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"Oh! Well, hello, young Hackerman! What are you doing here?" — Helen to Jacob in "Faith"

Helen Miller[1] is a member of the Universal Uprising Church at Haven Point. She appears in Episode 4 of Life is Strange 2.


Helen is a devoutly religious woman who holds disdain towards Jacob due to him having left the church behind. She appears to hold an interest in Jacob's father, Robert Hackerman. She is a casual smoker, as she can be seen smoking with an ashtray on a nearby table after the service is over.


Helen is an adult woman with shoulder-length dark brown hair. She wears a grey zipped jacket over a grey shirt, light blue pants, and brown dress shoes.

Episode Four - "Faith"

While sneaking around the church to Lisbeth's house with Jacob, Sean Diaz can run into Helen smoking a cigarette. Upon noticing them, Helen asks the two what they're doing there after church services. If Sean says that this is his first visit or that he lost his ring, Helen questions why she hadn't seen him at service; as Jacob attempts to cover for him, Helen sees through his lie and says that she'll speak to Robert later.

If Sean lets Jacob say that he was going to retrieve his father's jacket, Helen laughs and comments on Robert's pride before advising them to hurry up before the gates close. As they leave, Sean points out that she sounded like she had a "soft spot" for Robert, and Jacob responds that she's one of his several fans.

It is unknown what happens to her following the church's destruction.

Memorable Quotes

"Come on, you don't have to lie. Everybody know you hate attending services."
— Helen to Jacob in "Faith" (determinant)
"Ha! That is so Robert. And he's too proud to get it back himself."
— Helen to Jacob in "Faith" (determinant)





  1. Revealed in the credits to Episode 4.