Feral Interactive is an independent, private video-game-porting studio based in London, UK. It was founded in 1996 and works with games publishers and developers to port their PC and console games to other platforms. They serve a global area and currently work with Square Enix to port their Life is Strange franchise to Mac and Linux.

A port of Life is Strange 2 is currently listed on their website as "coming soon."[1]

The studio's mission statement is "to bring great games to the Mac" and also state that they "have established [themselves] as a world-leading publisher of games on Mac and, more recently, Linux."[2]

The studio is open to suggestions for any games that people would like to see them port to Mac, Linux or mobile.

Life is Strange Ports Completed

Life is Strange Ports Coming Soon



Known Team

The key people listed on Wikipedia are:

  • David Stephen
  • Ian Bullock
  • Edwin Smith
  • Andrew Wood




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