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"I'm just saying you can't change the past, so you just gotta focus on what's next. Memories are just lessons for the future." — Finn to the other drifters in "Wastelands"

Finnegan McNamara[1], better known as Finn, is a character in Life is Strange 2. He is first met by Sean Diaz and Daniel Diaz at the Christmas tree market in Beaver Creek during Episode 2 where he appears alongside a female companion called Cassidy. He reappears in Episode 3, where Sean and Daniel join his community of drifters and runaways in Humboldt County, California.

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Finn, like Cassidy, is typically sarcastic, and a free-spirit. He is just as quick to make banter and jokes with his friends as he is to insult his enemies. He is very confident and friendly to most people, assuming they don't have a problem with him, Finn is always just living in the moment and enjoys having fun. He is quite charismatic, supportive, and is often seen as the authority in his group of drifters. Although he is a natural leader, his laid-back nature and ideals leads him to not exploiting this. In a letter found in Finn's tent from his parole officer, they state how pleasantly surprised they are to see how caring Finn was and how much he wanted to help others.

Despite his mellow and carefree nature, Finn is considered to be reliable, responsible, smart, and thoughtful, which emphasize his leadership and social skills. In Episode 3, Finn is seen to the mood maker among his group of drifters and other wanderers that work on the farm too since his behavior makes him likable and fun to be around. Merrill, the Pot Farm's owner, sends most of his orders to the group through Finn, due to him seeing Finn as a trusted worker. Many drifters like Sean and Daniel find work there based on Finn's recommendations to Merrill. If Sean's relationship with Daniel is low, Finn often acts the peacemaker between the fighting brothers. Finn also gives Sean advice on how to handle Daniel, such telling him that he needs to accept Daniel is growing up and not to be too strict with him, as well advising Sean to have faith in himself and to be his own person. Cassidy remarked that Finn's presence help the drifters pull through the their rough lifestyle and Sean commented in his sketchbook that Finn is a "green philosopher" due to making profound comments from time to time. However, Cassidy states that Finn can also be selfish sometimes because he can be too stubborn to listen others' opinions, although his stubbornness is often caused by good intentions, and will occasionally needs to be called out if he gets a reckless idea.

During conversations with Finn about his family, Finn demonstrates bitterness over his father's betrayal of him and his brothers, which is one of the reasons why Finn is fiercely independent and caring towards other people. Finn admits to Sean that he greatly misses his brothers, who are still in jail, his efforts to keep his group of drifters together are caused the void they left and his need for a family to protect.

He seems have a reputation for being a player, as Cassidy makes a reference to Finn's "scoreboard" of partners he's been with. Finn himself explains to Sean in Episode 3 that he easily obsesses over people he meets and senses a connection with. If Sean stays up to get a haircut, he will have a talk with some of the drifters in which Finn states that he is pansexual, specifying that he is attracted to people, not gender.[2] While he does not use any label for himself, given that pansexuality is attraction to people regardless of gender, it is clear that Finn is indeed pan. This is further evidenced by the fact he is involved in a sexual (although not romantic) relationship with Hannah, while at the same time being explicitly attracted to Sean.

Throughout "Wastelands", several of Finn's pastimes can be observed, this mostly involves smoking marijuana or reading. He also enjoys wood carving as a way to vent out his emotions and focus, but admits he's not very good at it. Other activities Finn enjoys is knife throwing, which his father taught him how to do at a young age, and spraying graffiti on trains or other places.


Finn has blue eyes, fair skin, and brown hair styled in medium-length mats, which are adorned with several multicolored dread beads, coils, and clips.[note 1] Finn has black ear tunnels and has many blue abstract, sketch-like tattoos on his arms, as as well as scars scattered across his body to reflect his vagabond lifestyle.

On his face, Finn has a scar across the bridge of his nose, a circular barbell septum ring, and tattoos including three triangles under his left eye and a line running from his lower lip to his chin. On his left hand, Finn has two silver rings on his index and ring fingers, as well as a circular symbol with two short, slanted lines drawn on his palm. On his right hand, Finn has one silver ring on his ring finger and a circular tattoos symbol with a jagged arrow crossing through it on its back. Letters are drawn on the back of each of his knuckles, spelling out "F R E E P I Z A".

In Episode 2, Finn's outfit consists of a grey hoodie depicting the Symbol of Chaos over a red shirt; an olive-colored bomber jacket; dark brown trousers; and sneakers with red, white, and green patterns. His hoodie, jacket, and pants are covered in holes of varying sizes, some of which are covered up with decorative patches. A patch depicting a nuclear explosion below the words "Brave New World" is sewn onto his jacket, and the word "Homesick" is stitched onto the left thigh of his pants. His accessories include a black bandanna tied around his neck and a light-blue-and-maroon pin on his lapel.

In Episode 3, Finn wears a worn, beige t-shirt with a red graphic; dark green socks; and red, green, and white sneakers with a bandage wrapped around the left sole. The legs of his pants are rolled up and have several more holes and patches, and the words "FUCK OFF" are now written above the "Homesick" patch. Accessory-wise, Finn wears his black bandanna and rings alongside two necklaces, bracelets on both wrists, and a sheathed knife on his belt. During the night, Finn wears a grey vest with multiple patches, including a large patch depicting two rats under a stylized "TROUBLE" logo on its back; as well as more bracelets on his left hand.

In Episode 4, if Finn is still alive, he wears a standard hospital gown.


Episode 5's final cutscene can feature a photograph of Finn with Sean (determinant), likely taken in Mexico. A partially obscured chest tattoo ("URD") is visible on Finn. When fans asked the artist, Edouard Caplain, what it says, he replied on Twitter with a picture of the unobscured tattoo.


Kareem's letter.

Finn has Scottish origins and used to live in Dillon, Montana,[3] with his parents and three older brothers who "spoiled him". His father ran a service selling hot-wired cars, which he enlisted his sons in helping him steal, strip, and sell them. They were eventually caught and their father blamed his sons, resulting in them going to jail. When Finn got out, he left his home behind, bitter over his father's betrayal and unable to relay on his older brothers since they were servicing jail time, and began to travel. He soon met and became quick friends with Hannah at an abandoned house, and they decided to travel together. Sometime in 2016, Cassidy joined their group, followed by Penny during their time in Humboldt County.

Sometime after his release from prison, Finn met a PO named Kareem. Despite a confrontational first meeting, they eventually became friends and remain in semi-regular contact. On October 18, 2016, Kareem sent a letter from San Diego, thanking Finn for teaching him that "on the other side of [Finn's] pain and anger, [he] wanted to learn and help others who feel alone in the world without friends or support".

His plans for the future entail a "kick-ass beach house in Costa Rica" with sunshine, feet in the sand, and a big ocean view. He sees his group of drifter friends as living out there with him, drinking cocktails from coconuts.

Episode Two - "Rules"

Finn is traveling with Cassidy and his dog, hoping to find a train headed to Humboldt County, California, where they have a job lined up at a marijuana plantation. He meets Sean and Daniel at the local Christmas market and exchanges banter with Cassidy before leaving with her. The two of them are stopped by Nick, who is angry that their dog is out in public with no leash. Finn refuses to leash his dog and mocks Nick until he threatens to call the cops on them, then he leaves with Cassidy.

Episode Three - "Wastelands"

Prior to the episode, on January 22nd, 2017, Sean and Daniel met Finn, Cassidy, Hannah, and Penny while train-hopping in Humboldt County, California. Thanks to Finn for putting in a good word for the Diaz brothers, Finn helped them get a job at Merrill's illegal cannabis plantation, where Finn and his fellow drifters were also working at. Over the next two months, Finn helped the brothers get used to their current lifestyle and grows close to both of Sean and Daniel, the latter in in particular took a liking to Finn and looks up to him.

After waking up at the drifters' campsite one morning, Finn took Daniel to the Lake to teach him how to throw knives, without telling Sean since he was still sleeping. Due to Daniel secretly using his telekinetic power to make the knife land in the bulleye, Finn was amazed by Daniel's accuracy and bragged it to Sean once he arrived at the lake. When the brothers started arguing and believing it was about the knife throwing lesson, Finn mediated the situation, acknowledging he should have gotten Sean's approval first and assured him that he was being careful with Daniel. Finn invited Sean to try knife throwing too and cheers him on his attempts. Afterwards, Finn stopped the target practice for the morning and promised a disappointed Daniel they can practice more later. Soon after, Finn and the others head to the farm for work on Big Joe's pick-up truck, with Finn entertaining Daniel on the way. At the farm, Merrill assigned Finn and most of the other guys to clean up the farm. After their shift ends, Finn, Sean, and the others returned to the camp, with Finn flipping the bird at Big Joe behind his back as he left the campsite. While alone with Sean, they talk about their day and Daniel, causing Finn to advise Sean to be less controlling since it would only make Daniel more rebellious. During this conversation, Sean has the option of hearing Finn's background and Finn encouraged Sean to find his own identity outside being "Daniel's big brother" and find his own place in the world. Depending on the dialogues options, Finn comforted Sean's worries about his plan to Puerto Lobos, Daniel's desire to see their mother Karen Reynolds, and assured him that he and his brother can always stick with him and the other drifters. Finn then parted ways with Sean and took some time to relax by wood carving, with Sean having the option to chat with him. At night, Finn and the group sits around a campfire while smoking and drinking. After Cassidy sings her song, Hannah reminisces about her lost dog, leading to Finn initiating a game of who can share the worst memory. On his turn, Finn refused to share his bad memories, stating he doesn't like to live in the past and shares his desire to live with the rest of the group on a beach instead, which Cassidy mocks him for. Afterwards, Cassidy commented that Sean needs a haircut, which Finn agreed with, as Daniel tells Sean that he's getting tired. If Sean chooses to go to bed with Daniel, Finn will bid them good night. If Sean chooses to stay and get his hair cut, Finn will walk Daniel back to his tent and retrieve a pair of scissors and a clipper to shave Sean's hair into a mohawk. The group then has a conversation about sexuality, where Finn reveals he is pansexual[2] and his attraction to Sean can be alluded to depending on the dialogue options. The next day, Sean wakes up late and rushes to Big Joe's truck as Finn and the others cheer him on. After their shift ended, Finn, Sean, Cassidy, Jacob, and Daniel head to Merrill's office to get pay and they banter on what they're planning to do with their money. Leaving Daniel to wait outside, Finn and the others speak with Merrill, who praise and critique Finn and his friends' work on the farm. Before Merrill can give them their money, Big Joe comes in dragging Daniel by the arm and announces that he'd caught him in the living room, causing Merrill to deny the group their paychecks, upsetting the brothers and drifters. When Big Joe attempts to harm Daniel on Merrill's orders, Daniel attacks Big Joe with an ashtray using his powers and hit him on the head as Finn and the others watch. Either Sean or Finn can take the blame for throwing the plate, causing Big Joe to punch whoever did so in the eye. Later that night, Finn and the others observe Daniel showing off his powers, making Finn asked if Sean has any powers too, which he denied. After promising to keep Daniel's power a secret and Jacob leaving the group, Finn gets the idea to use Daniel's powers to steal from Merrill's safe for the Diaz brothers, but Cassidy goes against this idea and angrily chew Finn out, calling him "selfish" and putting a child at risk. Finn concedes to her point and heads back to the camp. While Finn was drinking beer alone, Sean privately speaks to Finn, who wishes Sean luck in finding a new place himself and Daniel. Finn then attempts to convinces Sean to agree to the heist or not.

If Sean still refuses to join, Finn will respect Sean's decision and tells Sean that he will miss him; if Sean has high intimacy with Finn, then Finn will tell Sean that he wish he could have spent more time with him. If Sean has high intimacy with Cassidy, Finn, noticing how close the two has gotten, will encourage Sean to spent time with Cassidy. While Sean is with Cassidy, Finn and Daniel will sneak away and attempt to do the heist by themselves. Once Sean and Cassidy caught to them after being told by Hannah of their absence, the four will get into an argument and their actions will alert Merrill, who will force them to get on their knees at gunpoint.

Episode Four - "Faith

At the beginning of the episode, Sean can look at Cassidy's letter next to his bed, she will reveal that Penny and Hannah were at the hospital too, but they've been let go. If Finn is still alive, he is elsewhere in the hospital recovering. Finn will be encountered by Sean during his escape from the hospital, assuming Daniel used his powers to save him during the heist. Finn will be seen resting in his hospital bed when Sean passes his window while he is climbing down the scaffolding. Sean has the option to wake Finn up or continue on with his escape, if Sean chooses to keep moving he will leave him alone and Finn will not be seen again for the rest of the episode.

However, if Sean chooses to wake Finn up, he will be surprised to see Sean, joking he should of told him they were in the same hospital and they could of hooked up regardless of Sean's previous relationship with him. During the conversation, Finn asks Sean where Daniel is, and the latter has the option whether to reveal they know Daniel is in Nevada or not. Finn will understand not being told if Sean refused to take part in the heist, accepting the lack of trust he deserves due to the recent events. Finn also mentions that the police have been interrogating him about what happened at the farm and trying to convince him to "nark" on everyone, but he has remained uncooperative.

At the end of their conversation, a remorseful Finn will apologize for the heist and how it hurt Daniel, to which Sean can choose to forgive him or not. If Sean romanced Finn and forgives him, Finn will tell Sean that he loves him and wishes him the best in his journey to find Daniel. In return, Sean will tearfully bid Finn goodbye and hopes says that he hopes they will meet again in the future. If Sean did not romance Finn and forgives him, the two will share some last words of respect and Finn gives some encouragement for Sean to continue his escape. Regardless of whether Sean romanced Finn, if he does not forgive him, he will blame Finn for the loss of both his eye and Daniel, to which Finn is left feeling visibly hurt and the pair part ways in silence soon after.

If Finn was murdered by Merrill, FBI Agent Maria Elena Flores shows Sean a picture of Finn’s corpse during his interrogation of the events that led up to the farm robbery and explosion. Merrill will also be at the hospital in the room where Finn would be if he was alive, but Sean cannot awaken him, instead quietly badmouthing them then continuing with his escape.

Episode Five - "Wolves" 

If Sean and Finn become romantically involved in "Wastelands," Finn survives, and Sean doesn't blame him for what happened on the farm, he sends a letter to Sean updating him on his life after the incident and provides his phone number to keep in touch. If Sean then chooses to cross the border and Daniel's morality is high, Daniel will receive a photo of Finn and Sean together in Mexico.



  • Cassidy - The two have been traveling together for a while ever since Cassidy joined the drifters, they get along very well and joke with each other regularly. Although they seem to have similar personalities, as Cassidy has totally different options on Finn's plan to rob Merrill's safe believing it to be dangerous and he's being reckless trying to pull Daniel into it. If Sean disagrees to the idea Cassidy will help Sean chase after Finn and Daniel after they go off anyway. Once they have caught up with them, Cassidy will reproach Finn for getting Daniel involved and the fact Merrill is armed, if Sean is eventually convinced by Finn to join the heist Cassidy will remain true to her option and storm off. Finn and Cassidy can still be considered friends, but it's evident they can come into conflict about certain things.
  • Daniel Diaz - Finn sees Daniel as a little version of himself and acts like a older brother to him. He is seen looking out for Daniel and teaches him things, like how to throw knives. Daniel looks up to him and, depending on Sean and Daniel's previous relationship, Daniel can be quite hostile if Sean suggests Daniel is becoming obsessed with Finn or that he is a bad influence. If Finn should die by any means, except for the "Use Gun" option (if it was available) Daniel will blame Sean for Finn's death and visibly tear up, deeply sadden by his loss. In "Episode 4: Faith", it was revealed that Daniel's took one of Finn's bracelets before running off to Haven Point and keeps it in his room.
  • Hannah - After getting out of jail, Finn met Hannah at an abandoned property where, according to Hannah, they "just clicked". They began travelling together on the road, where they eventually formed a close group with Cassidy and Penny. Finn and Hannah refer to themselves as "fuck buddies"; they are not exclusive and romantic feelings do not appear to be involved.
  • Penny - A friend and fellow drifter of Finn, who he also travels together for a time and work at the cannabis farm.
  • Sean Diaz (Determinant) - Finn and Sean are goods friends, the latter often comments how grateful he is Finn for helping him and Daniel find at job at Merrill's farm, and admires how strong and caring Finn is. Although, Finn's relationship with Daniel causes some one-sided tension between them since Sean believes Daniel's admiration for Finn makes him more rebellious, though he never takes it out on Finn. Finn makes numerous flirtatious remarks towards Sean, though Sean seems oblivious to their indications until Cassidy points it out to him. Depending on Sean's choices in Episode 3, Sean and Finn may become more romantically involved than just friendship. On the other hand, if Finn survived the heist and Merrill didn't shoot him, Sean will cross paths with him during his escape from the hospital in "Faith". Sean has the option to forgive Finn for putting Daniel on danger or resent him, ending the kind of friendship they once had.


  • Sean Diaz (Determinant) - Finn takes a romantic interest in Sean, which he expresses and will act upon depending on Sean's choices in Episode 3. Throughout that episode, Finn makes several flirty remarks, such as calling Sean "cute" and using terms of endearment towards him. Sean can show an interest in Finn over several occasions: Sean has the option of asking Finn about his background and family history, choosing to draw a sketch of Finn instead of Cassidy, agreeing to get a haircut from Finn, stating that Sean is interested in boys, and siding with Finn on his plan to commit a heist using Daniel's powers, the most important choice being supporting Finn in his heist. If Sean agrees to help Finn and talks to him at the late-night party at the campgrounds, Finn will tell him that he's glad they met and that he thinks they share a strong connection. Sean has the option of reciprocating Finn’s feelings, and the two of them can share a kiss. In his journal, Sean mentions that Finn is "the sweetest guy [he's] ever met." In Episode 4, if Finn is still alive and Sean chooses to forgive Finn for the disastrous heist, Finn will tell Sean that he loves him and Sean emotionally bids him farewell.


  • Merrill - After attempting to rob his safe, Merrill felt betrayed by Finn. He had given Finn a place to live and a job. He saw it as Finn stabbing him in the back, so much so he was intending to kill Finn to teach him a lesson. If Daniel agrees not to use his powers to interfere, Merrill goes through with these intentions, shooting Finn with little signs of remorse. If Sean shoots Merrill with the gun he can determinantly pick up from Merrill's safe, Merrill will sit up and shoot Finn in self-defense, again with no hesitation.
  • Big Joe - Considering Big Joe is an employee of Merrill's, it is safe to say he doesn't like Finn either after the heist, mainly because some of the money in the safe was probably meant for Big Joe. Finn is also involved in stealing one of Big Joe's vehicles to complete the heist. The two did not have a very good relationship to begin with; though they rarely talk, Finn openly makes fun of Big Joe behind his back. Additionally, if Finn takes the blame for attacking Big Joe during his confrontation with Daniel, Big Joe will punch Finn and leave him with a black eye.


  • Finn's Knife - Finn carries a flip knife on him. It has a wooden handle with a worn blade. Finn uses it to whittle sticks - a favorite pastime of his to relieve stress. He also uses it to teach Daniel how to throw a knife near the beginning of Episode 3.


Animal Symbolism

A drawing from Episode 4's Previously On segment depicting Finn as a dog.

Finn is part of a collective idea that all of the Trimmigrants are a pack of wild hounds. In the "Previously on Life Is Strange 2 Episode 3-4" the exact breed of his animal representation appears to closely resemble an Irish terrier, linking back to Finn's likely Irish origins.

As a spirit animal, the hound represents loyalty and devotion. Anyone with a hound as their spirit animal is said to be a natural guide of sorts. Finn is shown to constantly help others: he acts like a second older brother to Daniel, is willing to talk to anyone who feels lost, and preaches about a better future for him and his friends to give them hope when they need it most. Furthermore, Finn is often considered the leader of the Trimmigrants, being referred to as the "leader of the pack."

Themes and Motifs

Nonconformity and Freedom - Some fans believe Finn and the Trimmigrants represent growing up and making your own choices, all of them are either part of or accepting of the LGBT+ community. Members like Penny also have a lot of distrust in the government and multiple Trimmigrant dislike the idea of conventional living styles. Daniel becomes more independent with Finn teaching him to do things such as knife throwing, as for Sean as he can determinantly have his first romantic relationship with Finn or Cassidy as well.

Memorable Quotes

"Yeah, he's been through a lot... Like most of us... So we adopted him. And he stinks! Yeah, you stink and you like it, huh?"
— Finn to Sean regarding his dog at the Christmas market in "Rules"
"Yeah, you always go for those suburban boys..."
— Finn to Cassidy after Sean compliments her hair in "Rules" (determinant)
"You don't even have a Santa, for Christ's sake!"
— Finn to Nick while leaving the Christmas market with Cassidy in "Rules"
"Aww, you'll get scars, but you'll get it. Part of the fun! And sexier."
— Finn to Sean while getting off Big Joe's truck in "Wastelands"
"You gotta be zen about this. The more you try and control him, the less you have. It's deep, huh?"
— Finn to Sean after getting off the truck in "Wastelands"
"It is. But you have time, and a strong... dammit... will! Yeah."
— Finn to Sean while walking back in "Wastelands"
"Why hello, laddie! Welcome to MCNAM'HAIR-A salon!"
— Finn to Sean before giving him a haircut in "Wastelands"
"I'm really glad we met, Sean... I feel like we have a... strong connection. That's me. Always getting... obsessed over people I meet. Sorry about that."
— Finn to Sean at the party in "Wastelands" (determinant)
"You're a fucking gem, man. I love you so much... You know, that night meant a lot to me. I'm really gonna miss you."
— Finn to Sean at the Sacred Hope hospital in "Faith" (determinant)


Main article: Theories and Speculations (Season 2)
  • Due to their close relationship, equal height, similar facial structure, and casual banter about their "scoreboards", Finn and Cassidy were theorized by some to be siblings and possibly twins, fitting into the game's recurring theme of familial bonds. Conversely, others speculated that Finn may be in a relationship with Cassidy, due to his actions towards Sean in front of her being interpret as jealousy or protectiveness.
    • Both theories were proven incorrect in Episode 3, where Finn is revealed to only have three older brothers and shows no romantic interest in Cassidy.


Finn's name is a reference to Huckleberry Finn, the protagonist of Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and best friend to Tom Sawyer who travels down the Mississippi River on a raft. This was confirmed in the "Unusual Easter Eggs in Episodes 1 and 2" episode of the official Community Video Series.

  • Prior to its release, there were several hints that Life is Strange 2 would involve teenage freight hoppers:
    • During Captain Spirit, Chris Eriksen can come across an e-mail on his father's computer detailing accounts of "unruly teenage freight hoppers" in the area.
    • In an interview prior to the release of the game, Co-Creative Director Michel Koch revealed that one of his major inspirations for Life is Strange 2 was Mike Brodie, a photographer known for having train-hopped across the U.S.A. for four years while capturing images of the people he met along the way.[4]
  • If Sean chooses to go along with the haircut at the campfire, Finn jokingly refers to himself as "McNam'hair'a salon" while using a mock Scottish accent. Finn's surname of McNamara was later confirmed in this character profile video and in the credits to Episode 4.
    • The surname McNamara is of Irish origin, meaning "hound of the sea", which could relate to Finn's spirit animal representation being depicted as a dog. His name may also relate the phrase "scurvy sea dog", a slang term used by sea pirates to describe an insubordinate; the term "insubordinate" referring to someone who is defiant of authority, a lot like Finn. On the other hand, another pirate slang term, "sea dog", by itself refers to an old or experienced sailor. Though Finn himself is relatively young, he has had a lot of experience as a traveller and is very knowledgeable in the life he lives. Therefore, both meanings are relevant to his personality.
  • Sean can find a copy of the British novel Lord of the Flies within Finn's tent at the campsite. The novel is a story about a group of young boys who become stuck on a deserted island after a plane crash. They attempt to build a society based on order under their initial leader, Ralph, mimicking the modern civilized values taught to them. Eventually the boys become victims of in-fighting, leading to Ralph's system crumbling and two boys dying as a result. Another boy, Jack, who believes in anarchistic freedom, assumes position of ruler and has Ralph hunted down. Ralph is almost killed, saved only by the timely arrival of rescuers (the British Navy) at the end of the story. The story is likely an intentional parallel for the Trimmigrants' camp and their wider relationship with Merrill.
    • The Trimmigrants' camp is a community built far away from the rest of modern society, like the boy's island.
    • Merrill is "Ralph", the one maintaining order, and Finn is "Jack", the anarchistic follower.
    • Finn's attempt to steal from Merrill parallels the in-fighting which lead to the downfall of the novel's society. Further in-fighting occurs between the Trimmigrants themselves, with members like Cassidy warning Finn not to go through with his plan beforehand.
    • The main divergence occurs during the endings of each. Regardless of choice, Merrill discovers Finn and company in the act of stealing, thus is able to somewhat maintain order. Instead of the "Ralph" character being the one at risk and needing to be saved, it is the "Jack" character.
      • The endings in which Finn survives, Daniel intervenes by using violence against the order to save the anarchist supporter, which again directly contrasts the novel's ending where the Navy rescuers peacefully save the order supporter from the anarchists once they arrive.
  • While Finn's age is unspecified, there is some text and dialogue that might indicate that he is a teenager, such as Charles Eriksen's email in Captain Spirit that refers to "unruly teenage freight hoppers", one of Nick's idle comments[5] at the Christmas market, and the letter from his parole officer mentioning kids being "tossed in and out of the system". Additionally, Finn's voice actor casting call referenced that his voice "won't sound like the usual voices you'd find in urban environments or traditional teenager settings", seeming to indicate that he is still in his teen years.
  • According to the 2018 casting sheet for Finn's biography, it is said Finn "thrives in chaos since birth; even as a kid, nothing made him laugh like messing around with the order."
    • Also on the same casting sheet, requirements were written for the voice actor, such as: "We are looking for a voice that won't sound like the usual voices you'd find in urban environments, or traditional teenager settings. Finn's voice needs to sound like a real outcast, living in the margin of society, abusing his charisma and people's skills."
  • Finn is part of the large cast of characters throughout the series to be part of the LGBT+ community, being the first pansexual[2] in the series. In the order of introduction, he is the 6th LGBT+ character introduced out of the 10 throughout the games.


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  1. In DONTNOD's files, Finn's appearance is described in the following way: "His brown hair clusters together in medium-length dreadlocks adorned with an assortment of beads, wraps, and clips."


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