Haven Point is a mentioned location in Life is Strange 2. Located in Nevada, it is the hometown of Jacob Hackerman who describes it in Episode 3 as a small community with an amazing but intense female Reverend. From how Jacob describes this community, it is very devout and anyone who starts to doubt their faith is seen as troublesome.

The Universal Uprising Church is a focal point in this small community. Points of interest around the church include a playground, a building with multiple seats and chairs, and Lisbeth's house.


Haven Point - Play Area Whales 01

The whale toys in the play area.

Note: This image was taken using a freecam.

  • Haven Point is a real-estate subdivision in Las Vegas, Nevada. Haven Point Avenue in North Las Vegas, Nevada also exists.
  • At the community's play area, two whale-themed spring toys can be found next to each other. This may be a reference towards the Two Whales Diner from Season 1.



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