Jean-Maxime Moris is one of the founding partners of Dontnod Entertainment, which was founded on June 2, 2008. He was the creative director working on Life is Strange.

On his LinkedIn profile, it's stated that he "co-grew a 5-person dream into a 100+ studio workforce and defined its creative DNA."

Career Edit

  • Directed Remember Me (released in June 2013)
    • Incubated, federated and directed the creative vision and game design, from conception to gold master, working closely with design, art, narrative, audio and music leads.
    • Handled external communication of the vision: 200+ live presentations and interviews with publishers and journalists.
    • Established game positioning and communicated vision to Capcom; oversaw internal production of marketing assets and worked closely with publisher/agencies for external ones.

Life is Strange Edit

  • Handled creative direction on Life is Strange.
  • Directed vision and pitched new concepts to publishers, handled media communication.
  • Managed dedicated game directors.

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