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Jedediah "Jed" Lucan, also known as his former shared nickname "Helldiver", is the owner of the Black Lantern bar and the main antagonist of Life is Strange: True Colors. The beloved fatherly figure of the people in Haven Springs, Jed is in fact a mentally deranged sociopath and co-inspires with multiple illegal operatives to blow up the nearby area of Haven Springs. This is due to him causing the deaths of multiple men prior to the events of the game, after forcing them to work in a collapsing mineshaft as he saved himself. Jed causes the death of Gabe Chen, setting the events of the game in motion.


Jed is usually a caring, loving man to the citizens of Haven Springs. Known as the town hero, Jed uses his positive reputation to gain the trust of the people around him. In actuality, Jed is a cowardly man who desperately wants to bury a past filled with lies, deception, and death.

After Alex Chen comes close to finding out the truth about his past misdeeds, Jed becomes desperate and lures her out into the woods at night where he reveals a colder side to himself as he proceeds to shoot her in the head (but the shot only grazes her), which drops her down a mineshaft. When Alex uses her powers on Jed at the end however, it’s revealed that he harbors an immense amount of guilt over the lives he could have prevented from being lost, as well as his role in trying to cover them up. He subsequently breaks down into tears over everything he’s done, and is then arrested.


Jed is a older man with a neatly trimmed beard and mustache. Despite his age, he keeps himself in very good shape and is very confident. In a image from the Black Lantern, it shows him posing with an army team, and he does not have his beard. He normally wears a red plaid shirt and baggy blue jeans.


Twelve years before the events of the game, Jed had lead a team of miners into the mountains to expand. Despite the soil becoming too wet to hold up, Jed refused to relent, which proved to be a grave mistake. Soon after, a pipe burst, trapping seven of the men inside a rapidly flooding cave. Instead of trying to save them, Jed chose to abandon them and leave with the surviving men, leaving the trapped men to die, including Alex and Gabe's father, John. Wracked with the guilt born from his cowardliness, he made a secret deal with a rogue mining company called Typhon to cover up the events and closed the mine to prevent anyone from learning the truth, as well as lying to the townsfolk that he had saved his men from the flood and was hailed as a hero.

Chapter 1: Side A[]

Alex and Gabe eventually meet Jed, who tells them about the upcoming Spring Festival before the two head for the Black Lantern.

Alex later meets Jed down in the bar. After giving Charlotte something to eat, Jed asks Alex if she can fill in for Gabe. She can agree or tell him that she has never served before. If she agrees to help, Jed instructs her to talk to Steph, Diane Jacobs and Reginald McCallister III (nicknamed Duckie), and to clean a table. Once all three tasks are done, Alex returns to Jed, who will tell her whether she did well or not so well.

While at the mines, Alex learns that the mine collapsed a long time ago, but Jed (who was the foreman) saved all the miners and Jed is hailed as a hero, but is unaware that this story is a lie.

Chapter 2: Lanterns[]

Jed is seen mourning Gabe's death alongside Ryan, Charlotte, Duckie, Alex, Steph, Pike, Mac, and Riley. A heated argument breaks out, eventually enraging Jed into ordering everyone to leave.

While attempting to find Mac, Jed tells Alex that Mac may be at Lethe Flowers, but tells her that she may not get the answer she’s looking for. Jed gives her the key to the bar and advises her to go to the Silver Dragon to talk to Charlotte.

Jed is one of the people watching the sky lantern dedicated to Gabe.

Chapter 3: Monster or Mortal[]

Jed is seen sitting at a table where Alex has the option to talk to him. In the 3 weeks after Gabe died, he had offered Alex to use the apartment with free rent for a few months; this was so she can work and earn money.

Jed later takes part in the LARP playing as King Tabor. He gives a speech and sits while Alex goes off. He acts as the final boss.

Chapter 4: Flicker[]

Alex will find Jed talking to people in the Spring Festival.

He had responded to a MyBlock post where a promotion occurred for the Brown Bear Diner.

After Alex then returns to her apartment, she finds a note from Jed asking her to come find him. She then does so and heads downstairs. Once there, she sits down at the counter where Jed reveals that he found out about her arrest. She then tells him about Typhon's scheme and that Typhon is responsible for Gabe's murder. Jed reveals that he knows what Typhon is hiding and decides to show her instead of telling her.

Jed then takes Alex to a mine shaft out near the mines, which houses the secret that Typhon is trying to cover up. Jed then pulls out a gun, revealing that he and Typhon are working together. He had made a deal with Typhon to cover up this secret so to hide the truth of Jed's past, which he feels guilty for. Because he couldn't get Alex's mind off of it, he had no choice but to get rid of her to ensure that she cannot find out about the truth and reveal it to the public. Unable to talk Jed out of this, Alex takes a stand towards him, forcing him to pull the trigger, shooting Alex in the head and causing her to fall down the shaft. Unbeknownst to him, the gunshot actually missed Alex's head.

Chapter 5: Side B[]

Jed hosts a meeting at the Black Lantern along with Diane to vote for Typhon's support, but they are interrupted by Alex. Jed is shocked seeing that Alex had survived his attempt to kill her while Alex glares back at him. She then tells everyone the truth and what really happened at the mine. Jed and Diane try to defend themselves by dismissing her claims as nonsense. Alex eventually enters Nova where the entire room goes dark with only Jed being visible. Alex has a long, tearful talk with Jed, who will remain silent. She comes to see that Jed felt guilty for being forced to abandon the miners and had to lie to everyone to avoid getting in trouble with the public. Afterwards, she can either choose to forgive Jed for what he did or condemn him for his sins. No matter what is picked, Jed will sink to his knees in remorse and begin to cry.

A radio announcement later reveals that Jed has been arrested for his crimes. He's been placed in the San Miguel County Prison, in addition to being under 24-hour suicide watch in the fear that he might try to harm himself.


Although he does not physically appear, he sends Steph a champagne bottle to celebrate the New Year.

Memorable Quotes[]

"I'm sorry, kid."
— Jed to Alex



  • Ryan Lucan – (Son) - Although not much is known about their relationship, they may have cared for each other as a family. However, Ryan is completely unaware of his father's crimes until the end of Chapter 5. It is unknown how that affected their relationship, but since Jed was willing to put his own son in harm's way, it is presumed that Ryan may have severed ties with him.


  • Ann Lucan – (Wife) – Jed is widowed. During a past Spring Festival, Jed proposed to Ann in front of a crowd, with Ann telling him he "just had to go and make a scene," though ultimately saying yes very happily. Throughout their marriage he used to call Ann "Babydoll". By the time their son, Ryan, was born in 1993 he and Ann were "so much older" than he thought they'd be.




  • Jed's antagonism is similar to Mark Jefferson's, as they are both villains who at first appear to be a nice person before revealing their true colors at the end of the fourth episode. Unlike Jefferson, who's a confirmed psychopath, Jed is genuinely remorseful and will only resort to killing if he believes he has no other choice.
    • They both used guns when revealing their true nature to the protagonist. The only difference is that Jefferson used a gun to kill Chloe instead of Max (which he subdued with drugs) while Jed simply used a gun, but failed to kill Alex.
  • It is unknown how Jed and Ryan's relationship was affected after Alex exposes the truth, but one can presume that their relationship was shattered after that.
  • Prior to his villainous reveal, there were several moments foreshadowing Jed's true role:
    • In Typhon's files on the town council, Jed was labeled as someone who would easily work with them on the upcoming vote, indirectly referencing the deal they made to cover up his secret.
    • When Diane Jacobs' USB stick containing evidence of Typhon's shady actions goes missing, Jed becomes proactive in finding it. Though it appears as him just being a friendly neighbor, it really hints at his ulterior motives.
    • During the town-wide LARP, Jed first appears playing the role of the noble King Tabor before being revealed as the LARP's final boss (Stormwrither or Carvius), which is exactly how Jed first appears as a helpful guide and father figure to Alex before being revealed as the game's villain.