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"Listen, if you wanna be an artist... you will be. It's not always easy, but in the end it's pretty fucking cool." — Joan advising Sean Diaz in "Wolves"

Joan Marcus is one of the members of Away, an Arizonan community where Karen Reynolds settled down in following her divorce. She appears in Episode 5 of Life is Strange 2.




Joan wears a rainbow-patterned leather vest over a dirty white shirt, jean shorts, and worn yellow sandals. She also wears a red, patterned bandanna over her bald head, safety glasses around her neck, a chain necklace with several metal trinkets attached, and purple gloves with "ЯIR" written in yellow on their wrists. She has elaborate tattoos inked onto her chest and upper arms.


According to herself, Joan originally did not plan on becoming an artist and resisted the urge to become one until she eventually did so. After she began successfully selling her artwork, Joan decided to join Away after seeing the people around her turn into "smiling sharks" at the sight of her success.

Episode Five - "Wolves"

Upon arriving back at Away, Sean Diaz can find Joan building artwork with the help of Daniel Diaz's telekinesis by her caravan, where she will reassure Sean about his potential to become an artist before asking him to help decide how to build her new sculpture. If he accepts, Joan has Sean stand atop a platform and tell Daniel how he should design the sculpture using his telekinesis. Afterwards, the three step back and admire their work before Sean leaves.

While preparing to leave Away, Sean can find Joan admiring their sculpture from the previous day with Daniel. If he decides to speak with her before they leave, she gives them a wooden wolf carving to "help him remember the artist inside." As Sean and Daniel leave in Karen's truck, Joan hugs Karen from behind and comforts her as she tears up.

If Sean decided to surrender to the police and Daniel obliged, fifteen years later, Karen can be seen wearing Joan's rainbow vest.


  • Karen Reynolds - Joan enjoys spending her evenings playing board games and talking with Karen, which Sean notes reminds him of his and Lyla's friendship. Years later, Karen can be seen wearing Joan's rainbow vest. [TBC]
  • Sean Diaz - [TBC]
  • Daniel Diaz - [TBC]


"Only dumbasses think they know everything. It's okay to not know stuff... Don't worry so much about the outcome... An artist has to take a leap of faith about every other week..."
— Joan to Sean in "Wolves" (determinant)
"- Looking good! What's your secret?
- Defying Death on a daily basis. And hydrating.
— Karen and Joan upon Karen and David's return from shopping in "Wolves"
"You can't compare yourself to him. None of us can. But what you have is a precious gift that will guide you through this cosmogonic mess if you let it."
— Joan to Sean in "Wolves" (determinant)


  • On Karen's grocery list, Joan is listed as "Jo" and is listed above the following items: shea butter, turmeric, and ibuprofen. Ibuprofen and turmeric are often used as anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relievers.
  • According to Stanley Petersen, Joan smokes pot, unlike him and Arthur.