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Jun Chen, better known as John, is the late father of protagonist Alex Chen in Life is Strange: True Colors.


According to Alex, her father, John, wasn't a totally nice guy. It's implied that he loved his wife more than his children, but still did his best to care for his family. However, after Wendy's death, it all went downhill for John as he struggled to support his family as a single father or keep a job, which got him into constant, intense arguments with his eldest son, Gabe. After accidentally elbowing his daughter in the face, he gives up his role as a father and abandons both his children for CPS.

Years later, Alex found a locket her mother gave her before she died, which John took for himself, and had pictures of Alex and Gabe inside. This implies that he did care for his children deep down.



Chapter 5: Side B

In Alex's first flashback, John exits Wendy's hospital room and scolds Alex and Gabe. He sits next to Alex and tells her to check on her mother. Alex's flashback restarts and the sequence plays out again. When Alex tries to talk to her mother, she enters a coughing fit, and John tells Alex to give her water.

In Alex's second flashback, John and Gabe can be seen arguing outside of her family's apartment. When Alex puts on her headphones, the two burst through the front door and continue to argue until the flashback restarts. John and Gabe are once again seen arguing outside. Alex prepares to open the door, but before she can open it, John and Gabe angrily enter, where Gabe then tells Alex that John has been laid off. They continue to argue until Alex unsuccessfully intervenes and John accidentally hits Alex. John then packs a backpack and prepares to leave, when Alex throws Wendy's pendant at him, which he leaves with. John abandons Gabe and Alex in the apartment.

In Alex's third flashback, the camera pans along the top bunk of Alex's orphanage bunk bed, revealing letters that Alex tried to send John after her abandonment.

Sometime after abandoning Gabe and Alex, John got a job as a miner working for Jed. An accident causes John to be killed in the mine along with six other miners. Alex later finds Wendy's pendant after learning what happened to her father.






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