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Ethan Lambert (born: November 10th, 2008) is a resident of the town of Haven Springs in Life is Strange: True Colors. He is the son to town artist and dispensary owner Charlotte Harmon.







Chapter 1: Side A

After Gabe went into the Silver Dragon, Ethan arrives and says hello to Alex. He then shares the comics that he currently has and even gives one to her. He also has an interest in exploring the mines that are up in the mountains. After their conversation, Alex heads off to the Rocky Mountain Record Traders.

Alex and Gabe later meet Ethan again where he reveals that he is thrilled about the upcoming LARP. After the talk, Ethan then leaves, secretly heading to the mines behind the others' backs. Gabe, Alex, and Ryan go to look for him after discovering that he is missing, eventually finding him on the other side of a ravine. He is too scared to move due to a large monster face at the bottom of the ravine (which Alex can see through Nova). After encouraging Ethan, Alex manages to help him get across safely.

Chapter 2: Lanterns

Ethan will be seen standing alone near the docks, depressed after Gabe's death. Alex can try to talk to him, but he will dismiss her saying he is fine even though his emotions make it clear he is in denial of everyone telling him it is okay. When Alex visits the Black Lantern, she will learn that Ethan has been pushing Charlotte away because of what happened to Gabe.

Ethan is one of the people watching the sky lantern dedicated to Gabe.

Chapter 3: Monster or Mortal

Alex finds Ethan sitting near the docks, still unable to get over Gabe's death. After Alex cheers him up, they then take part in the LARP with Ethan playing as the main character Thaynor and Alex as his sidekick. After the LARP, Ethan again becomes depressed after remembering what happened to Gabe. Later that night, Ethan leaves to stay with his father for the weekend, but writes a letter to Alex reassuring her and thanking her for the fun they had in the LARP.

Chapter 5: Side B

Though not mentioned, Ethan returns to Charlotte in Haven Springs after the weekend after Alex reveals Jed's actions to the council. If Alex chooses to leave town that day, Ethan may appear to bid her farewell. Gabe's future visions of Alex staying in town foretell Ethan playing video games with Alex in the apartment and playing a tabletop game with Alex and Steph at the Black Lantern (if Alex formed a romantic relationship with Steph).

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  • Charlotte Harmon – (Mother) – Charlotte gave birth to Ethan when she was 17-years-old in 2008. Ethan knows his mother's behavior and other trendiness to know that it's going to take longer "than a minute" when Gabe is apologizing to her.
  • Liam Lambert – (Father) – Liam lives out of Haven Springs. Ethan is close enough to his father that in the weeks following Gabe's death, Ethan leaves the town to spend the weekend with him and make plans for the summer together.


  • Alex Chen
  • Gabe Chen – Gabe dated Ethan's mother, Charlotte, for three years prior to his untimely death. During that time Gabe took on a fatherly role in Ethan's life, Gabe often joked that he's "Dad Plus". Ethan was devastated by Gabe's death.
  • Ryan Lucan
  • Steph Gingrich




  • Ethan creates his own comic books and sells them at the record store.[2]