here.")
    • A resignation letter. (Comment: "Mom didn't go to art school because of me... But she was already an amazing artist.")
    • Some of Emily's old comics. (Comment: Comic #1: "Oh wow, I remember when Mom drew that... And Dad couldn't stop laughing..."
      Comic #2: "I... don't... get this one. I'm too young!")
  • He can look through a binder, where he can examine:
    • An old college newspaper. (Comment: "Mom and Dad always talked about how they met at school...")
    • A drawing of Emily from her kindergarten class. (Comment: "It was weird having my Mom as my kindergarten teacher... but fun!")
    • An ultrasound of Chris in his mother's womb. (Comment: "My first picture... I look so tiny and weird... Maybe I'm an alien baby!")

Tree House

  • Chris can look at and go up the tree house. (Comment: "Behold, the Flying Fortress!")
  • He can look at a doll. (Comment: "Dad keeps telling me this is a 'girl's doll'... So what? She's the Ice Queen!")
  • He can look at and check on Sky Pirate. (Comment: "There's my loyal guard, Sky Pirate.")
  • He can look at and open his "secret stash". Inside: (Comment: "I can't let Dad find my secret stash... Ever!)
    • He can examine one of Emily's comic strips. (Comment: "I loved watching Mom draw her comics...")
    • He can look at and take his secret decoder. (Comment: Look: "Maybe I can use this to read the map..."
      Take: "Now I can use this to reveal the full map to my next adventure...")
    • He can examine his baseball cards. (Comment: "These are my favorite baseball players... Even if I don't understand the stats.)
    • He can look through his school letters. (Comment: Sorber letter: "Harry did say mean things about Dad, but I can't let him see this..."
      Report card: "This is my worst report card. I'm doing better now.)
  • He can look at Noctared. (Comment: "That's Noctarious' son... He looks like his dad...)
  • He can have a moment of calm on the lookout.
  • He can look at and smoke a cigarette by a bowl. (Comment: Look: "Well, maybe I could take one little puff..."
    Light cigarette: "Slow... like Dad. (coughing) Oh.. man... Stop...")
  • He can go back down the ladder.

Life is Strange 2

PC users: Hover over the text to see Sean's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.

Front Yard

  • He can look at a junk pile. (Comment: "And I thought Daniel was the crafty one.")
  • He can look through the Eriksens' window. (Comment: "What the fuck?! I'm gonna kill him!")
  • He can look at Chris' tree house. (Comment: "Wonder what went down between this kid and his dad yesterday. It was... pretty weird.")
  • He can look at and pick up a beer cap from Snowmancer. (Comment: Chris blew up Snowmancer: "Wow. Looks like someone paid the high price here."
    Chris didn't blow up Snowmancer: Cigarette butts and beer caps... Now that's a creepy snowman."
    Pick up: "At this point... he probably won't miss one eye.")
  • He can look at the Eriksens' mailbox. (Comment: "Single dad family... Way too close to home.")
  • He can enter through the Eriksens' front door. (required)


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