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"We'd like to help, but..." — The mother to Sean Diaz if he fails to solicit food in "Roads".

The "Mother" is a member of the travelling Californian family who Sean Diaz can optionally encounter at Bear Station in Life is Strange 2.


Unlike her husband and daughter, she is a lot nicer and compassionate to Sean and Daniel.


The mother is a middle-aged woman with gray eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair. She wears a pink-and-white patterned sweater over a black shirt, baggy blue jeans, and black leather shoes, as well as gold ornate stud earrings and a matching gold link necklace. She wears a silver ring on the middle finger of her right hand.


The mother and her family are from Berkeley, California.

Episode One - "Roads"

Two days into their drive to visit their new vacation home in Vancouver, the mother and her family take a rest stop at a gas station near Mount Rainier National Park, where they purchase food and sit together at a picnic table. While they eat, the mother admires the outdoor scenery aloud, while her daughter and husband complain about the lack of luxuries such as phone reception and cocoa.

If Sean sent Daniel to beg
If Sean sends Daniel to beg, Daniel walks up to the family's table and has a short conversation with them. He mentions that his brother is sick, to which the mother sympathetically gives him a bag of chips. Sean can choose to have a conversation with the family afterwards, where he thanks the mother for giving them food.

If Sean begs for food himself

If Sean decides to talk to the family himself, he has the option to make small talk with them before asking them for food. During their conversation, the mother is the one who primarily speaks, while her daughter and husband occasionally make interjections.

Should Sean either leave an overall good impression or provide details as to why he and Daniel are there, the mother sympathetically hands them a large bag of chips, enough to last them for the rest of the day.

Should Sean either leave an overall poor impression, fail to provide details when prompted, or neglect to make small talk, the father and daughter make dismissive remarks after Sean asks for food, to which the mother gives into as she apologizes to Sean for not helping.




  • Daniel Diaz - If Sean sent Daniel to beg, Daniel tells Sean upon returning that the mother was "nice". After their conversation, the mother can be heard telling her husband that she feels "so bad for that little boy".

Memorable Quotes

"Kids always want to be adults... If only they knew..."
— The mother after her daughter says she's too old for Halloween in "Roads"
"Just passing through on our way to Vancouver to check on our new home. All the way from California!"
— The mother if Sean asks where she's visiting from in "Roads"
"Aw, you poor thing! Of course we can share... It's like a picnic, right?"
— The mother while handing over a large bag of chips to Sean Diaz in "Roads"


  • The Californian family's license plate number is 477 GER.