Max Caulfield has several visions foreshadowing the tornado throughout the events of Life is Strange.


  • Some fans have suggested Max's original experience of the storm to be the actual reality point the game is based on. She would then be rewinding to the day in Mr. Jefferson's class right before all the strange events began that threw her life off the rails. Max might thus be trying to cope with survivor's guilt, hypothetically moving back and forth in her timeline experimenting what she could have done differently. Further, supporting this theory is the fact that when Chloe pulls Max out from the "storm vision" at the lighthouse, during the end of "Chrysalis" her arm has a jacket sleeve, the same jacket she is wearing in the end sequence of the last episode "Polarized". In the end of "Chrysalis" Chloe is wearing sleeveless shirt.
  • Although it's never explained what or who brings the storm into fruition, the fact that Max has vision of the storm before her power triggers may be indicative that Max's powers have no connection to the storm whatsoever, making the nature of the storm unavoidable, the nature of Max's first vision premonitory and the final decision might be all about letting Nature take its course and wipe out Arcadia Bay, allowing Max to keep Chloe at her side or given the premonition, thwart destiny by making the ultimate sacrifice and allow Arcadia Bay to be spared.


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