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Justin Williams is a student at Blackwell Academy during the events of Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

He originally appeared in the first game, Life is Strange.


Justin is a laid-back person; he doesn't take things seriously, and is not afraid to smoke weed in a schoolyard, even though Skip Matthews is well aware of his habit.



Episode One - "Awake"

Justin can be spotted sitting in front of the schoolyard near the parking lot with his skating board. Chloe Price can approach him and talk about the Firewalk concert as well as accuse Justin of smelling like weed. In return, Justin will pull out a deodorant spraying both himself and Chloe.

Episode Two - "Brave New World"

When Chloe gets suspended or expelled and is asked to empty out her locker, she'll see that Justin left her a note saying that he "borrowed" her stash of weed. Later in the episode, Justin sends Chloe a text message saying that he's sorry that Chloe got suspended and invites her to go skateboarding with him and Trevor to feel better.


Heyo, had to borrow your stash.
Desperate times, you know?
I PROMISE I'll get you back next week!!!


In the original Life is Strange, Justin only seems to remember Chloe as "Rachel's punk friend" and not her name, but Before the Storm shows that the two of them are friends even before Chloe brings up Rachel with Justin, and he uses her first name while texting Chloe about her weed stash.



  • Chloe Price ─ There is familiarity in the way Chloe and Justin speak, indicating they know each other quite well. Justin has a locker near Chloe, which she considers one of the few not "shitty" things about Blackwell. In Episode 2, Chloe discovers a note from Justin in her locker, stating that he "borrowed" her stash of weed.
  • Rachel Amber ─ In a conversation with Chloe, Justin mentions that Rachel helped him with algebra after he "bombed" his midterm (exam) in fall, the previous year. She tutored him for the rest of the semester, and he passed with a C+.
  • Trevor Yard ─ Justin and Trevor skateboard together.