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Josh Hopkins and Julia Crowe are residents of the town of Haven Springs in Life is Strange: True Colors. They are two of several side quest characters in the story. They are not mentioned by name, except for one line in Chapter 4: Flicker and through activity on MyBlock.


While they always appear together, they appear to act nervous around each other. Josh's invitations to go on a date with Julia are often interpreted by Julia as wanting to get together with friends.



Chapter 1: Side A

Alex can find them sitting on a bench in the alley by the dispensary. They talk about a recent concert. Josh then asks about Julia's plans for the next day. He asks if she wants to have dinner with him. She suggests inviting two other friends to join them, but Josh suggests that it be just them, a date (without saying as many words).

Chapter 2: Lanterns

Alex sees them again in the alley by the dispensary. Josh wants to get together with Julia. She invites him to a pottery class. Josh asks if they could get dinner first. She invites him to join her and a friend.

Alex can read them. Julia worries that if she tells him she likes him, they'll date and eventually break up, and she'd lose her best friend. Josh is upset that she's not getting the hint, and concludes that she's not into him.

Chapter 3: Monster or Mortal

Alex can find them (identified as Dead Guy and Weeping Girl) in the alley by the dispensary during the LARP. Josh's character has been slain by a river monster, and Julia's character is crying over it.

Chapter 4: Flicker

Alex can find them (identified as Day Drinkers) on Main Street. After briefly talking about how fun the LARP was, Josh wonders if there's still food at the Spring Festival, thinking that Julia might be hungry. Alex can read them and discover they are both romantically interested in each other. She can then say something to them to encourage them to pursue the relationship.

Chapter 5: Side B

If Alex suggested they should pursue a romantic relationship in the previous chapter, Alex will find a post on MyBlock, stating they have just started a relationship. Charlotte Harmon and Jesse Whitaker comment on the post, suggesting that it was quite obvious there was some romantic tension between the two.

They will also comment on a post from Lethe Flowers, suggesting they gave each other roses at the festival.

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