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"Of course, it's locked... Her open doors speech is just another lie."Jacob to Sean regarding Lisbeth's office in "Faith"

Lisbeth's House is a house located behind the Universal Uprising Church at Haven Point, Nevada. It is an explorable location in Episode 4 of Life is Strange 2.



Lisbeth Fischer's house is a white, one-story house with grey roof tiling. It is located directly behind Haven Point's church. A cross is hung on its front door, and a red plant and a wooden bench sit on either side of the door.


Lisbeth's house consists of a living room; a kitchen; a hallway leading into her bedroom and a bathroom; and Daniel Diaz's room. The house is fairly sparsely-decorated, stated to be due to Lisbeth's lack of belief in material possessions.

The living room contains couches and a coffee table with mugs, candles, and a book whose cover reads "Confide and convince, 15 steps to a good speech". A painting depicting a sprawling tree with roots is hung on the wall, which Sean Diaz describes as "artless". The kitchen contains a chores list for Daniel on its fridge and a box of his favorite cereal, Skweekinax. The hallway contains a washer and dryer, shelves of cleaning supplies, and a fire extinguisher. The bathroom contains a rack holding two differently-sized towels, a pair of scissors next to a pile of brown hair by the bathtub, and a counter with two toothbrushes in separate cups.

Lisbeth's room contains her bed next to a nightstand, which holds a journal recording Daniel's progress and a book entitled Miracles by Steve Ellison. A desk next to the bed contains several documents and items, including a file containing newspaper clippings of Haven Point's success, Karen Reynolds' letter back to Jacob, and a box of cigarettes with a lighter. An old wooden organ rests on the wall between the entrance and Daniel's room underneath a painting.

Daniel's room contains his bed, a desk, a closet, and several cardboard boxes in a corner. One box serves as his nightstand, which holds a lamp, Finn McNamara's bracelet, and a copy of the Holy Bible, along with a duffel bag beside it. The desk holds a framed photo of Daniel with Lisbeth and several other children on his birthday, a letter from a desperate fan of Daniel's named Lori Conway, and a page containing the words "Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent." Revelations 3:19" written multiple times. The trash can contains two tickets for Daniel and Lisbeth's trip to the Nevada Museum of Trains, one of which lists Daniel's name as "Daniel Fischer".

Lisbeth's office contains a cabinet holding informative files on members of her community (known to include Sarah Lee Hackerman, Jacob Hackerman, Nicholas Durand, and Daniel Diaz), a cupboard containing rows of files, and several cardboard boxes of Holy Bibles. A wooden desk in front of the door holds Lisbeth's laptop, newspaper clippings regarding the Diaz brothers, and a printer with a flyer depicting Daniel as an angel resting on top.

Notable Items

  • Medicine - Within the kitchen is a letter from Lisbeth's doctor, John Robert, in Sparks, Nevada, prescribing her with 250mg of antibiotics for her yeast infection and 0.5g of Atvol daily for stress and anxiety. In Lisbeth's bathroom, several bottles of pills can be found sitting on a counter.
  • Rejection letter - A letter from Michael Bloom, a member of Lisbeth's old church, can be found in her room's desk. In it, Michael apologizes for having participated in asking her to leave the church due to now knowing her true skill at influencing others and implores her to forgive them and visit any time she wishes.
  • Childish drawings - Several drawings can be found within the house, mainly drawn by Daniel. On Lisbeth's desk, a drawing of her and Daniel standing outside the church can be found. Within Daniel's bedroom, a collection of drawings depicting Daniel being hailed by others are taped to the wall. Underneath Daniel's pillow, a drawing of Sarah and Daniel drawn by the former can be found and kept.
  • Reverend's Letter - Within one of the desk drawers in the office, a letter from Reverend Oliver Grand from the Calvary Center For Christ in Las Vegas can be found. Within it, Oliver states that he is a personal family friend of the Hackerman family and expresses concern over Sarah Lee's illness, saying that he believes she needs medicine in combination with Lisbeth's spiritual healing.
  • Adoption papers - If they successfully avoided Nicholas, Sean can search through the cupboard Nicholas was looking through and find papers detailing Lisbeth's planned under-the-table adoption of Daniel.

Episode Four - "Faith"

Prior to entering the church for the first time, Sean can visit Lisbeth's house and try knocking on the door to no avail.

The next day, Sean and Jacob infiltrate her house in order to find evidence of the latter's sister, Sarah Lee, having a diagnosed illness in need of treatment. While there, Sean can find evidence to use against Lisbeth during their eventual final confrontation and collect some of Daniel's belongings, including his old sweater, a drawing of him and Sarah, and their father's old blanket.

After getting into Lisbeth's office either by using a fire extinguisher or the key from her room, Jacob locates Lisbeth's file on Sarah stating she has pneumonia. Sean reads Jacob's file and discovers that he was forced to undergo conversion therapy, leading to Jacob telling him about his past. After choosing whether or not to let Jacob keep the money he had earned from the pot farm, Sean is alerted via walkie-talkie by his mother, Karen, of Nicholas approaching the house, either non-suspicious or having been alerted by Derek or Helen Miller.

Sean and Jacob rush to hide; if Sean made Nicholas suspicious by either leaving evidence in the room or alerting someone earlier and did not accept Karen's plan, Nicholas finds the boys and drags Sean away after punching both of them. If Sean either accepted Karen's plan or did not make Nicholas suspicious, Jacob and Sean eventually emerge from their hiding spots and can continue searching the room and house for evidence before leaving.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Sean's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.

During the Miracles checkpoint:


  • Sean can look at some houses past the back fence. (Comment: "What are they doing around here, except going to church?")
  • He can knock on the door to Lisbeth's house. (Comment: "Maybe I can ask a bit more about this place...")
  • He can look at a practice zone behind Lisbeth's house. (Comment: "Weird... Looks like our old training range...")

During the Hidden Scriptures checkpoint:

  • Sean can look at the practice zone. (Comment: "So this is Daniel's not-so-secret garden... great.")
  • He can look in through the window of Daniel's room. (Comment: "Is this Daniel's room? Damn...")
  • He can enter through the front door. (required)

Living Room

  • Sean can look at a painting. (Comment: "Damn, this is so... artless.")
  • He can look at a book on the table. (Comment: "'Convide and convince, 15 steps to a good speech'... Yeah, nice read for a saleswoman.")
  • He can look at a couch. (Comment: "Evenings in here must be sooo much fun.")
  • He can look at some framed pictures. (Comment: "Lisbeth sure likes to be on pictures.")


  • Sean can look at a piece of paper. (Comment: "The mote and the beam...")
  • He can look at the curtains. (Comment: "And I thought Claire and Stephen were old-fashioned.")
  • He can look at a box of Skweekinax. (Comment: "Coaxing, lesson one: Get Daniel his favorite cereal.")
  • He can look at a chores list. (Comment: "Whoah, this place is worse than army camp...")


  • Sean can look at a fire extinguisher and use it to break the lock. (Comment: "Mmmmm... Might be enough to open that door...")


  • Sean can look at a pair of scissors surrounded by hair. (Comment: "Daniel's haircut makes much more sense now.")
  • He can look at the pills on the bathroom counter. (Comment: "This is a lot of pills. Especially for someone who doesn't believe in science.")

Lisbeth's Room

  • Sean can look at a painting of a religious icon. (Comment: "Does she even believe in any of this?")
  • He can look in a drawer near the entrance. (Comment: "Nothing here.")
  • He can look at an organ. (Comment: "Did she teach Daniel how to play this?")
  • He can look through a closet. (Comment: "Mmmm... nothing interesting.")
  • He can look at a window. (Comment: "Nice prison view, dude.")
  • He can look at the bed. (Comment: "I swear, even her bed looks stern...")
  • He can search through the nightstand and find a journal. (Comment: "Okay... What the? She's completely obsessed with Daniel's power...")
  • He can look at a book entitled "Miracles" on the nightstand. (Comment: "Yeah, that will definitely explain what's going on with Daniel..")
  • He can look in the top left drawer, containing a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. (Comment: "Don't see anything of interest.")
  • He can look in the lower left drawer, containing a letter from Michael. (Comment: "Whoa... they kicked her out of church... now they're thirsty...")
  • He can look at some newspaper clippings contained in a sheet protector. (Comment: "She sure likes to gaze at her own success.")
  • He can dddddd. (Comment: "What a great fucking family portrait.")
  • He can look in the top right drawer, containing the key to the office. (Comment: "Okay, I've found a key." "Good, let's try it!")
  • He can look in the bottom right drawer, containing Karen's letter back to Jacob. (Comment: "Shit. Looks like the Reverend Mother got to this letter before Jake...")

Daniel's Room

  • Sean can enter through the door to Daniel's room.
  • He can search through the closet, where he can look at and pick up Daniel's raccoon sweater or yellow sweater. (Comment: Look at yellow sweater: "I'm not surprised he kept that ugly thing... He was so glad when he found it."
    Pick up yellow sweater "This is still better than that ugly white shirt she's making him wear."
    Look at raccoon sweater: "At least he didn't throw it away..."
    Pick up raccoon sweater "Bet he'd like to have it back, once he's out of this... mess.")
  • He can attempt to open the second door to the office and try to use the key on it. (Comment: Open: "Locked, of course."
    Try key: "Shit, maybe it opens the other door.")
  • He can look at some drawings on the wall. (Comment: "This is quite the change from Power Bear and friends...")
  • He can look at Finn's bracelet. (Comment: "No matter what happened, I guess Finn was a real friend to Daniel.")
  • He can look at a bible. (Comment: "'The Book of Daniel'? So much for Hawt Dawg Man.")
  • He can look at and take a drawing of Sarah Lee and Daniel under the pillow. (Comment: Look: "Aw, they're so cute.")
  • He can look in the trash for some train tickets. (Comment: "What is this... 'Daniel Fischer'? Oh no.")
  • He can look at a fan letter. (Comment: "Shit... People are really all over his power. So much for secrecy...")
  • He can look at a toy. (Comment: "'Happy birthday, Daniel!'")
  • He can look at a photograph of Daniel's birthday. (Comment: "He looks happy... Fuck, I can't believe I missed it.")
  • He can look at an assignment. (Comment: "Is she forcing him to do this? Why is he accepting all that?")

Lisbeth's Office

  • Sean can look at, break with a fire extinguisher, or unlock the door to the office. (Comment: Look: "Must be a way to break it.")

While hiding from Nicholas:

  • Sean can try to hide in the cupboard.
  • He can hide in the closet.
  • He can hide under the desk.
  • He can try to hide in the cupboard.
  • He can re-close the cabinet.
  • If he didn't break the lock, he can re-lock the door.

If he successfully hid from Nicholas:

  • Sean can examine the files in the cabinet. (Comment: Jacob's file: "I can't believe this type of shit still happens today..."
    Daniel's file: Shit, why did Daniel tell her so much..."
    Nicholas' file: "I knew this guy was sketchy, but... whoah.")
  • He can look at a box full of copies of the Bible. (Comment: "Does shes read anything else?")
  • He can search through the closet. (Comment: "Only random stuff...")
  • He can search through the cupboard and find Daniel's adoption papers.
  • He can search the left drawer and find a letter from Oliver Grand. (Comment: "Seriously, how can she ignore that?")
  • He can search the right drawer. (Comment: "Mmmm... I don't think there's anything worth taking a look in here.")
  • He can look at a file full of clippings on the brothers. (Comment: "Fuck, she's done some serious research.")
  • He can look through the laptop. (Comment: Email site: "Is she actually scared of me?"
    Billboard site: Better get Daniel out of here... before she gets too much attention.")
  • He can look at a "The Angel Daniel" flyer on the printer. (Comment: "She's running a tight ship here, gotta give her credit for that.")
  • He can exit through the front door.


  • Several photographs are hung on the wall of Lisbeth's living room. One of these photos depicts her alongside what appears to be older versions of the boys in another photograph which can be found the Universal Uprising Church.