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Joyce and David's Room is located upstairs above the kitchen in the Madsen Household. It was the bedroom of Joyce Price and William Price, before she started living with David Madsen. The room is equipped with a double bed, a nightstand, a cabinet and a wall closet. The window is located at the opposite side of the door.

Episode One - "Chrysalis"

When Max Caulfield enters the room, she has the chance to save the Blue Jay from death by the window using her rewind ability. It will then end up on top of the closet and will make additional appearances at the path leading to the lighthouse and in later episodes.

Episode Three - "Chaos Theory"

Max may only look at the door into the room from outside as she is not sure if David is inside and she doesn't want to disturb David.

Episode Four - "Dark Room"

Max may only look at the door into the room from outside.

Alternative Timeline

In the alternative timeline, Max can talk to Joyce about Chloe, William and Joyce herself, who is sitting on the bed and reading a book.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Max's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.

Episode One - "Chrysalis"

  • Max can look at the bills of the Madsen family. (Comment: "Uh oh. The 'Prices' are late on their bills.")
  • She can look at a photo of David, Joyce and Chloe. (Comment: "Joyce looks happy. Chloe's stepdad might not be a douchebag after all.")
  • She can switch on and off a desk lamp.
  • She can open the closet. (Comment: "Joyce still works at the diner and Chloe's new dad is a security guard... Uh oh.")
  • She can look at a handmade necklace. (Comment: "Oh my... Chloe made this for Joyce on Mother's Day, years ago. I see why she would keep it.")
  • She can open and close the window.
  • She can look at the Blue Jay. (Comment: Dead: "Oh shit! Poor thing! I bet I could I do something to save it..."
    Alive: "You've been resurrected, birdie. Fly, be free.")
  • She can open the nightstand drawers. (Comment: "Dog tags, sweet. 'David Madsen.'")
  • She can look at a survival guide. (Comment: "'Act, React Or Die: A 21st Century Survival Guide.' Whoa. Apocalypse self-help.")
  • She can look at a magazine on the nightstand. (Comment: "Joyce always loved her mail-order catalogs of useless crap.")
  • She can look at a photo of Joyce and William in one of the drawers. (Comment: "Aw, Joyce has a little shrine to William. Her new husband may not be such a douche...")

Episode Four - "Dark Room" (alternative timeline)

  • Max can look at a letter from the Arcadia Bay Spinal Center. (Comment: "Oh no... I didn't realize how bad Chloe's injury really was...")
  • She can look at a photo of Joyce and William, which is now in a frame. (Comment: "Look at them... They have no idea what's in their future.")
  • She can look at a photo of young Chloe. (Comment: "That is such a sweet shot of Chloe. I wonder who took the picture.")
  • She can look at two books by Dr. Bill. (Comment: "William is trying so hard. He's still awesome."
    "Joyce is already a supermom.")
  • She can look at Joyce's ashtray. (Comment: "Hmmm, Joyce used to hate smokers in the diner.")
  • She can speak to Joyce.