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"These guys have top gear… Wish I did."Sean Diaz's comment about Ingrid and Anders in "Wastelands"

Ingrid and Anders' tent is located opposite Jacob's tent on the same side as Sean Diaz and Daniel Diaz's own tent at the Camp in Humboldt County, California. It is a non-explorable location in Life is Strange 2.


The area immediately outside Ingrid and Anders' tent has a tidy appearance. A plastic red crate stores beer neatly to one side of the tent. Immediately outside the entrance of the tent, a small, clean hard surface rests atop a concrete breeze block to create a makeshift table. In the morning, some bottled water and two downturned plastic cups rest on this table.

The tent itself is yellow and green. It is a different shape to all of the other tents in the camp (dome shaped entrance and a tapered end), and Sean remarks enviously that they have top gear. Its domed entrance is split down the center and appears as though it can be zipped open or closed. Across the top of the tent lies a neatly secured small orange tarp.

It is unknown what Ingrid and Anders keep inside their tent as it is never explored in the game.

Notable Items

  • Beer - Even though Ingrid and Anders keep water immediately to hand outside their tent, they still enjoy the freespirited camp lifestyle and join in with festivities.
  • Dala Horse - A traditional Dalecarlian horse can be found outside the tent during the "Paradise Lost" checkpoint, which Sean can choose to keep as a souvenir.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Sean's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.

The following interaction for Ingrid and Anders' tent is only active during the "Rise and Shine" checkpoint.

  • Sean can look at Ingrid and Anders' tent. (Comment: "These guys have top gear… Wish I did.")

After talking to Ingrid when she is sitting by the fire during the "Paradise Lost" checkpoint, Sean can find the fifth collectible souvenir.

  • Sean can look at Ingrid and Anders' Stuff. (Comment: Look: "Oooo, sweet!"
    Pick Up: "Better take it before it ends up in the trash…")


  • During the Paradise Lost episode checkpoint, the beers that were stored outside Ingrid and Anders' tent in the red plastic crate earlier have been used. Empty box parts are now visible in the crate.