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The following list features memorable quotes from Life is Strange 2.

Sean Diaz

"I'm no good at this! How about: "Yo Jenn, see you at the party, let me know if I should... bring... handcuffs"?"
— Sean to Lyla while walking home together in "Roads"
""Hey Jenn... Do you wanna... hang out sometime?" Not bad... Remember... don't be too thirsty..."
— Sean practicing in the mirror for the party in "Roads"
"My life feels like... Like that town down there... Wiped out. Destroyed. Empty. Like I have nothing..."
— Sean to Brody at Otter Point in "Roads" (determinant)
"Once upon a time... In a wild... wild world... there were two wolf brothers... living in their home lair with their papa wolf. They all lived happily together... but... but one day, hunters took their Dad away. Forever... So now the brothers were alone... and they had to find a new home... They started a journey through the great, big forest..."
— The beginning of Sean's story to Daniel during their bus ride in "Roads"
"It'll be fine, Daniel. There's nothing we can't do... as long as we're together."
— Sean to Daniel during their bus ride in "Roads"
"- And the final rule?
- I know... (...) Okay... Hmmm... Avoid danger?
- "Run... from danger." This is the most important one.
— Sean going over the rules with Daniel about his powers in "Rules"
"Hey, man... You've been doing so great with your... well... you know. I was wondering... How do you do it?"
— Sean asks Daniel how the power works, during their first night at the Reynolds in "Rules"
"Hi everybody, we're taking a year off to run away from cops. Daniel has got telekinesis now. Hope you're doing well."
— Sean to himself while examining the postcard display at the Christmas market in "Rules"
"You didn't know Dad! He raised us all on his own! Because of your daughter!"
— Sean to Claire in Karen's room in "Rules" (determinant)
"Man! I think I see why Mom left now... She couldn't put up with your stupid rules anymore!"
— Sean arguing with Claire in Karen's room in "Rules"
"- You don't have to use your power, if you don't want to.
- I know but... Sometimes I can help and -- How do I know when to use it?
- You don't. You can only trust your guts. And... Listen to your brother.
— Sean to Daniel while waiting for the next train in "Rules" (determinant)
"¿Estas ensayando para La Voz?"
— Sean choosing to talk to Cassidy in "Wastelands". Translation: Are you rehearsing for The Voice?
"I just keep trying to get better... I would draw no matter what. That's what keeps me going."
— Sean to Cassidy, after a drawing and saying his secret is practice in "Wastelands" (determinant)
"I just get inspired by the things I see and do... And... being around people like you helps."
— Sean to Cassidy, after a drawing and saying his secret is people in "Wastelands" (determinant)
— Sean after a bad encounter with a racist in "Faith"
"Come on, Karen. Don't act all hurt. It's too late. Where were you when I broke my leg when I was 13? Not with me... When Daniel got a bad flu a couple years ago, you didn't sleep next to him every night... Where were you?! Where were you?"
— Sean talking to Karen in "Faith"
"If I could go back in time I would... We'd be in our living room in Seattle... Dad would get us pizza and snacks... then pick the movie because we would always fight about it... and he always picked your movie... But I can't do that. All I can do now is fight for you-- We're the best team, enano. So we have to keep going forward..."
— Sean trying to convince Daniel to leave the church in "Faith"
"If you wanna kill me, then do it! I'm not afraid! Go ahead. Shoot me in the face... and live with it."
— Sean facing Lisbeth and Nicholas in "Faith"
"I love you, no matter what happens, you hear me?"
— Sean to Daniel in "Wolves"
"You know, that day... in Seattle... The day Dad was shot. I think about it every day... and I would give anything to change what happened... but I can't. I'm sorry for my mistakes... I tried my best, I swear..."
— Sean to Daniel in "Wolves"
"Daniel, you're not a little wolf anymore... Never forget who you are! never..."
— If Sean and Daniel surrender in the Redemption ending in "Wolves"

Daniel Diaz

"Okay... I'm a zombie and I'm gonna eat you! BLAAAAAAAAH!"
— Daniel after Sean initiates a game of tag in "Roads"
"Come on! Can we please, please, please... get one when we stop next? Please?"
— Daniel after finding a Chock-O-Crisp in an abandoned car in "Roads"
"What if... this raccoon is related to the... to the one on the road?
Hey, don't think about stuff like that...
Maybe they were brothers, like us... Makes me sad...
— Daniel and Sean after examining roadkill in "Roads"
"YOU LIED! Dad! Our Dad is DEAD!"
— Daniel to Sean upon seeing the news channel in their motel room in "Roads"
"Just don't lie to me ever again. Ever."
— Daniel to Sean after being calmed down in "Roads"
"Sean? Am I... a monster?"
— Daniel to Sean during their bus ride in "Roads"
"- STOP!
- Whoa! Daniel.
- That's what you get... Happy?
- Hell yeah I am! That was awesome! You did it, man...
- I did... So you better be nice to me...
— If Sean throws a snowball directly at Daniel twice in "Rules"
"It killed her! She was my friend!"
"Calm down, okay? Listen..."
— Daniel and Sean after finding Mushroom's corpse in "Rules"
"I know, I know... Don't show, don't talk..."
— Daniel referring to Sean's rules in "Rules"
"It just... it just happened... What's... happening to me?"
— Daniel to Sean after killing the cougar in "Rules" (determinant)
"Sean... Do you think she's up in Heaven... with Dad?"
— Daniel to Sean at Mushroom's grave in "Rules"
"Oh, hi... who are you? Your hair looks so cool! Is it a wig?"
— Daniel meeting Cassidy for the first time in "Rules"
"Sean... I'm tired of running away... [I don't want to be a superhero anymore.../Why does my power always bring trouble?]"
— Daniel to Sean after escaping the sheriff, dialog determinant on whether he used his power in "Rules"
"- Dad said I should learn to do stuff by myself, since you're not around as much.
- Hey, come on, it's not like I'm leaving home!
- You might as well, I never see you. We don't even play games anymore! We don't do anything
— Daniel to Sean during the flashback, as Sean tries to reconcile in "Wastelands"
"I'm not a kid anymore..."
— Daniel to Sean after dropping the trunk into the lake in "Wastelands"
"Fuck Puerto Lobos!"
— Daniel to Sean as they walk back to camp in "Wastelands" (determinant)
"So... how does the story of the wolf brothers end?"
— Daniel to Sean in "Wolves"
"I'm sorry, Sean... But, I have to go... Don't turn back for me..."
— Daniel to Sean before breaking borders gate and jumping out in the car in the Parting Ways ending and in "Wolves"
"Oh no, no... Please, don't... Sean! Why? WHYYYY?!"
— Daniel crying out to Sean's corpse after breaking borders gate and Sean is killed by the police in the Lone Wolf ending and in "Wolves"

Lyla Park

"Oh my God! You thirsty bitch. Here, let "Lyla The Love Witch" work her magic... "
— Lyla after stealing Sean's phone while walking home together in "Roads"
"These fucking planes, man... I wanna hate them, but... I'll miss them so much if I move somewhere else. Shit changes so fast... I get so emo sometimes, wondering what'll happen to us once we graduate. Will you still be my BFF? Will shit ever get better than 1452, Lame Avenue?"
— Lyla to Sean outside of his house in "Roads"
"Jinx? I'm your lucky charm, bitch."
— Lyla to Sean during their Skype call in "Roads"
"No way distance can tear us apart. We're freakin' fighters!
Yeah, you're right... Best freakin' fighters forever...
— Sean and Lyla's response on the Diaz's front deck in "Roads" (determinant)
"Stop acting like I'm never gonna see you again... That's bullshit..."
— Lyla to Sean during their phone call in "Roads"

Esteban Diaz

"Court is in session. Judge Diaz... presiding over the case... of the last... Chock-O-Crisp."
— Esteban and Daniel's introductory scene in "Roads"
"He looks up to you, Sean. Try and help him... It's what family is for. Things are... kinda scary out there in this country right now."
— Esteban talking with Sean about Daniel in the Diaz's garage in "Roads"
"I know, it's not your thing. But you gotta learn a trade. Art, athletics, engineering, I don't care... As long as you put your heart into it."
— Esteban discussing Sean's future in the garage in "Roads"
"Daniel, it's gonna be alright."
— Esteban's last words before being fatally shot in the chest by a police officer in "Roads"
"Merry Christmas, kids..."
— Esteban's parting statement in the home video watched by Sean at Three Seals Motel in "Roads"
"Listen Sean, I can't do this on my own. I... I can't. I need you to help me. I know you don't want to babysit Daniel... you grow up, you need space, more freedom. I get it. But we're a trio now and you gotta take some responsibility. That "little shit" is just a kid, you're almost an adult. had 8 years of being spoiled before you had to share toys with your little brother. I know it might sound cheesy, but we have to be good role models for him. He's a Diaz, right?
— Esteban to Sean in the latter's room in "Wastelands"
"See you tonight kids, be nice and don't break anything... else."
— Esteban to Sean and Daniel as he leaves for work in "Wastelands"

Brett Foster

"Hey, lovebirds! Back from the loony bin?"
— Brett to Sean and Lyla as he sees them walking home from school in "Roads"
"Yeah, go back to daddy... Pussies! No wonder your mom bailed on you..."
— Brett to Sean if the latter chose to question Daniel in "Roads"
"Oh? You wanna go? Then go back to your own country."
— Brett to Sean if the latter chose to confront him in "Roads"

Brody Holloway

"Oh, hey there. Well, I'm actually doing research. It's, uhhh... Not for you."
— Brody to Daniel at Bear Station in "Roads"
"Do not drink that coffee if you like coffee."
— Brody to Sean at Bear Station in "Roads"
"It's not as weird as it seems, though. These people, they only wanna live a normal life. Just... naked. I mean, if they're not harming anyone, who's to say they're wrong?"
— Brody to Sean at Bear Station in "Roads"
"Everything is political, Sean."
— Brody to Sean during their car ride in "Roads"
"Man. Look at that... Oregon is like the edge of the world..."
— Brody to Sean looking over Arcadia Bay in "Roads"
"What is sure is... that's the past. But you can't look back now... You've got each other... and you have to move forward..."
— Brody to Sean at Otter Point in "Roads"
"You may not see it but... What you and your brother have is the most important thing. He needs you. And you need him."
— Brody to Sean at Otter Point in "Roads"
"Sorry, I'll probably think of a better "goodbye" when I'm on the road, but... until then... Take care, my dudes."
— Brody's parting words to Sean and Daniel in "Roads"

Hank Stamper

"Seems dangerous to be out here all alone... But maybe you're the ones who need to be watched."
— Hank to Sean and Daniel outside of Bear Station in "Roads"
"Sorry I had to secure you... But if you're innocent, don't act guilty."
— Hank to Sean inside Bear Station's back office in "Roads"
"You're the reason we need to build that wall..."
— Hank to Sean as he's leaving the back office in "Roads".
"You fucking spic! You and your brother are going to jail for the rest of your lives!"
— Hank as Sean attempts to steal some camping gear in "Roads" (determinant)

Claire Reynolds

"I'm sorry, we don't want any... Sean? Oh my... Is that... Daniel?"
— Claire upon finding Sean and Daniel standing at her doorstep in "Rules"
"I know... What if Sean is guilty? Sleeping in our home... next to us..."
— Claire to Stephen outside their front door while Sean waits in the dining room in "Rules"
"Thank you, Lord for bringing Sean and Daniel safe and sound into our house. Take care of Esteban, and... errr... Mushroom. Please, give us the strength to get over the hardships of the past, and the trials... yet to come... Amen."
— Claire's prayer for Sean and Daniel in "Rules" (determinant)
"Excuse me, what are you both doing in here?! Except, visibly... ransacking our house while we're at church?"
— Claire to Sean and Daniel upon finding them in Karen's room in "Rules"
"This isn't her room anymore! There is nothing to see in here! It's time you learn to respect some rules!"
— Claire to Sean and Daniel in Karen's room in "Rules"
"I'm so sorry... For everything... I wish we could have helped you more... I wish you could stay here with us..."
— Claire to Sean and Daniel before they escape her house to avoid the police in "Rules"

Stephen Reynolds

"What the hell are you doing here?"
— Stephen upon seeing his grandsons for the first time in years at his doorstep in "Rules"
"That's why you'll have to be careful around here... Beaver Creek is small and... nosey."
— Stephen cautioning Sean at the dinner table with Claire in "Rules" (determinant)
"So, listen, I've... noticed things. With Daniel. You know what I'm talking about, don't you?"
— Stephen to Sean while in Stephen's office in "Rules"
"...she's still my daughter, you know? I can't approve what she's done, but I... I think I understand."
— Stephen after Sean discovers a hidden photo of Karen in his office in "Rules" (determinant)
"You were right, Claire. I should have fixed that cupboard months ago. I guess my laziness will get me someday..."
— Stephen after being pulled out from under the fallen cupboard in "Rules"
"Now... Get the hell out of here!"
— Stephen to Sean and Daniel as they leave the Reynolds' house in "Rules"

Chris Eriksen

"Let me tell him... Sean, I know it sounds crazy... but... I have a superpower."
— Chris to Sean after the latter enters his house in "Rules"
"I'm Captain Spirit! I can bend any matter to my will! But that's my secret identity, so you can't tell anybody!"
— Chris to Sean while inside his house in "Rules" (determinant)
"Dad... just gets carried away sometimes when he drinks too much... But... But we're cool. No worries."
— Chris to Sean after he questions him about his father in "Rules" (determinant)
"Thanks, Sean. But I don't feel scared anymore. I have the power... And I have Daniel!"
— Chris to Sean after he questions him about his father in "Rules" (determinant)
"Here, this is your cape... You're the real superhero."
— Chris to Daniel as he gives him his cape in "Rules" (determinant)
"See you around, Superwolf! The Spirit squad will stay united forever!"
— Chris to Daniel as the brothers escape in "Rules" (determinant)

Charles Eriksen

"Hope you know that Daniel and Chris are a dangerous team... We'd better watch out, or they're gonna take over the world..."
— Charles to Sean in the Eriksen household in "Rules"
"When I look at you and Daniel... how close you two are... I realize I'm far from being up to the task. Chris deserves a real family."
— Charles to Sean in the former's truck outside the Reynolds household in "Rules" (determinant)
"I know I gotta do better. I can't let pain define who I am. Everyone has to go through some shit..."
— Charles to Sean regarding Chris' maternal grandparents in "Rules" (determinant)
"Oh and... Uh... Thanks... for your honesty. I'll try my best to be a better... dad... for Chris."
— Charles to Sean after the latter exits his truck in "Rules" (determinant)


"Ha! Finally, someone who dares speaking with me! Hope you're vaccinated..."
— Cassidy to Sean upon initiating a conversation at the Christmas market in "Rules" (determinant)
"Me and my friends have been... crashing here for the week. Nobody... gives a shit about us... I can tell you're not from around here."
— Cassidy to Sean during their conversation at the market in "Rules"
"Are you kidding? You wanna talk about your scoreboard, hotshot?"
— Cassidy to Finn after he teases her about being into "suburban boys" in "Rules"
"You're gonna fine our dog? Well, that's not very nice!"
— Cassidy to Nick upon being told off for not having a leash in "Rules"
"Oh god, he's gonna call the cops on us, Finn!"
— Cassidy to Finn while mocking Nick in "Rules"
"Smart. But if you get too clingy, people run away... I know what I'm talking about."
— Cassidy to Sean in "Wastelands" (determinant)
"Get off my crack, Hannah! We've been stuck out here for two months! I didn't come out to California to work on a fucking farm, I wanna see some water! Are we gonna squat out here forever? Build a house? What?"
— Cassidy to Hannah in "Wastelands"
"My daddy was a methhead who beat the shit out of my boyfriend... just because he wasn't white. Yep. Then my big brother told me he would shoot me if I dated... dated that... well, you know... My mom didn't say squat as usual... Thanks, Mom! So fuck 'em all. This is my family now."
— Cassidy to Sean talking about her history in "Wastelands" (determinant)
"Thanks, everyone! I take ass, cash or grass. Ahem. Hint hint."
— Cassidy to the drifters around the campfire in "Wastelands"
"Even if it's our last night here, we'll meet again, Sean. One thing I learned while travelling is how small the world is... we already met twice, why not more? Even if we don't, we'll be fucking cool memories in each other's mind!"
— Cassidy to Sean in "Wastelands"
"This is just skin, Sean. Like... a sketchbook you'll carry around all your life. You never regret what you write in a diary, right? Only read it with nostalgia, whatever memory it holds."
— Cassidy to Sean in "Wastelands" (determinant)

Finn McNamara

"Yeah, he's been through a lot... Like most of us... So we adopted him. And he stinks! Yeah, you stink and you like it, huh?"
— Finn to Sean regarding his dog at the Christmas market in "Rules"
"Yeah, you always go for those suburban boys..."
— Finn to Cassidy after Sean compliments her hair in "Rules" (determinant)
"You don't even have a Santa, for Christ's sake!"
— Finn to Nick while leaving the Christmas market with Cassidy in "Rules"
"I should let you know, but-but I'm watching him like a hawk. Seriously, much respect. He's like my own blood. Not that I'm as hot or cool as his big bro."
— Finn to Sean during the knife-throwing training with Daniel in "Wastelands"
"He's Agent 420 and he has a License to Kush!"
— Finn talking about Big Joe.
"Aww, you'll get scars, but you'll get it. Part of the fun! And sexier."
— Finn to Sean while getting off Big Joe's truck in "Wastelands"
"You gotta be zen about this. The more you try and control him, the less you have. It's deep, huh?"
— Finn to Sean after getting off the truck in "Wastelands"
"It is. But you have time, and a strong... dammit... will! Yeah."
— Finn to Sean while walking back in "Wastelands"
"Why hello, laddie! Welcome to MCNAM'HAIR-A salon!"
— Finn to Sean before giving him a haircut in "Wastelands"
"I'm really glad we met, Sean... I feel like we have a... strong connection. That's me. Always getting... obsessed over people I meet. Sorry about that."
— Finn to Sean at the party in "Wastelands" (determinant)
"- Yeah, I was pretty lucky, my parents were okay. I had three big brothers who spoiled me.
- Aww, you were the baby boy.
- Like Daniel. But my family was kinda... messed up. My dad was like a front for hot cars. Yeah. He'd steal, strip and sell 'em. My brothers and I helped him... You know, typical shit. Until we got busted. Fucking feds wanted me and my brothers to testify... But my dad narced on us instead.
- Damn, Finn... that sucks. What happened?
- I went to jail. When I got out, I was like, fuck EVERYBODY. So I hit the road, Jack... And, anyways.
— Finn and Sean talking about the former's history in "Wastelands" (determinant)

Hannah Reyome

"Shit, you're all in love with Big Joe. You can't stop talking about him, I swear..."
— Hannah to the drifters on Big Joe's truck in "Wastelands"
"Then go! Take the fuck off! If we're a family, we stick together! You're on the bus... or off the bus..."
— Hannah to Cassidy in Merrill's house in "Wastelands"
"Tell me again how many hours you spent on a plane during your awesome trip around the world? And then you come crying about hobos spreading garbage in the forest? [...] Now you're here sponging off us trash. On an illegal pot farm. With a tourist visa. Lecturing us. Funny, right?"
— Hannah to Ingrid and Anders while peeling potatoes in "Wastelands"
"You can't be part of our family unless you open up. This is a family too... Not a pit-stop. Out in the wild, sharing is caring."
— Hannah to Sean after peeling potatoes in "Wastelands"
"You feel us, Sean? Or do we sound like depraved punks to you?"
— Hannah to Sean at the campfire in "Wastelands"


"Legal. But controlled. By who? The bitches who made it against the law! Yay freedom."
— Penny to Sean in "Wastelands" (determinant)
"Told you all a thousand times, Big Joe is a clone! They come from a factory in Silicon Valley!"
— Penny to the drifters in Big Joe's truck in "Wastelands"
"I just hope he's okay. Maybe I'll run into his crazy ass someday, who knows... It's a small world. I'll hand him back the trust that he gave me..."
— Penny to the drifters around the campfire about Jinx in "Wastelands"

Jonathan Merrill

"HEY! You guys still don't get it. This is work, not a goddamn summer camp. You're not special. There are dozens of hippies like yourselves begging for work at the next town. [to Daniel] Kid, your dad should teach you to shut your mouth."
— Merrill to his workers in "Wastelands"
"Next time your brother fucks up, you're both gone asap. Look. I'm not trying to bust your balls, but this is a pot farm and he's a fucking kid. You hear me?"
— Merrill to Sean in "Wastelands"
"I know. Ain't no place for children. That's why I keep mine in New York."
— Merrill to Sean in "Wastelands" (determinant)
"I thought you were different... smart. But you're a real dumbass for getting the kid involved... And you're teaching him how to steal. Thief and brother of the year. Nice! Whew, what now... You all really fucked up. I can't just let this slide. I can't... You're young but you can learn from mistakes... That doesn't mean your lesson's gonna be easy... or painless."
— Merrill to Sean in "Wastelands"

Karen Reynolds

"I know you don't owe me anything. But I beg you, please, help my sons if you can."
— Karen in her letter to Claire and Stephen in "Rules"
"I wasn't meant to be a wife... or a mother. I thought I was supposed to... I tried to pretend for many years... but I was unhappy and the urge to leave just became unbearable... I had no other choice."
— Karen to Sean in "Faith" (determinant)
"I didn't have a choice, Sean. We only have one life, and I didn't want mine to be spent in regrets. For years I've fooled myself, thinking I'd find satisfaction into what society expected me to be, and that was my mistake. I hope someday you can understand that... but I never stopped caring about you... For what it's worth, I am sorry for hurting you and Daniel... and Esteban."
— Karen to Sean in "Faith" (determinant)
"I know, that's hard to understand... But I think people should know who they are... and not fake it for anybody."
— Karen to Sean in "Faith" (determinant)
"That's when you know someone is good to you. When you can just sit together... shut up and let the universe do its own thing..."
— Karen to Sean in "Faith" (determinant)
"You don't know anything! It was an accident. That's what this world is about: accidents, injustice, pain. I'm just so sorry, Daniel. I know... I know how much I hurt you and your brother by leaving. I know that's not enough, but... I hope we can talk about this... together."
— Karen to Lisbeth & Daniel in "Faith"
"You can't escape reality, even here... We just live slightly apart from it."
— Karen in "Wolves"
"Just know I love both of you so much... [and I'm proud of who you are and... where you're going./I know you had it rough lately... But it'll be better when you're settled.]"
— Karen to Sean & Daniel in "Wolves"
"I knew what I was doing when I came to Haven Point looking for your brother... I felt it was the right thing to do, and I feel the same today."
— Karen to Sean in "Wolves"

Lisbeth Fischer

"Faith. We hear that word a lot. But. "Faith" is not just a word, my brothers and sisters. Oh, no... What is faith? Remember Luke 18:27: "What is impossible for Man... is possible for God." With that righteous faith comes the salvation of your souls! Can you cross that invisible bridge to salvation? Do you want your souls to be saved, brothers and sisters? Oh, yes! You are not like all these sinners out there! So I never asked the Lord for a sign... Then, He gave me one. He spoke to me and told me that I was doing right... And to reward our great faith... the Lord sent me the ultimate gift..."
— Lisbeth to her audience in "Faith"
"Please welcome our newest member... and our latest miracle... The Angel Daniel! Here is Daniel, the prophet who was thrown to the lions by false prophets! But God saved Daniel so he could do His work! Yes, Daniel was brought to me to deliver us! To guide us from the wilderness... to our destiny! Now, Daniel will reveal the true power of the Lord! Behold this miracle! Believe! Do you feel your soul rising like the cross? Rise... get up... stand up! You have seen a miracle with your own eyes. Now we have a voice... a messenger... Our flock keeps growing... I see more and more new faces... but this is only the beginning... You must spread the word! Bear witness to this miracle! Thank you so much for coming, and God bless all of you. Amen."
— Lisbeth's sermon about Daniel in "Faith"
"It saddens me that you see things that way, after everything I've done for him. I know why you're scared, Sean. That's because your heart's full of sins. I've heard everything about your journey, Sean, and I cannot let a sinner like you into my community. Not until you make penance."
— Lisbeth to Sean in "Faith" (determinant)
"That's right. You can't tempt Daniel from this garden. He'll stay with us... his true family. And we'll never leave him."
— Lisbeth to Karen in "Faith"
"You can burn down our church, but not our faith!"
— Lisbeth to Sean in "Faith"
"Oh, no. No. You started this fire... You will all burn in this Hell!"
— Lisbeth to Sean, Karen, and Daniel in "Faith"
"Daniel... after all I did for you... You can still repent."
— Lisbeth to Daniel in "Faith" (determinant)

David Madsen

"Hate these trips. People look at us as if we're aliens. "Here come the Sand People...""
— David in "Wolves"
"No matter what he's been through... he just wants to be a kid and play..."
— David to Sean in "Wolves"
"Never met someone with a superpower before..."
— David in "Wolves"
"Listen, raising a kid is the toughest job in the world. Trust me, combat was easier..."
— David to Sean in "Wolves"
"We were like oil and water. And she was always starting shit..."
"Guess that's hard for a kid to get a new father..."
"Especially one like me... I just had no clue how to deal with her. Wish I did... Anyway. You can't go back..."
"Nope. Thanks for talking, David...
— David and Sean in "Wolves"
"Don't mean to order you around... bad habits die hard. And yes, I was suspicious when Karen showed up with you two... But after watching you and your little brother for awhile... I think I get what you're going through..."
— David to Sean in "Wolves"
"Took me a while to acknowledge the past was the past and move on, like they did. Once I realized that, I reached out to them, and we made peace with each other. They stayed here for a while. It felt good to connect with my daughter, at last. You guys remind me of them, in a way. And I don't want to fuck things up, this time."
— David in "Wolves" (determinant)
"Me and her hated each other on sight. But once I lost her, everything became clear. How selfish and stupid I had been... I should have listened to Chloe instead of being a bully... All my fuck-ups are crystal clear now. But I'm not going to fuck this up."
— David in "Wolves" (determinant)
"You made it here, so I know you're on the right path…"
— David to Sean in "Wolves"