This article contains a list of things that need to be done to further improve this wiki. You are welcome to help us work through these tasks! If you've taken care of a task and want it to be checked for completeness and its removal from this page, please get in touch with a staff member.

Note: Newly added tasks are highlighted in red. Last Update: 29 December 2019.

  • Restructuring of the Wildlife article.
  • Replacement of old achievements images for Before the Storm in the Achievements page with the new images due to the recent lists update.
  • Replacement of externally hosted audio with identical audio that is hosted directly on the wiki
    (Note: as of 29 December 2019, all instaudio links return 404 Not Found which means we have to find and upload the files to the wiki ourselves).
  • Elaborate on Article Stubs.
    • Expand on Crew articles. Expand on information by working with Linked In and IMDb profiles etc.; add interviews.
    • Expand on articles in the Community category.
    • Expand Texting and Objectives (Prequel).
    • Expand Relationship articles - as this is mentioned under Article Stubs, only those pages with Stubs require attention. Please refer to the below notes for further clarity:
  • Replace images of items/documents with .png versions with a transparent background, usually found in the game files. (Note: Wiki staff to refer to the Discord discussion re: trying not to turn the wiki into a game-file-hosting asset bank. The use of an original game file will be largely dependent on the presentation and context.)
  • Finish transcripts, e.g. GDC March 2016.
  • Finish Awards and Nominations box on the Life is Strange article.
  • Add Awards and Nomations to Before the Storm and Season 2.
  • Link mentioned media to the respective Wikipedia articles using the {{Wiki}} template; relevant are Trivia sections on articles and the references or Easter Eggs articles.
  • Whenever information on Max's journal, Chloe's journal or Sean's journal is given (for example in a trvia section), add the page(s) the information is mentioned on (add info on this on the layout guide so that it will always be done in the future; same for Chloe's letters).
  • Walkthroughs required but low priority for all episodes/games except the two that have already been completed: Life is Strange Episode 5 and Captain Spirit.

Pending Decisions and Tasks (Administration)

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