The following list features memorable quotes from Life is Strange.

Maxine Caulfield Edit

— Max's favorite exclamation throughout the game

"Are you cereal?"
— Max in "Chrysalis"

"Everything is a picture waiting to be taken... "
— Max's diary, September 3

"When a door closes, a window opens... Or, something like that."
— Max seeing the blue butterfly in "Chrysalis"

"Ready for the mosh pit, shaka brah."
— Max at Chloe's house in "Chaos Theory"

"I keep going back in time."
— Max regarding her old memories of the diner in "Out of Time"

"I wish I could stay in this moment forever. (...) But then it wouldn't be a moment."
— Max at the diner in "Out of Time"

"Max, never Maxine."
— Max to Victoria after waking up in the Alternative timeline

"If that tornado came right now, I would just sit here and watch for a while."
— Max at the Vortex Club party in "Dark Room"

"With great power comes great bullshit."
— Max to Brooke in "Dark Room"

"The past... within the past. Ugh. Am I pushing myself too hard?"
— Max between realities in Mr. Jefferson's class in "Polarized"

Chloe Price Edit

— Chloe in "Out of Time"

— Chloe in "Chrysalis"

— Chloe's favorite intensifier throughout the game

— Chloe's response to Max's SMS in "Out of Time"

"Everybody lies. No exceptions."
— Chloe's graffiti in her room

"Everybody pretends to care until they don't."
— Chloe in "Chaos Theory"

"Home, shit, home."
— Chloe in "Chrysalis"

"Yep yep, I'm fucking insane in the brain! Let's dance!"
— Chloe in "Chrysalis"

"This shit-pit has taken everyone I've ever loved... I'd like to drop a bomb on Arcadia Bay and turn it to fucking glass..."
— Chloe in "Chrysalis"

"I pledge allegiance to Max and the power for which she stands..."
— Chloe heavily impressed by Max's rewind power in "Out of Time"

"Since you're the mysterious superhero... I'll be your faithful chauffeur and companion."
— Chloe in "Out of Time"

"Dude, you fuck shit up, you rewind, you fix it. Drop the mic. Boom."
— Chloe in "Out of Time"

"Why look, an otter in my water!"
— Chloe to Max at the Swimming Pool in "Chaos Theory"

"You better not rewind and take that kiss back. You know I'm hotter than those Seattle art-holes, right?"
— Chloe to Max if Max chose to kiss her in "Chaos Theory"

Warren Graham Edit

"I may be a pest, but... I'm a good listener."
— Warren to Max in "Chrysalis"

"I'll be in the TARDIS getting my Delorean ready."
— Warren in a text message in "Out of Time"

"I bet you were glad to see her blast up in that truck like a rock star."
— Warren talking about Chloe to Max in "Out of Time"

"Fine. Be a damned dirty human. I'll "Go Ape" myself."
— Warren's drive-in plans being rejected by Max in "Out of Time"

"Don't be so modest, Doctor Caulfield..."
— Warren after being helped by Max with his science experiment in "Out of Time"

"Welcome to the end of the world, ladies. I'm glad you decided to escort me..."
— Warren to Max and Chloe in "Dark Room"

"I really flipped out on Nathan. I just hate bullies..."
— Warren to Max and Chloe in "Dark Room"

"That's why you're Super Max."
— Warren to Max in "Polarized"

"I know I can be a pain in the ass... and... and you've always treated me like a person, not… not a beta nerd."
— Warren to Max in "Polarized"

Nathan Prescott Edit

— Nathan to Max in "Chrysalis"

"You don't know who the fuck I am or who you're messing around with!"
— Nathan in "Chrysalis"

"Don't EVER tell me what to do. I'm so SICK of people trying to control me!"
— Nathan in "Chrysalis"

"Nobody, nobody lectures me. Everybody tries though... They try..."
— Nathan in "Chrysalis"

"Meow. Bring out the claws. I love seeing chicks fight."
— Nathan in "Out of Time"

"Hey, that's total slander! I could sue you and this school so fast!... I already have a personal lawyer."
— Nathan after Max blames him in "Out of Time"

"Pussies cant fukin fite"
— Nathan's SMS to Max in "Dark Room"

"Everybody hates me... everybody..."
— Nathan in "Dark Room"

"Max... it's Nathan. I just wanted to say... I'm sorry. I didn't want to hurt Kate, or Rachel, or... I didn't want to hurt anybody. Everybody... used me! Mr. Jefferson is coming for me now. All this shit will be over soon. Watch out, Max... He wants to hurt you next. Sorry."
— Nathan's voicemail in "Polarized"

"Just because I’m mentally ill doesn’t mean I deserve to die, Max!"
— Nathan in Max's nightmare

Victoria Chase Edit

"Now you're totally stuck in the Retro Zone. Sad face."
— directed at Max during Mr. Jefferson's art class in "Chrysalis"

"Oh look, it's Max Caulfield, the selfie ho of Blackwell."
— directed at Max as Victoria blocks her access to the dormitory in "Chrysalis"

"'The Daguerreian Process, Sir!' You could barely even say that. I guess you got your meds filled."
— directed at Max in "Chrysalis"

"Now, why don't you go fuck your selfie?"
— directed at Max in "Chrysalis"

"That video of you clubbing didn't look like homework..."
— directed at Kate in "Out of Time"

"I hate Max Caulfield. Can't you see how phony she is with her "Oh, I'm so shy and fragile" crap? She's a total drama queen."
— said to Mr. Jefferson in "Chaos Theory"

"You might as well choose me... otherwise I might have to tell people you offered to choose my photo for favors or something..."
— Victoria blackmailing Mr. Jefferson's in "Chaos Theory"

"I'm not perfect, okay? I'm a teenager at an art school. I'm only here to become a photographer and get famous."
— said to Max at the End of the World Party in "Dark Room"

"Oh, hi, I'm Max Caulfield and I'm so sensitive that butterflies make me cry."
— mocking Max at the End of the World Party in "Dark Room"

"I always feel like I have to overcompensate. For what, I have no clue. I'm only here to become a photographer, not president."
— Victoria to Max in "Dark Room"

Kate Marsh Edit

"Max, I'm in a nightmare and I can't wake up... unless I put myself to sleep."
— Kate to Max in "Out of Time"
"Even angels need angels, Max."
— Kate to Max

Mr. Jefferson Edit

"I could frame any one of you in a dark corner, and capture you in a moment of desperation."
— Jefferson
"Always take the shot."
— Jefferson
"The slightly unconscious model is often the most open and honest. No vanity or posing, just... pure expression."
— Jefferson
"Chloe and Rachel are fucking together in heaven right now. Is that what you wanna hear?"
— Jefferson
"Please understand, Max... The only place I can be "myselfie" is in the Dark Room."
— Jefferson during the maze segment of Max's Nightmare
"....Touché, Max. I'm so sane that nobody knows what's happening to you right now."
— Jefferson

David Madsen Edit

"-The alarm tripped me out. -Then trip on out of here, Missy. Or are you hiding something? Huh?"
— Max and David's response on their first encounter
"That's one of my problems... I'm not good at teamwork. Never was."
— David to Max in the Dark Room

Frank Bowers Edit

"Hey, it's Thelma and Louise. Or is it Bonnie and Clyde?"
— Frank to Max and Chloe in "Out of Time"
"I was eating those beans—are you fucking insane? I WAS EATING THOSE BEANS!"
— Frank to Max in "Chaos Theory"
"God, I hate you Blackwell shits. You act like you own this town... like I'm your puppet. Nobody owns me, you understand that?"
— Frank to Max and Chloe in "Dark Room"
"How the hell did you know about that photo? That's my favorite picture of her... I can look at it anytime and she'll always be there for me. I can't stand not knowing where she is... not hearing her voice... or her laugh... anymore."
— Frank to Max and Chloe in "Dark Room"
"If there's a chance in hell you two dorks can find Rachel... I'll take it."
— Frank to Max and Chloe in "Dark Room"
"Rachel... Oh, God. She was the one good thing in my life, Max. I know she was too young, and... I expected her to leave me, just... just not how it happened. I would never have stopped her from going after her dreams."
— Frank to Max in "Polarized"

Ray Wells Edit

"You're sweating pinballs. Is that all you're thinking about?"
— Wells to Max in "Chrysalis"
"Don't think I don't know what goes on around here. You've only been here for three weeks and you're already causing conflict."
— Raymond to Max in "Chrysalis" (determinant)
"Please don't say that. There's nothing to be scared of at Blackwell Academy. Our head of security is overseeing a new era of campus safety."
— Raymond to Max in "Out of Time"
"As principal of Blackwell Academy, I take my duties seriously. I take the well-being of every student more seriously. What happened today should never happen in a hall of wisdom and knowledge."
— Raymond in "Out of Time"
"Max, after this week, you are certainly not a little kid anymore. In fact, you're a noteworthy adult being honored by your peers. Now, you have to start acting like the photographer you want to be."
— Raymond to Max in "San Francisco Timeline" in "Polarized"
"If an event skimps on the food, you know it's a bad event."
— Wells to Max in the "Zeitgeist Gallery"
"Attention... I regret to announce that one of your fellow classmates, Maxine Caulfield, has died under tragic circumstances that I promise to investigate after I get my drink on."
— Principal Wells in the maze segment of Max's nightmare

Alyssa Anderson Edit

"Years of mad dodging skills. Bullies never change."
— Alyssa after moving her head to avoid a thrown football
"I'm by myself reading chick-lit. Pretty soon I'll be bonding with Victoria at the Vortex Club..."
— Alyssa to Max in "Chrysalis"
"Okay, Max, that's twice you've saved me from a projectile weapon. Are you my guardian angel?"
— Alyssa to Max in "Out of Time"
"Not now, Max, I'm contemplating shit."
— Alyssa as she stands looking out of a window in Mr. Jefferson's class

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