Mantroid is a super-villain and the arch-nemesis of Captain Spirit, Chris Eriksen's superhero alter-ego in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. Mantroid is the leader of Snowmancer, Noctarious, and Shark-Stinger, a team of villains that oppose Captain Spirit and his allies.

Where Chris' other rogues have a corporeal form, it seems that Mantroid is a more nebulous figure. Mantroid describes himself as being "everywhere". Captain Spirit is unable to defeat Mantroid in his imagination.


Mantroid is a portmanteau of Mantle Street and Asteroid Drive, the two streets that form the intersection where Emily Eriksen was killed by an unknown driver. It is worth noting that Chris personifies the actual assailant as another villain, a wheeled shark monster named Shark-Stinger. Mantroid seems to be the personification of death in Chris' imagination, possibly alluding that he hasn't processed his mother's death yet.


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