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The following list features memorable quotes from Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

Chloe Price

"And you really think you can take me?" - "Yep." - "What if I had a knife?" - "No problem." - "A gun?" - "Don't care." - "What if I had--?" - "You could have a flamethrower, an army of robot ninjas, and a motherfucking dragon on a leash in there, and I'd still kick your ass."
— The bouncer at the punk club and Chloe in "Awake" (determinant)
"Drink more, feel less. Yes, please."
— Chloe at the punk club in "Awake" (determinant)
"Sometimes... all I want to do is shut my eyes and tell the world to go to hell."
— Chloe after waking up in "Awake"
"My attitude is what makes me special, David."
— Chloe to David in "Awake"
"Dream life over real life, that's my motto."
— Chloe to Steph and Mikey in "Awake"
"Sometimes when you meet someone who's going to change your life... You just know it, I guess."
— Chloe to Rachel in "Awake" (determinant)
"It's nice Rachel we're having." - "What?" - "I mean, weather! It's nice weather."
— Chloe and Rachel in "Awake" (determinant)
"You know she's fake, yet you can't take your eyes off her. Who else do I know who fits that description?"
— Chloe when smashing a mannequin in "Awake" (determinant)
"I never understood your hard-on for cameras, Max. You took a million pictures of us, and not one of them showed that you gonna leave when I needed you most."
— Chloe in "Awake"
"Dad got Bongo from the rescue shelter. Then Bongo got run over by a car. Moral of the story: no one's ever really rescued."
— Chloe while clearing her locker in "Brave New World"
"The world breaks everyone... and afterward, some are strong at the broken places. Why does that make me sad?"
— Chloe while reading the cover of "Broken Places" in "Brave New World"
"Excitement ages quickly. And I fear, if we set out in search of new fun, you'll tire of me and then I'll be alone."
— Chloe while performing in The Tempest in "Brave New World" (determinant)
"Everyone dies sooner or later. It's okay, I can handle it. I've had a... short but adventurous life."
— Chloe to Mikey while playing the tabletop game in "Hell Is Empty" (determinant)

Rachel Amber

"To tell the truth, I went to bed last night wishing it never had to end. But then I thought: why? Why does it have to end?"
— Rachel to Chloe in "Awake"
"Life needs a little mystery, Chloe."
— Rachel to Chloe in "Awake" (determinant)
"If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Russia, Greece...Kathmandu?" - "Kathmandu?" - "One day, I'm going to climb Everest."
— Rachel and Chloe in "Awake"
"You're hella mysterious, Chloe Price."
— Rachel to Chloe in "Awake"
"You're not a problem, Chloe. You're a person."
— Rachel to Chloe in "Awake" (determinant)
"Winners make their own rules, Chloe."
— Rachel to Chloe in "Awake" (determinant)
"I've had it, I guess, since I was a kid in Long Beach. Reminds me that there's more to experience out there than just Arcadia Bay. Maybe one day I'll go back to Long Beach or...anywhere but here. Maybe sooner than later."
— Rachel to Chloe in "Awake"
"Sometimes, I feel like I've got no reason to stay. Don't be surprised, Chloe, if one day, I'm just out of here."
— Rachel to Chloe in "Awake"
"Whatever's going on between us, it's... intense, and new, and awesome, and... You had the courage to tell me that you feel it, too. And I treated you like shit."
— Rachel to Chloe in "Awake" (determinant)
"See? You're the real thing, Chloe. I don't know anyone like you."
— Rachel to Chloe in "Awake" (determinant)
"What I wouldn't give to leave this place and never look back..." - "What's stopping us?" - "Us? Are you serious?" - "There's nothing keeping me here. Not anymore." - "So if I came to you tomorrow and told you to pack your bags..." - "I'm serious. Let's do it, Chloe. Let's leave this place forever."
— Chloe and Rachel in "Awake"
"Hasn't anyone ever told you not to fall asleep with a lit cigarette? You could start a fire."
— Rachel to Chloe in "Brave New World"
"My dad doesn't really exist. You saw him in Wells' office. The whole thing is a performance. And now I'm starting to feel like everything in my life is bullshit. But he's still my dad. How can I make sure I don't end up like him?"
— Rachel to Chloe in "Brave New World"
"I swear to thee--We shall fly beyond this isle -- the corners of the world our mere prologue. I'll seek to make thy happiness so great that e'en the name of liberty's forgot. What sayest thou to my most hopeful wish?"
— Rachel to Chloe while performing in The Tempest in "Brave New World"
"Oh, totally! It's such a high! No more nerves, just the adrenaline... So, first-timer, are you proud of yourself?"
— Rachel to Chloe in "Brave New World"
"Fine, then, drama queen. Where are we going?" - "(chuckles) You tell me. What uniquely twisted location does Chloe Price plus Rachel Amber equal?"
— Chloe and Rachel in "Brave New World"
"I love this time of night! (laughs) Don't you just feel like everything's possible?"
— Rachel to Chloe in "Brave New World"
"Chloe! What would it take to convince you?"
— Rachel to Chloe in "Brave New World"
"(angrily, voice breaking) Why can't you just tell me the fucking truth?! Stop lying! Stop being a politician for one fucking minute! Can't you my dad?"
— Rachel to James in "Brave New World"
"I've always loved stars. They remind us there's so much beauty out there, which we almost never see." - "Because we're blinded by what's in front of us." - "Exactly. But then I learned the truth. The stars we're seeing have already been dead for millions of years. They're all... lies."
— Rachel and Chloe in "Hell Is Empty"
"Who cares if the stars are dead? As long as we can still see them, that means they're us."
— Rachel to Chloe in "Hell Is Empty"
"Just don't do that again." - "Play the damsel in distress? You got it." - "No, attack a psycho with a two-by-four. That was crazy!" - "Newsflash, Chloe. I'm a little crazy." - "Crazy hot."
— Chloe and Rachel in "Hell Is Empty" (determinant)
"We never actually escaped, did we?" - "We've got time." - "All the time in the world."
— Rachel and Chloe in "Hell Is Empty"

Frank Bowers

"No more loans, I'm not your fucking piggy bank!"
— Frank to Chloe in "Awake" (determinant)
"You're a good man, Frank." - "No, I'm not."
— Chloe and Frank in "Awake" (determinant)

Joyce Price

"Chloe! What happened to you?" - "It's no big deal. I walked into a door." - "You seem to be walking into a lot of doors lately."
— Conversation between Joyce and Chloe in "Awake" (determinant)
"That's not fair. I'm... glad your father still has a place in your heart. But sometimes we need to make more room in our hearts for new people."
— Joyce to Chloe in "Awake" (determinant)
"That's enough! All I'm asking for is a little respect. Why is that too much? I love you, Chloe. I miss you. Nobody could have replaced your father. I did the best I could." - "Mom..." - "I don't know where I lost you."
— Conversation between Joyce and Chloe in "Awake" (determinant)
"Right now, what I need most of all, is for the two of you to start getting along."
— Joyce to Chloe and David in "Brave New World"
"In a million years I never thought you'd choose David over me. I'm sorry I took that for granted." - "I'm not choosing anyone over anyone else. It's about the three of us having a home together."
— Conversation between Chloe and Joyce in "Brave New World"

David Madsen

"Why do you women take forever to get ready?"
— David to Chloe in "Awake"
"How you do anything is how you do everything."
— David to Chloe in "Awake" (determinant)
"You need to shape up, get your act together and put someone else first for a damn change. Am I making myself clear?"
— David Madsen to Chloe in "Awake" (determinant)
"I see everything."
— David to Chloe in "Awake" (determinant)
"Soldiers put family and future above self and now."
— David to Chloe in "Brave New World"

William Price

"Sometimes people need you, though. Even when they don't admit it."
— William in "Awake"
"Fire blinds us, just like darkness. But darkness blinds with absence. With loss."
— William in Chloe's third dream.
"Fire is jealous, Chloe. It wants all the beauty for itself."
— William in "Brave New World"
"Well, maybe there's a reason we pretend. Maybe the lies we tell each other are less horrible than the truths we keep hidden."
— William in "Hell Is Empty"

Samuel Taylor

"And, uh, what do I want to keep hidden?" - "That you are lonely and afraid."
— Chloe and Samuel in "Brave New World" (determinant)
"What do I want people to see?" - "Someone strong and fierce, who does what she wants and doesn't care what others think." - "I...don't care what others think." - "Of course you do."
— Chloe and Samuel in "Brave New World" (determinant)
"Are you angry all the time because you like the way it feels, or is it merely a desperate defense against experiencing true intimacy with others?"
— Samuel to Chloe in "Brave New World" (determinant)
"It's okay not to be okay, Chloe Price."
— Samuel in "Brave New World" (determinant)

Drew North

"Whoa, whoa! You earn a spot on the squad, Twitch. You don't have your dad try to buy off the coach." - "At least my family pays tuition. How much financial aid does your deadbeat dad need again?" - "My dad lost his job at the shipyard when your dad closed it down. And you wanna talk shit to me?"
— Conversation between Drew and Nathan in "Awake"
"Do YOU have to be the hero? That's just selfish."
— Drew to Chloe while playing the tabletop game in "Hell Is Empty"
"Drew: What do I do?
Steph: Say something threatening!
Drew: Uh... "You shall not pass."
Mikey: I've heard you sound more threatening when ordering pizza.
— Conversation between Drew, Steph, and Mikey in "Hell Is Empty" (determinant)

Mikey North

"I am Elamon, wizard of the third circle, foremost advisor to King Tiberius, and sworn defender of Avernon."
— Mikey to Chloe while playing the tabletop game in "Awake" (determinant)
"I have heard of you in the castle. King Tiberius owes you his life. It's an honor to fight alongside you."
— Mikey to Chloe while playing the tabletop game in "Awake" (determinant)
"By my honor, I apologize. Here, take this potion as a gift."
— Mikey to Chloe while playing the tabletop game in "Awake" (determinant)
"Better to have died a hero than live as a coward."
— Mikey to Chloe in "Awake" (determinant)
"Hey, Chloe... Never surrender."
— Mikey to Chloe in "Awake" (determinant)
"Steph: Eventually, you die, your bodies torn to pieces.
Chloe: Damn. Mikey, I'm... I'm really sorry.
Mikey: I've been playing Elamon for three years. He was like...(sighs) a friend.
— Conversation between Steph, Chloe, and Mikey while playing the tabletop game in "Hell Is Empty" (determinant)
"Thank you, Chloe. For everything."
— Mikey to Chloe while playing the tabletop game in "Hell Is Empty" (determinant)

Steph Gingrich

"Steph: Here's a character sheet. You are an elf barbarian.
Chloe: Are you insulting me in some obscure nerd way?
Mikey: Think about it. An elf? Like, skinny and kind of weird? But also a barbarian, so, like, really angry.
Steph: In other words, Chloe Price.
— Conversation between Steph, Chloe, and Mikey in "Awake" (determinant)
"Chloe: I twirl my axe around, badass style. "Eat this, lizard."
Steph: How badass?
Chloe: Really badass.
Mikey: Seventeen!
Steph: That's pretty badass.
— Conversation between Chloe, Steph, and Mikey while playing the tabletop game in "Awake" (determinant)
"Steph: Love the hair, by the way.
Mikey: Pretty cool!
Chloe: Thanks. Just trying it out.
Steph: Sometimes you've just gotta do something new.
— Conversation between Steph, Mikey, and Chloe in "Hell Is Empty" (determinant)
"Where do you keep getting these?" - "A good game master's always prepared."
— Conversation between Chloe and Steph while playing the tabletop game in "Hell Is Empty" (determinant)
"Chloe: I grab the bard and use him to shield Elamon.
Drew: Whoa, hey! Can she do that?
Steph: All's fair in love and tabletop.
— Conversation between Chloe, Drew, and Steph while playing the tabletop game in "Hell Is Empty" (determinant)
"Thanks for playing. It always means a lot to Mikey."
— Steph to Chloe in "Hell Is Empty" (determinant)


"I see humans but no humanity." "Everybody is somebody but no one wants to be themselves."
— A graffiti in the train in "Awake"
"If your life sucks it means you're still alive"
— Chloe writing on Drew's plaster in "Hell Is Empty" (determinant)