"I'm just saying you can't change the past, so you just gotta focus on what's next. Memories are just lessons for the future."

— Finn to the other drifters in "Wastelands"

Finn[note 1] is a character in Life is Strange 2. He is first met by Sean Diaz and Daniel Diaz at the Christmas tree market in Beaver Creek during Episode 2 where he appears alongside a female companion called Cassidy. He reappears in Episode 3, where Sean and Daniel join his community of drifters and runaways in Humboldt County, California.

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Personality Edit

Finn, like Cassidy, is a free spirit and is just as quick to make banter with his friends as he is to insult his enemies. He is also confident and has an authoritative streak.

He may have a reputation for being a player, as Cassidy makes a reference to Finn's "scoreboard" of partners he's been with. Finn himself explains to Sean in Episode 3 that he easily obsesses over people he meets and senses a connection with.

In Episode 3, Finn is seen as the leader of a group of drifters who work on an illegal cannabis farm. It is through Finn that many drifters find work there, based on his recommendation.

Finn likes to read and frequently smokes marijuana. He also attempts wood carving as a way to vent out and focus.

Appearance Edit

Finn has brown hair styled in medium-length dreadlocks, which are adorned with several multicolored dread beads, coils, and clips.[note 2] On his face, Finn has a scar across the bridge of his nose, a circular barbell septum ring, and tattoos including three triangles under his left eye and a line running from his lower lip to his chin.

On his left hand, Finn has two silver rings on his index and ring fingers, as well as a circular symbol with two short, slanted lines drawn on his palm. On his right hand, Finn has one silver ring on his ring finger and a circular symbol with a jagged arrow crossing through it on its back. Letters are drawn on the back of each of his knuckles, spelling out "F R E E P I Z A".

In Episode 2, Finn's outfit consists of a grey hoodie depicting the Symbol of Chaos over a red shirt; an olive-colored bomber jacket; dark brown trousers; and sneakers with red, white, and green patterns. His hoodie, jacket, and pants are covered in holes of varying sizes, some of which are covered up with decorative patches. A patch depicting a nuclear explosion below the words "Brave New World" is sewn onto his jacket, and the word "Homesick" is stitched onto the left thigh of his pants. His accessories include a black bandanna tied around his neck and a light-blue-and-maroon pin on his lapel.

In Episode 3, Finn wears a worn, beige t-shirt with a red graphic; dark green socks; and red, green, and white sneakers with a bandage wrapped around the left sole. The legs of his pants are rolled up and have several more holes and patches, and the words "FUCK OFF" are now written above the "Homesick" patch. Accessory-wise, Finn wears his bandanna and rings alongside two necklaces, bracelets on both wrists, and a sheathed knife on his belt. During the night, Finn wears a grey vest with multiple patches, including a large patch depicting two rats under a stylized "TROUBLE" logo on its back; as well as more bracelets on his left hand.

Background Edit

Finn E3 - Areem's Note

Kareem's letter.

Finn has Scottish origins and used to live in Dillon, Montana,[1] with his parents and three older brothers who "spoiled him". His father ran a service selling hot-wired cars, which he enlisted his sons in helping him steal, strip, and sell. They were eventually caught and their father blamed his sons, resulting in them going to jail. When Finn got out, he left his home behind and began to travel. He soon met and became quick friends with Hannah at an abandoned house, and they decided to travel together. Sometime in 2016, Cassidy joined their group, followed by Penny during their time in Humboldt County.

Sometime after his release from prison, Finn met a PO named Kareem. Despite a confrontational first meeting, they eventually became friends and remain in semi-regular contact. On October 18, 2016, Kareem sent a letter from San Diego thanking Finn for teaching him that "on the other side of [Finn's] pain and anger, [he] wanted to learn and help others who feel alone in the world without friends or support".

His plans for the future entail a "kick-ass beach house in Costa Rica" with sunshine, feet in the sand, and a big ocean view. He sees his group of drifter friends as living out there with him, drinking cocktails from coconuts.

Episode Two - "Rules" Edit

Finn is traveling with Cassidy and his dog, hoping to find a train headed to Humboldt County, California, where they have a job lined up at a marijuana plantation. He meets Sean and Daniel at the local Christmas market and exchanges banter with Cassidy before leaving with her. The two of them are stopped by Nick, who is angry that their dog is out in public with no leash. Finn refuses to leash his dog and mocks Nick until he threatens to call the cops on them, then he leaves with Cassidy.

Episode Three - "Wastelands" Edit


Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

  • Cassidy -
  • Daniel Diaz -
  • Hannah - After getting out of jail, Finn met Hannah at an abandoned property where, according to Hannah, they "just clicked". They began travelling together on the road, where they eventually formed a close group with Cassidy and Penny. Finn and Hannah refer to themselves as "fuck buddies"; they are not exclusive and romantic feelings do not appear to be involved.
  • Penny -

Romantic Edit

  • Sean Diaz (Determinant) - Finn appears to take a romantic interest in Sean, which he expresses and will act on depending on Sean's choices in Episode 3. Throughout the episode, Finn makes several flirty remarks such as calling Sean cute. Sean can show an interest in Finn over several ocassions: Sean has the option of asking Finn about his background and family history, choosing to draw a sketch of Finn instead of Cassidy, agreeing to get a haircut from Finn and stating that Sean is interested in boys, and siding with Finn on his end-of-episode plan, the most important choice being supporting Finn in his heist. If Sean agrees to help Finn and talks to him at the late-night party at the campgrounds, Finn will tell him that he's glad they met and that he thinks they share a strong connection. Sean has the option of reciprocating Finn’s feelings and the two of them can share a kiss. In his journal, Sean mentions that Finn is "the sweetest guy [he's] ever met."

Enemies Edit

Memorable Quotes Edit

"Yeah, he's been through a lot... Like most of us... So we adopted him. And he stinks! Yeah, you stink and you like it, huh?"
— Finn to Sean regarding his dog at the Christmas market in "Rules"

"Yeah, you always go for those suburban boys..."
— Finn to Cassidy after Sean compliments her hair in "Rules" (determinant)

"You don't even have a Santa, for Christ's sake!"
— Finn to Nick while leaving the Christmas market with Cassidy in "Rules"

"Aww, you'll get scars, but you'll get it. Part of the fun! And sexier."
— Finn to Sean while getting off Big Joe's truck in "Wastelands"

"You gotta be zen about this. The more you try and control him, the less you have. It's deep, huh?"
— Finn to Sean after getting off the truck in "Wastelands"

"It is. But you have time, and a strong... dammit... will! Yeah."
— Finn to Sean while walking back in "Wastelands"

"Why hello, laddie! Welcome to MCNAM'HAIR-A salon!"
— Finn to Sean before giving him a haircut in "Wastelands"

"I'm really glad we met, Sean... I feel like we have a... strong connection. That's me. Always getting... obsessed over people I meet. Sorry about that."
— Finn to Sean at the party in "Wastelands" (determinant)

Theories Edit

Main article: Theories and Speculations (Season 2)
  • Due to their close relationship, equal height, similar facial structure, and casual banter about their "scoreboards", Finn and Cassidy were theorized by some to be siblings and possibly twins, fitting into the game's recurring theme of familial bonds. Conversely, others speculated that Finn may be in a relationship with Cassidy, due to his actions towards Sean in front of her being interpretable as jealousy or protectiveness.
    • Both theories were proven incorrect in Episode 3, where Finn is revealed to only have three older brothers and shows no romantic interest in Cassidy.

Trivia Edit

  • Finn's name is a reference to Huckleberry Finn, a fictional character by American author Mark Twain who travels down the Mississippi River on a raft. This was confirmed in the "Unusual Easter Eggs in Episodes 1 and 2" episode of the official Community Video Series.
  • Prior to its release, there were several hints that Life is Strange 2 would involve teenage freight hoppers:
    • During Captain Spirit, Chris Eriksen can come across an e-mail on his father's computer detailing accounts of "unruly teenage freight hoppers" in the area.
    • In an interview prior to the release of the game, Co-Creative Director Michel Koch revealed that one of his major inspirations for Life is Strange 2 was Mike Brodie, a photographer known for having train-hopped across the U.S.A. for four years while capturing images of the people he met along the way.[2]
  • Finn is pansexual, as he explains to Sean in Episode 3, "I see people, not gender."
  • Within his tent at the campsite, Sean can find a copy of the novel Lord of the Flies.
  • If Sean chooses to go along with the haircut at the campfire, Finn jokingly refers to himself as "McNam'hair'a salon" while using a mock Irish accent. Finn's surname of McNamara was later confirmed in this character profile video.
  • While Finn's age is unspecified, there is some text and dialogue that might indicate that he is a teenager, such as Charles Eriksen's email in Captain Spirit that refers to "unruly teenage freight hoppers", one of Nick's idle comments[3] at the Christmas market, and the letter from his parole officer mentioning kids being "tossed in and out of the system".
  • According to the 2018 casting sheet for Finn's biography, it is said Finn "thrives in chaos since birth; even as a kid, nothing made him laugh like messing around with the order."
    • Also on the same casting sheet, requirements were written for the voice actor, such as: "We are looking for a voice that won't sound like the usual voices you'd find in urban environments, or traditional teenager settings. Finn's voice needs to sound like a real outcast, living in the margin of society, abusing his charisma and people's skills."

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Notes Edit

  1. 1.0 1.1 Although Finn's full name was never mentioned in the game, a full name of "Finnegan McNamara" exists for him in DONTNOD's original files, as confirmed by this video.
  2. In DONTNOD's files, Finn's appearance is described in the following way: "His brown hair clusters together in medium-length dreadlocks adorned with an assortment of beads, wraps, and clips."

References Edit

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    (Episode 2, "Christmas Market" - One of Nick's idle comments after encountering Cassidy and Finn.)
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