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"You've been out of the garden for three weeks now, we talk every day... I can see that you're a good person." — Joey to Sean in "Faith"

Joey Peterson[1] is a nurse who works at Sacred Hope Hospital in Redding, California, where Sean Diaz is a patient. He appears in Episode 4 of Life is Strange 2.


Joey is a friendly, good-natured, and considerate person, which is seen from how good he is to Sean while he is in the hospital.


Joey has short black hair with a low fade and horizontal shaved stripes, as well as a short beard and mustache. He wears a long-sleeved white t-shirt over a light blue hospital scrub shirt, which holds a pen and a stethoscope; a pair of grey pants; and grey clogs.


After Sean is taken to the hospital following the loss of his eye at Merrill's house, he is placed under the care of Joey, who bonds with him over the following weeks. While arguing with Sean over whether he should help the latter escape, Joey can mention that he has a girlfriend and "a rent to pay."

Episode Four - "Faith"[]

While Sean is under his care at the hospital, Joey comes into his room to go over some vision and depth perception tests by having Sean follow a light with his right eye and aligning two pens. Agent Flores later comes in and forces Joey to leave so she can talk to Sean in private. After Flores leaves, Joey returns to tend to Sean's damaged eye. Before leaving, he tells Sean to look in the towel he has placed on the table, which is where Sean's sketchbook is hidden.

Later at night, Sean can press the call button to summon Joey and ask him to help him escape. If Joey agrees, he'll allow Sean to knock him out with the grab bar from the bathroom to help cover Sean's tracks. If he doesn't, Sean can knock him out anyway (if he has acquired the grab bar before summoning Joey), or let him leave.



  • Unnamed girlfriend - While arguing with Sean over whether he should help the latter escape, Joey can mention that he has a girlfriend and a rent to pay.


  • Sean Diaz - When Sean was sent to the Sacred Hope Hospital after the events at the pot farm, Joey has been the nurse assigned to take care of him. Since then, the two have been on very good terms with Sean saying that Joey was the only one he could trust at that point. Joey could help Sean escape the hospital if the latter passes both vision tests, even though he is reluctant to do so.

Memorable Quotes[]

"Uh oh... there's that smile!"
— Joey to Sean before giving him chocolate in "Faith"
"Look out, I have to guard the guard now... haha, love it!"
— Joey to Sean in "Faith"
"Clearly, I'm no therapist, but... I have nursed patients with your injury... they all turned their anger into energy. You will, too. Plus, the glass eye tech is pretty cool now... Things change, Sean."
— Joey to Sean in "Faith"
"Look, it's not fair to ask me to give up my job and my life to maybe possibly help you escape."
— Joey to Sean in "Faith" (determinant)
"You really want me to help you break out of here? So what happens to me? I lose my job, go to jail... I have a girlfriend, a rent to pay, a future..."
— Joey to Sean in "Faith" (determinant)



  1. Surname revealed in the credits to Episode 4.