"Twenty bucks, baby." - "Twenty bucks?! That's robbery. And don’t call me 'baby'." - "Fine. Twenty bucks, thief."

— Gerald and Chloe in "Awake" (determinant)

Gerald Scott is a minor character in Life is Strange: Before the Storm. He is selling Firewalk t-shirts at the old mill. He is introduced in Episode 1 as the "T-Shirt Vendor", and later revealed to be called "Gerald Scott".

Episode One - "Awake"

Gerald leans against a car full of t-shirts with the Firewalk name and logo on them. He is busy talking on his phone. Chloe can try to take one of his t-shirts, and he will tell her that they cost twenty dollars. She has the option to release the handbrake on his car, causing it to fall backwards. The vendor steps out to argue with the Truck Driver, likely thinking that he caused the car to fall. Chloe can steal one of the t-shirts, and will find $250 in an open lockbox.

She can steal the money or leave it alone. If Chloe decides to steal the money, she has the option, later on, to slip it into her mother's purse or pay off the $175 debt she owes to Frank Bowers while also paying the rest for some more weed.

Episode Three - "Hell Is Empty

James Amber has a file on Gerald in his office. He can be accused of being a snitch to Damon Merrick.


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