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Martin Lewis Prescott was a member of the Prescott family in Arcadia Bay. He was involved in laying the foundations of the upstart Prescott business empire. Martin Lewis Prescott was alive in 1903 and resided at the old Prescott Ranch on the edge of town, where the Prescott barn is located.

It cannot be certain how he is related to Nathan Prescott and Sean Prescott; but he is presumably a great-great grandfather of Nathan's.


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Living up to the Prescott name, Martin was a stern man. Although polite, he was demanding when it came to money. A letter dated July 22, 1903 can be found in the Prescott barn in Episode 4, "Dark Room", concerning the debts of a certain Mr. Lyndon who had borrowed money from the Prescotts.

In the letter, Martin demanded that Mr. Lyndon repay his debt and send Martin a written apology. The letter was later found by Max Caulfield over a century later. Max comments that she guesses the Prescotts were just "born bastards."

July 22, 1903

Martin Lewis Prescott
Prescott Ranch
Arcadia Bay, Oregon

Dearest Mr. Lyndon

I am writing in regards to your outstanding debts that you have chosen to ignore. The Prescotts may not be established business gentlemen but we are businessmen and expect our due. We take your silence as a personal insult and thus dedicate our family name to making you pay your debt with ten percent interest, plus a written apology. If these conditions are not met by the end if [note 1] the day July 24, in the year of our Lord 1903, rest assured we will make your life a living hell.

Kindest regards


Before the Storm

In Before the Storm, Chloe has to pry out a coin from a binocular. She screws loose a sign from a bench which says: "In memory of Martin Lewis Prescott, Arcadia Bay's greatest son."


  1. This is either a deliberate misspelling or a mistake made by the texture artist.