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Jason Pike is a resident of the town of Haven Springs in Life is Strange: True Colors.


Although Pike takes his job as a sheriff's deputy seriously, he is shown to have a sense of humor, to which he plays a prank on Alex by pretending to arrest her. However, he also fears Typhon, which pushes him to supporting the rogue company to avoid any unwanted consequences from them and acts roughly towards others to defend himself. Should Alex remove his fear, he will no longer show these characteristics and becomes more supportive towards Alex.




As of 2019, Pike has been sheriff deputy for 8 years.

Chapter 1: Side A

Pike comes into the Black Lantern to seemingly arrest Alex, but reveals that he is just joking around. Alex can later optionally ask him the whereabouts of Duckie's missing wine.

Chapter 2: Lanterns

Alex has the option to talk to Pike while on the streets. Pike can later be seen among the people watching the sky lantern dedicated to Gabe.

Chapter 4: Flicker

At the start of the chapter, Alex calls Pike to arrange a meeting to reveal her discoveries in Diane's stolen drive. When meeting Pike, he arrests her and brings her to the police station, revealing that Diane is charging her for stealing her flash drive and gives her an affidavit to sign so she won't receive consequences. When Alex protests, Pike reveals that he is aware of Diane and Typhon's actions, but is too scared to do anything about it because Typhon is really powerful. If Alex chooses to sign the affidavit, Pike's fear will disappear and he will let her go, but won't support her any further. If Alex removes Pike's fear, he will agree to help Alex and she will be allowed to leave without signing the affidavit.

Chapter 5: Side B

Pike is one of the characters attending a meeting at the Black Lantern to vote for Typhon's support before they are interrupted by Alex, who exposes Jed and Diane's crimes. Depending on her past choices, Pike may or may not support her.

During Gabe's future visions, Pike may appear in the Black Lantern.

If Alex chooses to leave Haven Springs, Pike can potentially be seen watching Alex leave either alone, with Ryan, or with Steph.

Memorable Quotes

"You can hate me if you want. Call me a coward. But I don't want to lose you like we lost Gabe."
— To Alex, Chapter 4: Flicker.