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Life is Strange is an officially licensed, ongoing comic book series based on the video game of the same name, Life is Strange. It is published by Titan Comics and was initially launched on November 14, 2018.[1][2] Originally a four-part miniseries, it is now comprised of twenty three issues and five published volumes: Life Is Strange: Dust, Life Is Strange: Waves, Life Is Strange: Strings, Life Is Strange: Partners in Time: Tracks and Life is Strange: Coming Home. A final, sixth volume - entitled Life is Strange: Settling Dust - containing the last four issues out of the series' twenty three is set to be released on May 25 2022.

The comic is set one year after the events of the original Life is Strange, and is a continuation to one of two of the games possible endings, known as the "Sacrifice Arcadia" ending. The series is written by Emma Vieceli, with interior art by Claudia Leonardi[3] and coloring by Andrea Izzo.[4]

"Join Max & Chloe as they return to Arcadia Bay, charting the course of a possible future after one of the two endings of the game."

On November 28, 2018, the comic series was stated to be ongoing with a new story after issue #4 in Titan Comics' February 2019 solicitation.[5] On January 23, 2020, a new season called "Partners in Time" was announced.[6]

The first issue, "Life Is Strange #1" is 32 pages and sells for $3.99/3,59€/£2.49. The collection of the first story arc (Issues #1-4), called "Life Is Strange Volume 1: Dust" was released in paperback format on May 21, 2019. It is 112 pages and sells for $11.99/10,99€/£9.79.[7][8] The collection of the second arc (Issues #5-8), called "Life Is Strange Volume 2: Waves," was released in paperback format on November 20, 2019. It was originally scheduled for October 22, 2019.[9] The collection of the third arc (Issues #9-12), called "Life Is Strange Volume 3: Strings," was released in paperback format on April 21, 2020.[10] The collection of the Fourth arc (Issues #13-16), called "Life Is Strange Volume 4: Tracks," was released in paperback format on April 13, 2021.[11] The collection of the Fifth arc (Issues #17-18), called "Life Is Strange Volume 5: Strings," was released in paperback format on November 2, 2021.[12]

There are 8 different cover variants for the first issue, 4 for the second, 3 for the third and 3 for the fourth.[13] There are 6 different cover variants for the fifth issue, 3 for the sixth, 3 for the seventh and 3 for the eighth.


The following synopsis summary appears in every issue of Dust in addition to a recap of the previous issue:

"Mysteriously gifted with the power to rewind time, young photography student Max Caulfield became entangled in the dark secrets of Arcadia Bay. She used her strange new abilities to reconnect with her oldest friend, Chloe Price, and to bring to justice the men who had murdered Chloe's closest confidante, Rachel Amber. Max's temporal abilities came at a cost, however, creating a once-in-a-generation hurricane that threatened the town with total destruction, if Max didn't allow the original timeline - in which Chloe died of a gunshot wound - to play out. In one sequence of events, Max chose to save Chloe's life, sacrificing Arcadia Bay. And in a multiverse of infinite possibilities, this is one version of what happened next..."


Dust Arc

Waves Arc

Strings Arc

Partners In Time: Tracks Arc

Coming Home Arc

Settling Dust Arc

Free Comic Book Day

  • Tristan
  • Steph Gingrich
  • Alex Chen

Dust Arc

First Issue

The first issue was released on November 14, 2018.[14]

After recapping the "Sacrifice Arcadia" ending of the original Life is Strange, Max sits on a cliff contemplating her choice.

Next, Max is in Seattle in 2014, meeting up with Dex, Dwight, Pixie, and Tammi at The Bean Barn to have hot drinks and share photos. During their discussion, they are interrupted by a news coverage on Arcadia Bay.

Chloe brings Max into a bathroom to talk. Chloe makes note of the news coverage and mentions that the storm and its destruction are being used to cover up for the real events that happened involving Mr. Jefferson and Nathan.

Max and Chloe are invited to The High Seas' concert at The Bean Barn the next day. Before entering, Max and Chloe realize that Max no longer has control over her time travel powers. Inside, Chloe temporarily disappears and Max tries to find her. Chloe eventually decides they need to go back to Arcadia Bay after Max collapses.

Second Issue

On December 1, 2018, the second issue was announced to release on January 2, 2019. In a previous Titan Comics' Solicitation, it was originally scheduled for December 19, 2018.[15]"Life Is Strange #2", Dust

Max and Chloe drive towards Arcadia Bay while talking about their situation. Their truck breaks down and Chloe manages to repair it eventually. Shifts in the timeline are seen to occur in subtle visual details during these scenes (see Trivia section). Chloe also states she is fetching different things from her truck to repair it, confusing Max ("oil can" / "toolkit"). Max's nose bleeds and she wipes it, unnoticed by Chloe.

As they arrive, Arcadia Bay is being restored by the Nathan Prescott Foundation. Max notices a deer, which Chloe subsequently scares away.

When they get to the diner, Max begins to break down about the deaths caused by the storm, while Chloe tries to reassure her that they can't know if they are at fault. Max then sees the diner intact in presumably a different timeline and walks towards it.

Inside the diner, Max and "another" Chloe talk to Dana with a baby in a stroller. Original Chloe eventually grabs Max's hand and is later brought into Max's timeline, where Dana mentions her mother. Back in the original timeline, Chloe tells Max about thinking her mother was there and Max mentions Dana. Chloe realizes what's happening to Max as she somehow experienced an alternative timeline with Max and becomes distressed. Max tries to apologize leading to Chloe saying it's not always about her, but also apologizing afterwards.

Chloe decides to go into her mother's house, suggesting to try to find a chance to say goodbye. Max then sees a timeline where Joyce is alive mourning over Chloe but them holding hands doesn't make Chloe see her. When Max asks Joyce about Chloe, Joyce expresses that she doesn't think Chloe's ghost would be around her house. Chloe asks Max to tell Joyce that she is sorry and loves her. Max does so, and hugs Joyce, who then replies she loves her. Back in the original timeline, Chloe thanks Max. Max's nose starts to bleed and she says she doesn't think that was the "fix".

Third Issue

The third issue was released on January 30, 2019.[16] In a previous Titan Comics' Solicitation, it was originally scheduled for January 16, 2019.[17]

The band is practicing a song, which Pixie eventually reveals to be about Max and Chloe. Pixie texts Chloe, who is in her former room with Max. They discuss yesterday's "ghostly" meeting with Joyce until a blue bird flies into the room through the window. (TBC)

Fourth Issue

The fourth issue was released on February 27, 2019.[18][19]

Max has a vision in her sleep of other realities where she exists. In one of these, she appears to be in a relationship with Chloe and notes that they both look happy. She goes to touch it as if wanting to jump into that reality but turns around to see another option where Chloe is in a relationship with Rachel. Max ponders the question about what Chloe actually wants as she goes to touch the reality where Chloe and Rachel are a couple.

But she suddenly wakes to Chloe worrying about her, saying they should go back to Seattle. It is night, and they are resting on the bed of Chloe's truck as it is parked up on a cliff edge near to the lighthouse. Max asks Chloe if she believes in multiple realities, and Chloe says she thinks she always did. Max lists some of the realities that she thinks exist, which includes a Max who didn't save Chloe's life, a Max who never came back to Arcadia Bay, a Max who never left... Chloe interrupts to say that there's also a Chloe who is waiting for her best friend to come home, a Chloe who ran to L.A., and a Chloe who is able to speak her emotions out loud. Max suddenly asks Chloe if she loved Rachel as more than a friend, catching Chloe off guard. They start to have a serious conversation about what they mean to each other, and Chloe says she's not even been able to think about it, and Max agrees, even though she says she wants to think about it. Chloe suggests it would be different if they were in another reality where they aren't carrying a ton of baggage and where their lives are normal. The conversation is suddenly interrupted by Max experiencing a "flicker."

Max can't seem to stop the flicker and says it hurts, much to Chloe's concern. The flicker shows Max and Chloe a timeline where Max's gravestone is along the cliff edge near to the truck, with the dates 1998-2008 displayed. The headstone is decorated with a pirate ship design, and a pirate hat rests on top of the stone with Max's old camera lying on the ground in front. Max wonders if she had been in the car with William in that timeline. Chloe begs her to snap out of it, and Max finally comes around. Chloe is frustrated that Max interrupted their serious conversation with a flicker but also worried. Max explains to Chloe that she doesn't think they are visions so much as windows to other realities. She feels them pulling at her, getting stronger, and starts crying as she tells Chloe she doesn't want them to take her away from her but doesn't know how to stop them. Max is now convinced she is being pushed out of this reality like she doesn't belong and that it's like there's another Max who wants her universe back. Max asks Chloe for a moment alone to think, and Chloe kisses her forehead and tells her she'll be waiting in the truck.

Max appears to drift off to sleep as she hugs her knees against her chest. When she wakes, her nose is bleeding. Max heads back to the truck to wake Chloe, saying she wants to do something before they sleep. Under cover of darkness, they head to the Blackwell Academy campus where Max has the intention to scrawl on the Prescott memorial that's due to be unveiled in the morning. As they both crouch down to lift the covering on the memorial, Chloe tells Max she needs to say something. She thanks Max, not just for literally saving her life but for everything she has done to save her life over the past year. She tells Max there's no way she could have coped without her and is stronger because of Max's presence in her life, also adding that she feels strong enough to let Max go if she has to. Chloe tells Max to stop fighting whatever is pulling at her, because she loves her too much to see her hurting. Max tells Chloe it's not fair that they've both spent a year trying to come to terms with the destruction caused by the storm, who they both are, and how they both feel, only to have the timelines turn on them just as they are getting somewhere. Chloe reassures Max that the year has been well spent growing together, coping together, making new friends and a life, and that this is already a year more than she would have had if Max had not saved her. She figures out that Max wants to leave a mark on the memorial to see what happens to it once she leaves the timeline. Chloe then tells Max to remember this... and kisses her.

It is morning, and we see Max and Chloe's friends Dex, Dwight, Pixie, and Tammi arrive at the memorial at Blackwell Academy. Max and Chloe are sitting somewhere in front of the main campus, talking about what Max is going to do next. Max holds onto a photo that she thinks will let her gain access to what she has started calling the "transect" (a temporal crossroads of windows to different realities that she can choose to visit). Chloe asks which reality Max is planning on choosing, but Max isn't sure, saying she will know when she sees it as the pull is getting stronger. Max rests her head on Chloe's shoulder and says she wishes they could stay like this forever as she focuses on the photo and starts to fade away. Chloe says that somewhere out there, they do. Then Chloe is left sitting alone, vowing that she won't waste the life Max gave her and that the sacrifices they both made won't be wasted. Crying, she says that if there is a Max Caulfield in the reality Max has left her alone in, she will find her.

Chloe then receives a text from her friends, Dex, Dwight, Pixie, and Tammi to say that they have arrived at the memorial if Chloe needs them, and Chloe smiles at this, knowing that she is not fully alone.

At the "transect," Max vows in answer to Chloe that she won't waste her life, either. She looks at all of the many possible realities as she thinks about how Chloe has always been her anchor and believes that, wherever she finds herself, Chloe will be there. But Max thinks about how, for all of Chloe's life, it seems choices have been made for her, and Max doesn't feel any less guilty for her own part in this. Max decides that the reality she chooses to live in will be the one that is Chloe's choice, not hers.

Max arrives at Santa Monica Beach, L.A., in the same time period of 2014. She sees Chloe and Rachel Amber in bikinis, playing with a beach ball. Chloe is surprised and happy to see her. It seems the reality Max has chosen to live in is one where Chloe had wished Max and Rachel had met and could all be best friends together.

The comic issue then ends on the phrase, "This action will have consequences...", which may or may not mean the equivalent of, "To be continued."

Waves Arc

Fifth Issue

The fifth issue was released on May 29, 2019.[20]

Santa Monica, 2016. Max is sitting in Paul’s cafe when she sees a man in a black hoodie enter the store. Chloe enters and sits down besides Max, explaining that she spent her morning working on a car at the auto shop. Max wipes some car grease from Chloe’s face and both girls feel a sense of deja vu from a similar event in the other timeline. Meanwhile, the man in the hoodie steals Paul’s tip jar.

At apartment Rachel was recording and blog Amber lifetime they conversation. And making pasta. Max Miss original Chloe that she always remember her past time. The max makes the decision to make the go back in time to go to see Rachel and Chloe in that time since they are together since before or after Rachel was not in the darkroom Max see the guy that Paul shop and the guy was just a key of nowhere As introduced as Perry that Chloe was working her break that she listened the high seas band. Sure, their conversation about the Rachel that you was not happy the Rachel want to become an actor after the done talkin Chloe want to share Max Art Commission of Her masterpiece Rachel was coming back in bed she has a author of play Shakespeare that she's going to Away by 6 months after they complained that Rachel's going to leave but Chloe don't want to leave her alone. Max left beside the apartment went to the beach and the same God who was there standing there that Max was confusing that it was flicker or something was disappear after the guy passed by the black Colt as ask Kristen what's disappear that Max was confusing and it will never happen again that her powers react might happen again (to be continued)


Sixth Issue

The sixth issue was released on June 26, 2019.[21]


Seventh Issue

The seventh issue was released on July 24, 2019.[22]


Eighth Issue

The eighth issue was released on August 21, 2019.[23]


Strings Arc

Ninth Issue

The ninth issue was released on October 16, 2019.[24]


Tenth Issue

The tenth issue was released on November 13, 2019.[25]


Eleventh Issue

The eleventh issue was released on December 11, 2019.[26]


Twelfth Issue

The twelfth issue was released on January 15, 2020.[27]


Partners In Time Tracks Season

Tracks Arc

Thirteenth Issue (2.1)

The thirteenth issue (2.1) was released on October 14th, 2020.[28]


Fourteenth Issue (2.2)

The fourteenth issue (2.2) was released on November 18th, 2020.[29]


Fifteenth Issue (2.3)

The fifteenth issue (2.3) was released on December 16th, 2020.[30]


Sixteenth Issue (2.4)

The sixteenth issue (2.4) was released on January 20th, 2021.[31]


Coming Home

Seventeenth Issue (3.1)

The seventeenth issue (3.1) was released on July 7, 2021.[32]


Eighteenth Issue (3.2)

The eighteenth issue (3.2) was released on August 4, 2021.[33]


Settling Dust

Nineteenth Issue (4.1)

The nineteenth issue was released on October 13, 2021.[34]


Twentieth Issue (4.2)

The twentieth issue was released on November 10, 2021.[35]


Twenty-First Issue (4.3)

The twenty-first issue was released on December 29, 2021.[36]


Twenty-Second Issue (4.4)

The twenty-second issue was released on March 9, 2022.[37]


“Free Comic Book Day” Issue

The special issue given out on Free Comic Book Day was released on May 1 2021 in physical form. [38]

Digital copies of the issue were released on October 11 2021. [39]


Life is Strange Comic Collection

Life is Strange Vol. 1: Dust was released on May 22, 2019.[40]

Life is Strange Vol. 2: Waves was released on November 20, 2019.[41]

Life Is Strange Vol. 3: Strings was released on April 8, 2020.[42]

Life is Strange: 1-3 Boxed Set Hardcover was released on November 6, 2020.[43]

Life is Strange Vol. 4: Tracks was released on April 7, 2021.[44]

Life is Strange Vol. 5: Coming Home was released on November 3, 2021.[45]

Life is Strange Vol. 6: Settling Dust will be released on May 25, 2022.[46]




Life Is Strange Comic Series Announced. The publisher also provided an image of Blackwell Academy alongside the announcement, which will presumably serve as a setting in the comic.

"Launching with a four-part miniseries in 2018, Titan Comics’ LIFE IS STRANGE™ returns readers to the setting of Arcadia Bay, offering fans the opportunity to dive back into the story of its beloved characters."

-Excerpt from Titan Comics's press release.[47]

On May 2, 2018, store listings descriptions (below) with release date December 4, 2018 appeared that said Life Is Strange: Dust will focus on Max and Chloe's future after the events of the original game.

In an exclusive article on Polygon on October 23, 2018, it was revealed that the first issue will "catch up with them a year" after Life Is Strange's ending as "they start anew together". Character designs for 4 new original protagonists, Tammi, Dwight, Dex and Pixie were also shown.[48]

"But their new life is fragile, built on foundations that they haven’t quite processed yet, and an invitation to honor those lost in Arcadia Bay is going to force them to face what they’ve tried hard to forget."

On October 25, 2018, Forbidden Planet (and Jetpack Comics) listed an exclusive cover of the first issue for their store by Emma Vieceli and she will also sign the issue at their Cambridge store on November 17.[49]

On October 29, 2018, Titan Comic's released a trailer video with the song Look for Sympathy by Luciano Rossi, previously used for a The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit trailer.

In an exclusive article on GameSpot on November 6, 2018, a few of the first lettered pages were revealed.[50]

On November 18, 2018, the first issue was announced for a reprint with a changed cover for release with the second issue on December 19, 2018.[51]

On December 26, 2018, a preview of the second issue was showing on[52]

On February 19, 2019, Forbidden Planet (and Jetpack Comics) listed an exclusive cover variant of the Vol. 1 collection signed by Emma Vieceli.[53]

On February 20, 2019, "Life Is Strange #5" was announced with a new story arc for release on May 29.[54]

On April 7, 2019, store listings descriptions for "Life Is Strange Volume 2" with the release date October 22, 2019 appeared (below).[55][56] A few days later, the listings descriptions were changed to be more general in most stores.[57]

On May 2, 2019, Forbidden Planet (and Jetpack Comics) listed an exclusive cover of the fifth issue for their store by Emma Vieceli and she will also sign the issue at their London store on June 1.[58][59]

On May 23, 2019, a 5 page preview was made available.[60]

On May 16, 2019, Italian publisher Panini Comics announced to publish an Italian version of volume 1 for release in August 2019.[61][62]

On June 22, 2019, Panini also listed German version of volume 1 for release on August 27, 2019.[63][64]

On July 2, 2019, Russian publisher AST was listed as publisher of an Russian version of volume 1 with release in September 2019.[65]

On July 12, 2019, Emma Vieceli was interviewed on Forbidden Planet's website and some cover concepts were shown.[66]

On August 3, 2019, "Life Is Strange #9" was announced with a new story arc for release on October 16.[67]

On Februray 21 and 25, 2020, Emma Vieceli stated "for season two, myself, Titan and Square Enix have already fixed a plan for the whole season".[68][69]


The Dust collection has received 4.31 stars from 133 reviews on Goodreads as of July 12, 2019.[70]

On November 14, 2018, Titan Editor Andrew James said "We’re delighted that Life Is Strange #1 has gone to a second printing so quickly. The reaction from fans has been overwhelming since we released our first glimpse at the covers, not to mention our comic book teaser trailer."[51]

Writer's View

With the announcement, Writer Emma Vieceli shared "some personal words" on the comic:

"Like so many players all over the world, I fell hard for Max and her story from the release of episode one, and every chapter brought more heartache, tears and emotional rollercoasters. One of the wonders of the series is that every player may have taken Max and Chloe on a unique journey, and so distilling their possible futures into one mini-series is a huge thing. Importantly, as with the game, it must always be remembered that what we’re creating here is one possibility out of many. I’m excited with the story we’ve opted for, and I hope readers will be too!"[3]

On October 23, 2018, in an exclusive article on Polygon, Vieceli says:

"But their new life is fragile, built on foundations that they haven’t quite processed yet, and an invitation to honor those lost in Arcadia Bay is going to force them to face what they’ve tried hard to forget."[48]

On November 7, Emma Vieceli gave her assurance to fans that the comics are not to be thought of as a true continuation of the original game:

"LiS is such an inspiring game. It's why I was so keen from the get-go to explain that this comic is A story. not THE story.[sic]"

Prior Store Listings

A listing of a comic collection called "Life Is Strange Collection" written by Emma Vieceli and published by Titan Comics for release on December 4, 2018 appeared in online stores such as on May 2, 2018.[71][72][73] A few days later, the listings were removed from most stores and the Amazon listing's text was changed to be more general. The release date was also changed to March 19, 2019 and later to April 30, 2019.

Original Collection listing's description (May 2, 2018):

"Life Is Strange Collection Releasing December 4, 2018

A thrilling, time-twisting game-changer; an unexpected, emotional rollercoaster ride! A brand new comics story in the beloved Life Is Strange universe - following Max and Chloe into a bold potential future!

In the videogame Life Is Strange, aspiring photographer Max Caulfield returned to her hometown of Arcadia Bay in order to attend the prestigious Blackwell Academy.
There, in response to a shocking and violent event, Max developed superhuman time travelling powers.
Powers that brought her back into contact with her former best friend, Chloe Price.
Powers that thrust her into conflict with all manner of threats - personal, parental, and supernatural.
Powers that led to a final, fatal decision with epic consequences - an impossible hurricane that swept into the Bay, as Max's temporal tinkering with cause and effect bore deadly fruit!

Following on from one of two possible endings of the game, Life Is Strange: Dust takes the saga of Max and Chloe into a new and uncertain future, in an all-new comic strip adventure.

No matter which ending you chose, this deep dive into Max and Chloe's potential future will thrill, shock, and surprise you all over again.

You thought Max and Chloe's story was over? Their trials are only beginning!

And in the end, dust will be all that remains...

Paperback: 112 pages"

Original Volume 2 listing's description (April 7, 2019):

Life Is Strange Volume 2
Releasing October 22, 2019

On the shore of an unfamiliar reality, Max has landed in a world too good to be true. Rachel, the girl who suffered a terrible fate in Max's reality, is alive and well, and with Chloe. Both of them are starting a new life to call their own in Los Angeles.

Three years have passed since the events of Dust, and although Max is struggling to understand what brought her here, all is well. But then a mysterious young man, Tris, appears, with his own secrets to be uncovered... Tris keeps disappearing and reappearing in the oddest of places. Could he be an echo from a different timeline, or is this something new?

With both the future and the past uncertain, Max's blissful world she has found herself in is about to open up to some harsh realities and surprising revelations, all thanks to a mysterious boy named Tristan.

Square Enix Involvement

When asked about the listing's legitimacy by Reddit user firstfearer, Community Manager Toby Palm stated that he "can't confirm or deny anything" as he doesn't have the info himself and that "their partners are handling everything around the comics".

After a question about Square's involvement, he clarified the following: "Some of the core LiS team here at SE provide feedback on bits of overall plot at certain intervals, just to make sure that it doesn't go completely off the rails, but it's not the same kind of relationship that we (SE) had with Deck Nine or DONTNOD when working on the games. To clarify - The latter "game dev" relationship being one where we work closely together on a daily basis. :)".[74]

Canon Inconsistencies

First Issue

Chloe Price appears to be right-handed in this issue. She uses her right hand to spray-paint a large mural and appears to be drinking beer from her right hand later in the issue. Chloe was confirmed to be left-handed by Co-Director Michel Koch on Twitter and she uses her left hand in a dominant way throughout the majority of the original game (i.e. smoking, drinking, shooting a gun, wrestling a weapon from somebody; keeping commonly used things [car keys, cigarettes, and money] together in the left pocket).

(Titan have been informed about the inconsistency.)


  • When viewed upside-down, the cover for issue #1 shows Max in front of the tornado. The reprinted version from December 19, 2018[75] features a changed cover; the upside-down view now shows both Max and Chloe facing the storm.[76] Titan Editor Andrew James said the change is a "lovely nod to the time-twisting storyline between the covers".[51]
  • Emma Vieceli and Claudia Leonardi previously drew fan art for Life is Strange.[77][78] Viecli worked with Square Enix on a series of "promotional images" for the game.[79]
  • Although Titan Comics have been granted a license to expand the Life is Strange universe in a different medium, the intellectual property still belongs to Square Enix. Dontnod are not involved in the comic book continuation of their original game. See this section for further clarity around SE's involvement.
  • In the first issue, there are subtle details in the panels that give away changes in the timeline. Here is an example. In regard to this, Emma Vieceli stated on her Twitter feed that, "It’s been so brilliant seeing readers of our first #lifeisstrange issue pick up on the wibbly timelines, you guys are amazing. So, bathroom scene: who spotted this one? :) I made life hard for Claudia with how subtle some shifts were & she rocked it!"
  • In the second issue, Chloe's T-shirt design is seen to change while she's inside her truck with Max and again when she's outside trying to fix her truck after it has broken down. The originally seen design appears to be a skull with trees growing out of the top and grassed-over areas. The second one we see is an Eye of Providence inside a pyramid with a red beam coming directly down from it.
  • In the first issue, the comic introduces a Seattle-based bar called "The Bean Barn", which is likely a reference to Frank Bowers and the running gag that has developed in the community surrounding his liking of beans (which originated from his line "I was eating those beans!" from Episode 3 of the original Life is Strange).

"Zombie Crypt" outfit from Before the Storm Remastered and the comics.

Life is Strange VOL

Spanning multiple timelines, and packed with twists and turns, Max and Chloe's comic book adventures pick up from one ending of the award-winning original game. Want to avoid spoilers? Go in cold with volume 1. For a hint at the story so far, check out a guide to the graphic novels available to purchase and pre-order.

Life is Strange (the game) Mysteriously gifted with the power to rewind time, photography student Max Caulfield made the fateful decision to save her oldest friend Chloe Price, from a gunshot wound. In doing so, she began to unravel a web of dark secrets and find justice for Rachel Amber, Chloe’s closest confidante, who had been murdered. Max’s abilities, however, brought about a once-in-a-generation storm which threatened to destroy Arcadia Bay, unless she were to rewind time and allow Chloe to die. In one timeline, Max chose to save Chloe once again, and sacrifice Arcadia Bay.

VOLUME 1: DUST (collects Life is Strange #1-4) A year after the destruction of Arcadia Bay, Max and Chloe are living in Seattle, with their friends in the band, The High Seas, until Max begins losing control of her powers. With Max’s power sending her flickering through alternate timelines, she and Chloe return to Arcadia Bay. But when her powers threaten to tear her apart, Max must leave Chloe and her original timeline behind, making a blind leap into an all-new reality.

VOLUME 2: WAVES (collects Life is Strange #5-8) Max arrives in a new timeline, freed from the ravages of her power in the process. But there’s a Chloe in this new reality – and also, to her surprise, a Rachel! Forced to hide her past, Max struggles to fit in, until she meets a mysterious stranger – Tristan – who has the power to phase in and out of reality.

VOLUME 3: STRINGS (collects Life is Strange #9-12) Thanks to Tristan, Max is unable to hid her secret from Chloe and Rachel any longer. Together, the pair work on a plan to combine their powers and help Max return to her original timeline and reunite with the Chloe she left behind. Although Max and Tristan both attempt to make the jump, only Tristan proves able to cross the timelines, leaving Max behind…

VOLUME 4: PARTNERS IN TIME – TRACKS (collects Life is Strange Partners in Time #1-4) Though Max’s plans to return home have seemingly been dashed, life doesn’t stand still. Max, Chloe, and Rachel embark on a cross-country road trip from Santa Monica to Florida, following the tour route of the High Seas – a journey paralleled by Tristan and Max’s Chloe, in Max’s original timeline!

VOLUME 5: COMING HOME (collects Life is Strange: Coming Home #1-2) Max’s attempts to get back to her Chloe continue, but will her efforts prove successful? The quiet revelations of a close ally, who proves to have a subtle power all of her own, may be the missing puzzle piece in Max’s epic journey home…

VOLUME 6: Settling Dust (Collects Life is Strange: Settling Dust #1-4,) The heart-wrenching conclusion to Max and Chloe’s story from the best-selling Life is Strange comic series. In the face of an unimaginable threat, can Max use her power to save everyone she loves – and return home? Following on from the BAFTA award-winning videogame Life is Strange, Max Caulfield believes that she has found a way to cross the timelines and return to the woman she loves, Chloe Price. In doing so, she will have to leave behind the life she has built with a new Chloe, in a world where Rachel Amber never died. But Max is not alone, as friends and allies old and new – including Tristan, the band the High Seas, and fan-favorite ‘queen of the nerds’, Steph Gingrich – rally to help her in her hour of need!

Life is Strange FCBD

Character sketches Alex Chen: To get a feel for the character of Alex Chen, Life is Strange comic artist Claudia Leonardi and colorist Andrea Izzo created sketches of her, as she appears on her journey to Haven Spring

Steph Gingrich: In between her appearances in Life is Strange: Before the Storm and the upcoming Life is Strange: True Colors, Steph found herself in the Seattle punk scene-and in the pages if the comic!

Bus Passengers: Though she tries to avoid it, Alex's sychic power of Empthy connects her to the emoions of of people around her-and on a bus journey form Portland to Colorado. it' shard to avoid the feelings of her fellow travelers. Pick up Life is Strange: Settling Dust #1 to follow Alex's journey and find out more!


First Issue: Dust

Second Issue

Third Issue

Fourth Issue

Fifth Issue: Waves

Sixth Issue

Seventh Issue

Eighth Issue

Ninth Issue: Strings

Tenth Issue


Eleventh Issue


Twelfth Issue


Thirteenth Issue (2.1): Partners In Time


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Fifteenth Issue (2.3)

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