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"Hospitals always freak me out." - "I hear you. But imagine how Kate feels... I'm so glad I get to see her again."Chloe and Max in "Dark Room"

The Hospital is located in Arcadia Bay and, depending on Max Caulfield's choices, can first be seen in "Out of Time." There is another determinant chance to visit the hospital again in "Dark Room."

Episode Two - "Out of Time"

If Max manages to stop Kate Marsh from committing suicide, the hospital can first be seen in this episode's ending cutscene where Kate is seen lying in a bed with several balloons tied to it.

Episode Four - "Dark Room"

If Max managed to save Kate in "Out of Time," she visits the hospital and talks to Kate in this episode.


Episode Four - "Dark Room"

PC users: Hover over the text to see Max's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.
  • Max can look at a photo of Kate with her sisters. (Comment: "Thank you, sisters. You really saved Kate.")
  • She can look at the book The October Country. (Comment: "Good to see that Kate is still working on her book report.")
  • She can look at Kate's drawing. (Comment: "Aww, I love Kate’s happy rainbow flock.")
  • She can look at Kate's bed. (Comment: Accepted Alternate Chloe's wish: "This reminds me of Chloe's bed... except I didn't have to put Kate to sleep."
    Refused Alternate Chloe's wish: "This reminds me of Chloe's bed... There's no way I could put her to sleep.")
  • She can look and speak with Kate. (Comment: "That is so good to know that Kate is drawing again.")
  • She can look at the flowers near Kate's bed. (Comment: "Those are nice flowers... and from Taylor? Wow, props to her.")
  • She can look at an icon. (Comment: "If this gets Kate through the night, so be it.")
  • She can look at the balloons tied to Kate's bed. (Comment: "I don't think 'Get Well' is quite apropos.")
  • She can look at a postcard from the Blackwell students. (Comment: "That is so sweet... even Victoria signed. But not Nathan...")
  • She can look at a letter from Principal Wells. (Comment: "Principal Wells knows how to step it up when he wants to...")


Main article: Hospital Ending
  • There was an alternate ending planned in the early stages of development in which Chloe Price would have ended up in a coma. As evident from a piece of concept art, Max would have visited Chloe at the hospital.
  • The hospital location was originally designed for the above-mentioned alternate ending, and the scene with Kate after she survived her suicide attempt was only added later on because the fans liked Kate so much.



Concept Art


  1. In older versions of the game.
  2. In the latest version ( of the game.