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"Immigrants BUILT this country. Where did the Founding Fathers come from, huh?" - "No, no, no. That was different. They MADE the laws! They wouldn't stand by and let this happen!" — Sean and Madison in "Wolves" (determinant)

Madison Wright is a vigilante who seeks illegal immigrants near the U.S.-Mexico border. She appears as a minor antagonist in Episode 5 of Life is Strange 2.


Madison is hostile and aggressive towards the cops, the Diaz brothers, and the Morales. She seems to be close with her father and mentions at one point that she patrols the border to keep her family safe, implying that she puts her family above everything else. She also considers herself to be a patriot and believes things should be done the American way, going so far as to interrupt Sean’s conversation with the Morales and scold them for not speaking in English.


Madison wears her hair in a ponytail. She wears a red tank top, green camouflage pants, and black finger-less gloves. Her weapon is an assault rifle you can find in the storeroom.


After Sean and Daniel reach and puncture the border wall, Madison shoots Daniel in the shoulder.

Episode Five - "Wolves"

Madison and her father Luke appear and ambush Sean and Daniel after tearing a hole in the Mexican Border. After Daniel is injured, Sean, Daniel, Madison, and Luke are captured by police and transported to El Rey Police Department for holding. There, Madison eventually gets into an argument with Diego Morales, which Sean can choose to end it or not intervene. When Patrick Campbell arrives to take Sean to interrogation, Madison tries to convince Campbell to release her and Luke only to be silenced instead. During Sean and Daniel's escape, Sean may either have Daniel free Madison and Luke or attack them as payback for hurting Daniel. If Daniel's morality is high, he will not attack her or free them, but if his morality is low, he will attack them or not free them. 



  • Luke Wright (father)


Memorable Quotes

"Oh, shit... Enough now! It's America. We speak English." - "We're just talking." - "No, the problem is you people breaking into my country."
— Madison and Carla in "Wolves"
"No, I am so fucking tired. You only come here to cause trouble. And WE have to pay for YOUR welfare! You all want a free ride... and that makes me sick."
— Madison in "Wolves"
"No, you and your unborn parasite have nothing in common with me and my family."
— Madison in "Wolves"