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Gabriel Chen, better known as Gabe (born: December 2nd, 1993 - died: April 28, 2019) is the late brother of protagonist Alex Chen in Life is Strange: True Colors. The mysteries surrounding his death are what sets off the investigation of Alex and her friends.


Gabe Chen is described as witty, generally friendly and approachable. He is seen by most people as a "big brother" figure and he is very creative in his way of approaching other people even if it takes a taxing amount of effort.


Gabe had shoulder length black hair, an extended goatee, and black eyes. Gabe wears a black shirt with a ram on it with a black and red checkered cardigan and a beige denim jacket.


Gabe Chen was born on December 2nd, 1993, to John and Wendy Chen. With his parents and younger sister Alex Chen. When Gabe was 15 his mother was diagnosed with cancer. When Gabe was 16, he realized his dad lost his job, with an angered tone he confronted him head on outside the room, having had enough he went back inside the apartment and he told Alex Chen about their dad losing his job and worried of how they will eat, while his dad was visibly upset of being blamed by his own son. The fight turned physical and Gabe saw his dad unintentionally hitting his own sister, his dad distraught by what he had done, his dad decides to leave the house mentioning that someone else will come to take care of them, Gabe could only watch while seeing his sister attempting to get their dad to stay. When Gabe was 17, he went to juvie for stealing a car. After his release he went to Haven Springs, in his investigation he discovered that this is the last whereabouts of his father, however he didn't find him, he then decided to stay in Haven Springs regardless.

Chapter 1: Side A

Gabe is first seen welcoming Alex after she arrives in Haven Springs. After Alex hugs him or gives him a handshake, Gabe reveals that he works at a bar called the Black Lantern and lives in an apartment above it. A blue aura then appears around Gabe (which is only visible to Alex) as Alex can then hear Gabe's thoughts expressing how much he missed her. After Alex comments on this, the siblings then head into town. They stop at a flower shop called Lethe Flowers where they meet one of its owners, Eleanor Lethe, who happily greets Alex. The two then head inside where they meet Riley Lethe, Eleanor's granddaughter. After a brief talk, Alex helps Gabe pick out some flowers for Charlotte Harmon, his girlfriend, as an apology gift. After picking a bouquet of flowers (sunflowers or lily-of-the-valley), Gabe talks to Riley about her boyfriend Mac Loudon. After buying the flowers, the two then leave the shop afterwards and head to a nearby building called The Silver Dragon, which is where Charlotte works. Gabe then goes into the Silver Dragon, leaving Alex outside. Gabe later finds Alex talking to Ryan Lucan in the Rocky Mountain Record Traders. After talking about Ryan and Gabe's friendship, Ryan tells Gabe that Mac wants to have a word with him. Alex and Gabe then leave, with Ryan promising to come see them later after he finishes carrying out Steph's job.

After some conversations with Ethan (with Alex having the option to tell Gabe about Ethan's plan to explore the mines) and Jed, they reach Gabe's apartment, where Gabe reveals that he plans to give it to Alex while he stays with Charlotte. After dancing to music, they are interrupted by Mac, who beats up Gabe when he incorrectly believes that he is trying to take Riley away from him. This causes Alex to uncontrollably attack Mac, which prompts Gabe to try to stop Alex, who accidentally punches Gabe before finally coming to her senses. When Alex tries to apologize, Gabe says that it's okay while Mac storms off, calling Alex insane. While spending time on the roof, Alex can tell Gabe about her powers or her past. When Ryan informs them of Ethan's disappearance, they head for the mines to find him. If Alex told Gabe earlier, he will realize this. If she didn't, she will tell Gabe now, who won't be pleased that Alex did not tell him earlier. Arriving there, they split up to reach the silo behind the warehouse, which Alex learns where Ethan is heading. Gabe also remembers the planned blast for tonight and tries to warn those who are operating it. They find Ethan on a small cliff on the other side of a ravine. Because he and Ryan are too heavy to walk across the fallen tree leading to the other side, they have Alex do it and tie a rope around him and Alex while using a tree stump as a fulcrum. After Ethan's rescue, the blast goes off and a falling rock hits Gabe, knocking him over the cliff, with Ryan being forced to cut the rope as the avalanche crushes Gabe.

Chapter 5: Side B

Gabe appears in three flashbacks that take place sometime before the story. In the first flashback, he can be found sitting with Alex in a hospital. He later appears next to Alex while she is talking to Wendy, explaining that this is not how it happened and the flashback restarts. In the second flashback, Gabe argues with John before they go outside. Gabe interrupts Alex while she is listening to music, saying that the argument is not what she thinks. After the flashback repeats itself, Alex tries to calm him and John down, but is unsuccessful as John abandons them. In the third flashback, Gabe leads Alex to a trunk that's bathed under moonlight. After Alex experiences more of her past, Gabe encourages her to stand up and fight no matter how painful life can be.

Gabe appears at the end of the chapter where he tells Alex what will happen if she chooses to stay in Haven Springs. After these future visions and Alex's final choice to either stay or leave, Gabe disappears.


Steph calls Gabe while starting her job where she expresses how stressful it is until Gabe reveals that she is airing her complains, embarrassing her. Gabe can be heard in one of Steph's memory conversations, who expresses how worried he is about her troubles. At the start of New Year, Gabe mentions Alex to Steph (but does not reveal her identity), asking her to predict her future. Gabe also arranges a scavenger hunt for Steph along with Ryan and Charlotte.





  • Charlotte Harmon – (Girlfriend) – Gabe and Charlotte had been dating for three years prior to Gabe's untimely death. By the time Alex arrived to town, Gabe had been spending most of his nights at Charlotte's home. They met while Gabe worked at the Black Lantern, Charlotte having slipped him a note, calling him "hot". One year during the Spring Festival, Charlotte gave Gabe the traditional rose that one would give to their "crush". Gabe loved the rose to the point where he had it pressed, framed and hung in his apartment. As their relationship continued, Gabe was frequently buying Charlotte "apology" bouquets, claiming that "she's worth it."


Memorable Quotes

"Play your part."
— Throughout the final chapter, "Side B".


  • Gabe was in a juvenile detention center when he was younger.
  • He is four years older than Alex.