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"It's not like I wanna do this... The people I deal with are worse. But if you rip me off, you rip them off. Then I pay. I have a family to look after, too. I gotta protect them first." — Merrill to Finn in "Wastelands" (determinant)

Jonathan Merrill[1], better known as Merrill, is the owner of the cannabis plantation and an antagonist in Episode 3: Wastelands of Life is Strange 2.


Merrill is shown to be a rather cold, argumentative, and rather strict individual. He harshly puts down and demands much of the people who work on his pot farm. He also shows tendencies of lacking the ability to seek forgiveness, as making "one too many mistakes", can get him to teach you a lesson. This also showcases him as abusive and threatening, given his implied connections to criminals because of his illegal business.

Displayed to care a great deal about his family, if their well being is ever threatened in his eyes, Merrill shows no issue resorting to violence if it means keeping them safe and protected. When pushed to that point, it's hard to talk him back to logic and reason.


Merrill is a bald African American man with a dark black beard. He wears a necklace, a black shirt with some jeans, and also glasses. 


Merrill has a twelve-year-old daughter living in New York. Although he rarely gets to visit her, he continues to work on the cannabis farm because she needs the money he provides her with. If Sean asks whether he finds it hard, Merrill assures him that "it won't be forever".

Merrill works for a man named Teddy, who is implied to have a short temper[2] and constantly pushes up their deadlines.[3]

Episode Three - "Wastelands"

Merrill appears when he gives out assignments to Sean, Daniel, Cassidy, Finn and the other group members at the cannabis plantation. As the others begin working, Merrill moves Sean aside and warns him that he will fire him and Daniel if they mess up.

The following morning, as he is about to give Finn, Cassidy, and Sean their weekly payment, Big Joe catches Daniel sneaking into the back room. Merrill decides not to pay his employees for the week and fires Sean and Daniel. Before leaving, he orders Big Joe to deal with Daniel.

Later that night, he catches Sean, Daniel, and Finn (and Cassidy, depending on Sean's choices) breaking into his house and at gunpoint, forces them on their knees. Big Joe will join him if Sean didn't sabotage his vehicles. During the confrontation, he may kill Finn, shoot Daniel in the shoulder, or get tackled by Sean before being knocked out by Daniel's powers. The next day, he is seen unconscious along with the others, except Daniel, who has fled with his money.

Episode Four - "Faith"

Merrill survived the events that occurred at his house in Humboldt County but critically injured and under arrest by the FBI and local police. A mugshot of Merrill can be looked at by Sean and his full name is listed.

If Finn was killed in Episode 3, Merrill will be at the same hospital Sean is held in. Sean can spot Merrill sleeping in a hospital bed while he’s escaping.



  • Unnamed daughter (12) - Living in New York, Merrill doesn't see her often.


  • Big Joe - Hired muscle and driver, proficient with guns.
  • Finn - Finn is one of Merrill's most trusted workers, having made a deal to work with him and Hannah sometime in the past. He admires Finn's work ethic, exemplified by him saving the pots in the greenhouse from the wreckage of a storm; however, he dislikes the drifter's tendency to crack jokes.
  • Cassidy, Hannah, Penny - Finn's gang of drifters, repeat workers. According to Penny, Merrill takes care of his workers and protects them from the police in exchange for putting them to work every season.
  • Jacob - Though he initially thought the drifter "wouldn't last a day", Merrill came to appreciate Jacob's work around the farm. Despite this, he seems to frequently have trouble remembering Jacob's name.
  • Sean Diaz, Daniel Diaz - Recommended by Finn, only Sean is considered a paid worker. Though he sympathizes with Sean's desire to protect his brother due to having his own child to protect, Merrill keeps him on a short leash and immediately fires him upon finding Daniel sneaking into his living room. After finding them in his house, Merrill admonishes Sean for involving his brother in the heist and putting him in danger. Merrill does not seem to be aware of the brothers' situation, as he harshly tells Daniel that "[his] dad should tell [him] to keep [his] mouth shut".
  • Ingrid, Anders - Europeans who ran out of money while travelling across the country.


  • Teddy - Never seen, he drives Merrill for results.

Memorable Quotes

"HEY! You guys still don't get it. This is work, not a goddamn summer camp. You're not special. There are dozens of hippies like yourselves begging for work at the next town. [to Daniel] Kid, your dad should teach you to shut your mouth."
— Merrill to his workers in "Wastelands"
"Next time your brother fucks up, you're both gone asap. Look. I'm not trying to bust your balls, but this is a pot farm and he's a fucking kid. You hear me?"
— Merrill to Sean in "Wastelands"
"I know. Ain't no place for children. That's why I keep mine in New York."
— Merrill to Sean in "Wastelands" (determinant)
"I thought you were different... smart. But you're a real dumbass for getting the kid involved... And you're teaching him how to steal. Thief and brother of the year. Nice! Whew, what now... You all really fucked up. I can't just let this slide. I can't... You're young but you can learn from mistakes... That doesn't mean your lesson's gonna be easy... or painless."
— Merrill to Sean in "Wastelands"


  • In Episode 3, Sean can discover a collectible souvenir in the form of a ballpoint pen during the trimming minigame. The words "NYC Law School Alumni" are written on the pen. As the trimming takes place in Merrill's quarters, and as Merrill has family in New York, it seems likely that this pen belongs to him and that he was once a law student. The juxtaposition of a lawful background with unlawful work is interesting.





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