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The following list features memorable quotes from Life is Strange: True Colors.

Alex Chen

"For the first time in years, I really let myself believe."
— Alex in the reveal trailer
"Is crushing my ribs still part of the protocol?"
— Alex to Gabe after they reunite in Chapter 1
"Stay. The fuck. Away from him!"
— Alex to Mac in Chapter 1
"Right? I heard he won the Gnome-bel Peace Prize."
— Alex to Gabe about a gnome in the flower shop

Chapter 2:

"You may not have been the reason he's dead, but covering for their fuck-ups makes you guilty too!"
— Alex to Mac
"I know you tried to stop it. They fucked up, not you. Stop lying for them!"
— Alex to Mac
"Yee, and I cannot stress this enough...Haw."
— Alex upon finding the wagon wheel

Chapter 3: (Choosing Steph as the hotter distraction)

"Badass DJ? It's a no brainer. Sorry Ryan."
— Alex to Steph and Ryan at the Black Lantern

Choosing Ryan as the hotter distraction:

"Of course you're a total smoke show, Steph. But for Diane? I think Ryan is a good choice."
— Alex to Steph at the Black Lantern

You get this dialog if you're a high enough love score with Steph:

"In exchange for something far more valuable. My hand. In marriage. And all of its associated benefits. And you should know-- I wouldn't offer if I didn't mean it."
— Alex to Steph at the Magpie Emporium

Chapter 4:

"Steph... who else is playing? I hate you both."
— Alex to Steph and Ryan before the concert at the Spring Festival

The following lines are if you chose to give Steph a rose.

"You have shit taste in good luck charms."
— Alex to Steph on the rooftop

After you leave the rooftop in Chapter 4, Pike brings you to an interrogation room:

"You know what? Fuck Diane. This isn't justice. This is a joke."
— Alex to Pike in the interrogation room in Chapter 4
"Fuck me..."
— Alex while reading the Release and Waiver Agreement document
"I thought I could get justice for Gabe"
— Alex to Pike

After you leave, you go to the Black Lantern and talk to Jed then he brings you to the mine shaft and he attempts to shoot Alex:

"Jed... Why are you sad?"
— Alex to Jed
"Jed... What are you doing?"
— Alex to Jed

Chapter 5:

"Typhon's been lying to all of you. And so has Jed Lucan. I was down in the mine last night. I saw what Typhon's been hiding for twelve years. Jed Lucan isn't a hero. That whole story is a lie. Jed caused the accident. And then he abandoned seven of his men. He let them drown to save himself."
— Alex to everyone at the Black Lantern
"There were pictures of me and Gabe down in the dirt. Because one of those miners was my father."
— Alex to everyone
"And nothing was going to stop that blast, not even the fact that there were four people up in the mountains."
— Alex to everyone about Typhon
"I know it's easier, not having to think about the men you buried. You want to look away and pretend the people you hurt aren't people. But I won't let you."
— Alex to Jed
"I want to belong somewhere. I want to know that there's a place and a group of people who wouldn't be the same without me."
— Alex to Jed
"I want to help people. Because it's something I'm good at. Knowing I'm good at something feels fucking great."
— Alex to Jed
"And I condemn you."
— Alex to Jed

Gabe Chen

"What's the protocol for reuniting with your long lost sister after 8 years?"
— Gabe to Alex after they reunite in Chapter 1
"That guy's bad to the gnome."
— Gabe to Alex about a gnome in the flower shop
"It's your life, the life you fought so hard to have. And for the first time in a long time, you just live."
— Gabe to Alex at the end of Chapter 5

Jed Lucan

"I'm sorry kid."
— Jed to Alex

Ryan Lucan

"Look, Steph, I don't even think she's gay, alright? She's probably into the rugged, mountain man type. All the transplants are."
— Ryan to Alex and Steph at the Black Lantern

Steph Gingrich

"Up next, a very special request from... some chick."
— Steph about Alex in the radio booth
"Hey, so are you into girls or what?"
— Steph to Alex during the foosball game

Chapter 3:

"You have a superpower? You're both fucking with me, right?"
— Steph to Alex and Ryan at the Black Lantern
"Okay, so here's what I'm thinking. I ask Diane out on a date-- And she's so into it, she doesn't notice one Ryan Lucan-- Swiping her laptop. Ryan carries said laptop upstairs, acquiring damning evidence."
— Steph to Ryan and Alex at the Black Lantern
"Maybe Diane and I still hook up? Not important."
— Steph

Chapter 4: (The lines after this are if you chose to give a rose to Steph.)

"Are you serious? Dude. Thank you so much. This totally makes my night."
— Steph to Alex at the Spring Festival
"She said mysteriously."
— Steph to Alex

Going to the rooftop:

"You think it's that easy to get rid of me? Come on, Chen."
— Steph to Alex (if you chose "So happy for you.")
"I've seen you give so much of yourself to make sure other people get what they need. And I guess I wonder if you've thought about what you need."
— Steph to Alex on the rooftop
"I mean, obviously I like you a lot Alex. You mean the fuckin' world to me."
— Steph to Alex

In the Black Lantern in Chapter 5:

"Fuck you, Ryan! After everything? Seriously, fuck you."
— Steph to Ryan

After Alex confronts Jed at the Black Lantern:

"What you did at the council meeting-- it was the bravest thing I've ever seen. And it made me wanna be brave too. So here it goes: I want to be with you. I don't give a shit about playing music. Or seeing the world. I mean, I do. But only if it's with you. And if you'd rather stay here instead then-- *rips bus ticket* Fuck it, I wanna stay here too! Point is, I'm in. For whatever you want."
— Steph to Alex after the council meeting

Mac Loudon


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