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Eugene, Oregon is a city mentioned several times throughout the Life is Strange games developed by Dontnod Entertainment.


  • Kroft Gallery
  • Eugene High School
  • Eugene State College
  • Eugene Willow Hill Cemetery

Known Residents



  • Peter and Kristen Wyatt - Gave birth to their daughter in Eugene on January 25, 1986. May still live there, as Emily's funeral service was held at Eugene Willow Hill Cemetery on December 20, 2014.


Life is Strange

Captain Spirit

  • Emily Eriksen was born and raised in Eugene, where she attended Eugene High School and Eugene State College (both fictional). While studying for exams at the college's library, Emily met Charles Eriksen, who she entered a relationship with. After a period of time attending Blackwell Academy in Arcadia Bay, Oregon, Emily went back to Eugene and married Charles before moving with him to Beaver Creek a year later. After her death, Emily was buried on December 20th at Eugene Willow Hill Cemetery.

Life is Strange 2

  • At the end of "Roads", the bus ticket in Sean's inventory confirms that he and Daniel are travelling from Pacific Harbor to Eugene, Oregon.
  • In "Rules", Eugene is marked by an arrow on the bottom-left corner of Sean's map.