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The Eriksen Household Bathroom is the bathroom located in the Eriksen Household. It is an explorable location in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit and a non-explorable location in Life is Strange 2.

Captain Spirit

While searching for the components to his costume, Chris can find and use a case of makeup for his mask in the bathroom's cupboard. Chris can also choose to interview himself as a superhero in the bathroom mirror, where he can talk about his willingness to forgive his enemies, who he views as his own heroes, and how he discovered his powers. If Chris hasn't yet defeated the Water Eater and tries to use the sink, he notes that the water is too cold and that he needs to visit its "lair".

Episode Two - "Rules"

While Sean talks to Chris and Daniel about Chris' newfound "power", Charles Eriksen exits the bathroom and tells Chris that he's ready to head to the Christmas market. After Sean reintroduces himself, Charles invites Sean and Daniel to join their trip, which they agree to. Before leaving, Daniel excuses himself to use the washroom, where he exclaims in excitement upon finding the new Hawt Dawg Man issue. If Chris neglected to defeat the Water Eater in Captain Spirit, Daniel can be heard complaining about the water being cold, to which Chris apologizes. If Daniel has become inclined towards stealing, he will take Chris' submarine toy from the bathtub.


  • Chris can use the mirror and interview himself in it.
  • He can look at (if the water heater is off) and use the faucet. (Comment: "Oh, no, I hate going to the Water Eater's lair.")
  • He can look at the razor. (Comment: "I wonder when I can start to shave... Superheroes shave.")
  • He can look at the stickers. (Comment: "I can't believe Dad let me put these stickers here... Maybe he likes 'em too.")
  • He can read the comic book. (Comment: Page 1: "I never get tired of Hawt Dawg Man... never!"
    Page 2: "Man, I love this issue!"
    Page 3: "Wish, I could draw like this...")
  • He can look at the submarine. (Comment: "No diving today, Nemo.")
  • He can look at and apply makeup (if he chose a mask for his costume). (Comment: "Oooh, now I can use that makeup from Halloween...")


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