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"Dude! It smells like piss in here. You have a rough night or something?"
"Every night's a rough night."
Chloe Price and Frank Bowers in "Brave New World"

Frank's RV is a mobile home to Frank Bowers and his dog Pompidou consisting of the driver and front seat passenger area, office/dining area, kitchen, food preparation and storage area and sleeping quarters. Throughout Life is Strange: Before the Storm, it can be spotted in various locations within Arcadia Bay, and becomes explorable during Episode 2: Brave New World.

Episode One - "Awake"

Frank's RV is seen near the old mill. Two men are arguing next to it. Chloe Price can tag it with an optional graffiti from the side.

The RV is seen later in the ending sequence, with Frank sitting next to it contemplating the forest fire caused by Rachel Amber and one of the men who were arguing next to it earlier talking on the phone.

Episode Two - "Brave New World"

Frank's RV appears for the first time in this episode at the American Rust Junkyard, after Frank and Chloe arrange to meet there. Frank asks Chloe to get in to discuss business. Before she gets inside, Chloe sees the woman who was making out with Rachel's dad yesterday at the park getting out from the RV. Once inside the RV, Frank asks Chloe to get a notebook from his room for him. When she's opening the room's door to get the notebook, she meets Pompidou for the first time. Chloe discovers that the notebook is a list of Frank's debtors. Once she brings the notebook to him, she has the option to backtalk him in order to get information about the mysterious woman. After that, Frank tells her she has a job for her; he tells her that Drew North sells oxy for Damon Merrick to his classmates at Blackwell Academy and he owes Damon and Frank (by extension) one grand without answering any of their calls. The job is for Chloe to sneak into Drew's Room to collect the money; Frank will consider Chloe's debt paid (if she didn't pay him in the previous episode) and will pay her 10% of the money she gets from Drew. Chloe agrees to the job and Frank takes her to Blackwell.

The RV is later seen at the end of the episode. Frank is sitting in front of his computer and Damon gets in, crossing out Drew's name from the notebook or putting a blood fingerprint next to it, depending on Chloe's choices.

Episode Three - "Hell Is Empty"

In this episode the RV is seen for the first time at the junkyard, where Frank and Damon Merrick's confrontation with Chloe and Rachel takes place.

Chloe sees the RV again before entering the burned mill to search for Sera. She notices a smear of blood in the RV's wall, and worries about Frank being wounded. She looks through the RV's window searching for him, but doesn't appear to see anything. She then decides to focus on searching Sera, and promises to come back later to help Frank.

The RV is seen for the last time in the ending cinematic. Frank is sitting in front of it, burning Damon's items over a campfire.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Chloe's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.

Episode Two - "Brave New World"

  • Chloe can look at Frank. (Comment: "It's always hard to tell what Frank's thinking."
    Look after releasing Pompidou: "That dog makes Frank look almost... nice.")
  • She can look at a betting slip. (Comment: Chloe doesn't know about the mill: "A betting slip? $1200? Way out of my league."
    Chloe knows about the mill: "Oh man. I hope Argus and Bowser are... okay.")
  • She can look at a hat. (Comment: "So Frank's a fellow survivor of BlackHell? Who knew...")
  • She can look at a book. (Comment: "Fight the power.")
  • She can look at a note. (Comment: Drew graffiti on the RV: "Sorry, Frank. I didn't know it was your RV when I wrote that..."
    Didn't draw graffiti on the RV: "People leave their info when they damage someone's car?")
  • She can look at and open a cabinet. (Comment: "Wonder what Frank eats when he gets the munchies.")
  • She can look at the beans inside the cabinet. (Comment: "That's an insane amount of beans.")
  • She can look at a hotsauce bottle. (Comment: "Bomb sauce. For the man who enjoys searing pain with his drive through order.")
  • She can look at a grocery list. (Comment: "What does Frank really need to remember?")
  • She can draw a graffiti on the grocery list. (Comment: "Got it."
    Work: "Even drug dealers need reminders."
    Home: "This might not be the most gentle, but it is important.")
  • She can open the refrigerator. (Comment: Chloe doesn't know about Pompidou: "Apparently Frank is a werewolf."
    Chloe knows about Pompidou: "Frank must be spending hundreds of dollars on this dog...")
  • She can look at a food spill on the floor. (Comment: First look: "Auggh! Gross!"
    Second look: "And Mom thinks my bedroom's messy.")
  • She can use Frank's computer. (Comment: Dog forum: "Wait, Frank got a puppy? For real? Poor Frank. Next time try Ask Miss Arcadia.
    Search history: "Oh, man. Rachel the therapist would have a field day with this..."
    Email from Damon (old mill): "Shit, the mill burned down. This Damon guy's into some fucked up shit..."
    Email from Damon (puppy): "Geez, that's an expensive dog...")
  • She can look at a cereal box. (Comment: "Part of a balanced breakfast.")
  • She can look at and take a bag of pot. (Comment: Look: "I guess Frank subscribes to the "hiding in plain sight" philosophy of drug stashing."
    Take: "Don't mind if I do."
    Frank: "Don't even fucking think about it."
  • She can look at and open a door (required). (Comment: "Do I really want to see Frank's bedroom?")
  • She can look at Frank's knife. (Comment: "A swingy, flippy instrument of death.")
  • She can look at a pillow. (Comment: "Wow. That pillow is... definitely dead.")
  • She can look at a food bowl. (Comment: Used Frank's computer: "Guess Frank finally gave up on the steak."
    Didn't use Frank's computer: "Someone's a messy eater.")
  • She can look at a lawn chair. (Comment: "A throne fit for... Frank.")
  • She can look at an old photo. (Comment: "Frank and his BFF. That's adorable.")
  • She can look at and take a notebook (required). (Comment: Look: "That's probably the notebook Frank wants."
    Take: "Is this what I think it is?"
    Paid Frank: "Glad I paid that off."
    Didn't pay Frank: "Ah, shit, I'm in the red.")
  • She can give the notebook to Frank (required).



  • In Episode 2, one of the cupboards in the RV is full of beans; this is a reference to the famous line from Episode 3 of Life is Strange: "I was eating those beans! Are you fucking insane? I was eating those beans!"
  • Unused audio files indicate that at some point in development there was going to be a scene where Chloe helped a wounded Frank recover. She would have grabbed a t-shirt from Frank's RV and soaked it in alcohol.