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"Hannah is so private about her life… Plus she probably hates my guts."Sean Diaz's comment about Hannah in "Wastelands"

Hannah's tent is located next to Penny's tent on the same side as Sean Diaz and Daniel Diaz's own tent at the Camp in Humboldt County, California. It is a non-explorable location in Life is Strange 2.


The area immediately outside Hannah's tent has a messy appearance. An odd shoe lies just outside the entrance on the floor, as well as scattered clothing and an empty take-away box with chopsticks.

The tent itself is two shades of green. Its entrance is square shaped and appears as though it can be zipped open or closed like the entrance on Cassidy's tent. Across the top of the tent, a large blue tarp is secured with ropes to thin tree trunks and a wooden stick to provide extra cover. Underneath this is a brown patterned cover. It is unknown what Hannah keeps inside her tent as it is never explored in the game.

Notable Items

  • Bra - Hanging from a securing rope outside the tent.
  • Coat - Hanging next to the bra.
  • Clothing - A pile lies carelessly on the floor.
  • Empty Take-away Tray - Discarded on the floor outside instead of being thrown away.
  • Chopsticks - It is unknown if these are disposable ones, but it is likely they are reused.


Interactions for Hannah's tent are only active during the "Rise and Shine" checkpoint. There is no internal exploration at any time during the episode.

  • Sean can look at Hannah's tent. (Comment: "Hannah is so private about her life… Plus she probably hates my guts.")


  • Hannah appears to be having sex with Finn as she was walking from the direction of his tent, topless, during the morning of the "Rise and Shine" checkpoint, and has left her coat in his tent, which she is seen to wear later. An open condom wrapper also lies on the floor of Finn's tent that morning.



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