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"Being in a hospital this long sucks. I bet when I see Rachel and see that she's okay, I'll feel better."Chloe's monologue in "Hell Is Empty"

The Hospital is a explorable location in Episode 3 of Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

Episode Three - "Hell Is Empty"

After Rachel Amber is stabbed by Damon Merrick at the junkyard, Chloe Price rushes her to the hospital, where two nurses quickly take her to surgery. As Chloe worriedly paces around the waiting room, James and Rose Amber reach the hospital and rush to Rachel's room; later on, James returns to Chloe and asks her what happened, to which Chloe recounts the events at the junkyard. Afterwards, Chloe has the opportunity to visit Mikey North, Drew North, and Steph Gingrich's room and play one last tabletop game; chat with Mikey and Drew's father, Anthony North; speak with Rose; and witness the couple from Overlook Park searching for the maternity wing.

Upon entering room 781, Chloe finds James comforting Rachel before leaving the two girls to talk. Still determined to meet her birth mother, Rachel convinces Chloe to break into James' office in order to gather more information on her. While leaving the room, Chloe comes across Eliot Hampden, who expresses worry over Rachel being a negative influence on Chloe. Afterwards, Chloe notices James comforting Rose in the waiting room before exiting the hospital via elevator.

After confronting Damon and finding Sera at the old sawmill, Chloe returns to the hospital to find Rachel being comforted by her parents. After James and Rose leave, Rachel asks Chloe whether she succeeded in finding information on her birth mother.

Tell Rachel everything
Chloe tells Rachel about James' plan to drive Sera away with Damon's help, causing Rachel to become shocked and enraged. As James and Rose reenter the room, Rachel glares at her father with resentment and tears in her eyes.

Protect Rachel from the truth
As Chloe begins to cry, she lies to Rachel that she failed in finding Sera, to which Rachel expresses hope that they could find her someday. Chloe reassures Rachel that her mother loves her unconditionally; when Rachel asks her how she knows, Chloe replies, "Why should she be any different from the rest of us?"

Optional Graffiti

The first optional graffiti is located on the bulletin board facing the hospital elevators. There, Chloe can tag a poster reminding patients and visitors to wash their hands.

The second optional graffiti is located at the vending machine. After slamming the machine and retrieving a loose candy bar, Chloe can graffiti the machine's opening.

The third and final optional graffiti is in room 785, where Chloe has the option to sign either Drew or Mikey's cast.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Chloe's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.

Episode Three - "Hell Is Empty"


  • Chloe can look at, slam, and graffiti an out-of-order vending machine. (Comment: Before graffiti: "Come on! Not that I have any coins anyway. Oh, man. Jackpot."
    Slam: "Yes! I want like twenty more of those."
    Graffiti: "I think this vending machine could be improved... Oh yeah, I got it. Nurse, I'll need my forceps to extract this Baby Ruth."
    After graffiti: "Pretty sure the hospital nutritionists meet here after hours and pig out.")
  • She can look at a memo. (Comment: "Damn. Are these all firefighters?")
  • She can look at some pamphlets. (Comment: "Mom brought so many of these home when Dad died, and not a single one described how I felt.")
  • She can sit on the Pirate Ship and have a Moment of Calm.
  • She can look at and graffiti a "Wash Your Hands!" poster. (Comment: Before graffiti: "This poster seems to be missing some context... what to draw, what to draw..."
    Graffiti: "Okay, nurses, the world wants to know: what's so funny?"
    Clean joke graffiti: "They're hygienic and they're witty."
    Dirty joke graffiti: "Cue laugh track.")
  • She can look at another memo. (Comment: "Frank's business must be booming. Shit, I really hope he's okay."
    "I really hope Frank's okay.")
  • She can look at and read a letter. (Comment: Look: "Sean Prescott? What's he writing to the hospital about?"
    Read: "Is this for real?")
  • She can look at another poster. (Comment: "I wonder if Damon Merrick classifies as a biohazard. He's definitely human waste.")
  • She can look at and put money into a donation box. (Comment: Before giving: "Guess the citizens of Arcadia Bay aren't feeling so generous."
    Donate: "Let's see what I've got..."
    Donate $250: "Take that, wildfires."
    Donate $1000+: "They should name a fire-engine after me.")
  • She can look at the sign for Patient Room 785. (Comment: Drew hurt: "Is this Drew's room?"
    Mikey hurt: "Is this Mikey's room?")
  • She can enter Room 785.
  • She can look at and speak to Anthony North. (Comment: Before talking: "Is that Mikey and Drew's dad? I wonder how he's doing."
    After talking: "Anthony seems like a good father.")
  • She can look at a "Shhh!" poster. (Comment: "More like silent hospitals slowly drive friends and family insane.")
  • She can look at two firefighters. (Comment: "Those guys look exhausted.")
  • She can look at a "Eating the right foods keeps you healthy and happy!" poster. (Comment: "Unless you get stabbed.")
  • She can look at and speak to Rose Amber. (Comment: Before speaking: "Wow. Rachel's mom does not look okay."
    After speaking: "Rachel's mom loves her so much.")
  • She can look at a "No Visitors" sign. (Comment: Before overhearing conversation: "No visitors, huh?"
    After overhearing conversation: "I really regret overhearing that.")
  • She can look at and enter Rachel's room (required). (Comment: "I'm so glad Rachel's okay. Really can't wait to see her.")

Drew’s Room

  • Chloe can look at Drew's backpack and return the money (determinant). (Comment: Before returning money: "Pretty sure that's Drew's backpack."
    Return money: "Should have done that earlier, I guess. But now Drew and I are square."
    After returning money: "Hope that money helps Drew's dad a little.")
  • She can look at homework. (Comment: "That'll be an interesting read.")
  • She can look at flowers. (Comment: "Those must be from Steph's parents.")
  • She can look at and speak to Drew. (Comment: Before talking: "Damn. Drew looks really low."
    After talking: "I really hope things work out for Drew.")
    • She can sign his cast (after backtalking him for the pudding). (Comment: "Hmm, something encouraging... but not too encouraging...")
  • She can look at and try to take Drew's pudding (after speaking to him). (Comment: Look: "I want to eat that. Right now."
    Backtalk: "Wonder if a little friendly competition'll cheer Drew up?"
    "Mission accomplished."
    Get. That. Pudding: "Drew's not gonna give that pudding up without a fight."
    "Mission accomplished.")
  • She can look at a whiteboard. (Comment: "Damn. An eight out of ten?")
  • She can look at a letter. (Comment: "Look at that! Wells being nice for a change.")
  • She can look at a note. (Comment: "I wonder if Drew will ever play again.")
  • She can look at and speak to Steph and Mikey. (Comment: "It's nice that Mikey and Steph seem to be staying here all day.")
  • She can look at a Get Well Card. (Comment: "I think the football team needs... thicker helmets.")
    • She can look at the inside of the card. (Comment: "Yup. Definitely too many concussions.")
  • She can leave the room (required).

Mikey’s Room

  • Chloe can look at some textbooks. (Comment: "Oh man, did I miss the robot visit?")
  • She can look at some flowers. (Comment: "Aw, those must be from Steph's parents.")
  • She can look at and speak to Mikey. (Comment: "I barely knew Mikey two days ago, and now I feel... kind of protective.")
  • She can sign his cast. (Comment: "Hmm, something nerdy... but not too nerdy...")
  • She can look at a whiteboard. (Comment: "Mikey's nurses must love this.")
  • She can look at a letter. (Comment: "Look at that! Wells being nice for a change.")
  • She can look at a notecard. (Comment: "Mikey's entering into a cartoon contest? Hope he wins.")
  • She can look at and speak to Steph and Drew. (Comment: "Steph and Drew aren't leaving Mikey's side. He's lucky to have them.")
    • She can join the tabletop game.
  • She can look at a teddy bear. (Comment: "That's cute, I guess.")
  • She can leave the room (required).