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"Sean... Look how big these trees are..."
"That's only because they need the sun."
Daniel Diaz and Sean Diaz in "Roads"

Mount Rainier National Park is a mountainous national park located in west-central Washington in Life is Strange 2. Nisqually River and the Trout Spring Trail are located in Mount Rainier. The park appears in Episode 1 where Sean and Daniel Diaz hike through the forest following their escape from Seattle.

Trout Spring Trail

Trout Springs Trail is a scenic hiking path located in Mount Rainier National Park. The trail’s entrance is situated along a highway, and consists of a small parking area with a pay station, two informative bulletin boards, and a washroom facility. The trail passes by a picnic area with a valley lookout, and contains several bushes that grow huckleberries, blackberries, and holly berries. Several white trail blazes are painted onto the tall fir trees lining the path, highlighting the direction of the trail.

During the events of “Roads”, the trail is cut off after a certain point by a rock landslide, forcing travelers to either turn back or to take an alternate path leading downwards to Nisqually River. Unlike the main trail, the offshoot path contains several hazards including steeper drops and fallen trees.

Trail Blazes

Trail blazing is the practice of marking paths in outdoor recreational areas with signs or markings that follow each other at certain, though not necessarily exactly defined, distances and mark the direction of the trail. In addition to reassuring the trail user that they are on the trail, the signage can alert them to imminent turns, particularly if there is some confusion about what might be the trail, and where trails begin and end. The system by which blazes are used to signify turns and endpoints in trails strongly favors the use of paint blazes often on trees, but also on rocks and other surfaces. The following signs can be found on the Trout Spring Trail: (TBC)

Trail Blaze 1.jpg
Continue straight.
Trail Blaze 2.jpg
Left spur leading to a different trail.

Picnic Area

The carving of Chris, Emily, and Charles' names.

The trail's picnic area consists of three picnic benches, a bulletin board listing the park's rules and safety warnings, and a wooden bench overlooking a valley. The picnic benches are defaced with multiple instances of graffiti, including a raccoon alongside the words "A raccoon stole my shit", the Eye of Providence, and a family carving made by Chris, Charles, and Emily Eriksen.

Nisqually River

The couple's Polaroid photograph.

Nisqually River is a river that flows south of Mt. Rainier along Route 706. During their journey, Sean and Daniel decide to set up shelter underneath one of the large rock formations by the river's edge. Sticks and logs of varying sizes are scattered around the area, and the riverbank is lined with pebbles and large pieces of driftwood. Several types of foliage grow in the area, including hazel trees and bushes, poison ivy, brambles, and ferns.

Carved onto one of the rock formations is an epitaph which reads "For our beloved friend Lynda King, 8/22/86". Carved onto another is a skull alongside the words "YOUR [sic] GONNA DIE HERE". A red-stained Polaroid photograph of a couple can be found by one of the streams leading into the river. Perched in one of the higher branches of a tree is a fishing lure, which Sean can collect as a souvenir with Daniel's help.


  • Bears - Multiple bear warnings are posted on the park's informative bulletin boards. At their campsite by Nisqually River, Sean can come across a tree trunk embedded with bear scratches.
  • Raccoons - Before entering the park, Daniel can come across a dead raccoon by the roadside. While walking down Trout Spring Trail, Sean can point out a living raccoon sitting on a rock to Daniel.
  • Birds - While walking down the offshoot path, Sean can find a birds' nest perched in a tree just above the trail.
  • Ants - Near their campsite by Nisqually River, Sean can come across a swarm of ants congregating on a rock.
  • Spiders - Near their campsite by Nisqually River, Sean and Daniel can come across a large spider web built between two trees.

Episode One - "Roads"

Two days after leaving Seattle following Esteban's death, Sean and Daniel continue onward along a roadside bordering the national park. After Sean refuses to give a straight answer as to why they're walking, Daniel sits down and refuses to move, sore from both the long walk and having slept underneath a bridge the previous night. Sean manages to get Daniel back up by convincing him that they're on a hiking journey, and they continue down the road while taking breaks under the shade along the way.

Upon reaching the entrance to Trout Springs Trail, Daniel sees a Chock-O-Crisp lying in an abandoned car and pleads Sean to get him one at their next stop, which Sean can either agree to or decide to take the chocolate from the car. As they travel down the path, Sean can teach about trail markers and participate in various activities with him, including looking over the park, discussing various wildlife and posters, and playing hide-and-seek.

After taking a detour from the trail due to a rock slide, Sean and Daniel come across the edge of Nisqually River, where they decide to take base for the night under a large rock formation. Daniel can either gather firewood or attempt to "fortify" their campsite at Sean's request, and after doing so, Sean can join him as he stabs at the river for fish, learns to skip stones, play-fights against a tree, and examines a spider web.

(If Daniel had a good day)
Upon exhausting all his activities, Daniel climbs on top of the rock formation and asks Sean to climb up with him, where Sean can optionally cloud gaze and bond with Daniel before they both head back down to light the fire.

(If Daniel had a bad day)
If Sean unintentionally made Daniel angry while at the riverside, Daniel will return to their campsite angrily and wait for Sean to light their firewood.

As either Sean or Daniel blows on the wood, the fire begins to ignite. Later on, during the evening, the two brothers sit by their burning campfire as the moon rises, finishing off the last of their food (and, if Sean took one, the stolen Chock-O-Crisp, which Daniel will either share with Sean or keep to himself depending on Sean's earlier choice in their home).

As they relax by the fire, Sean can optionally check on Daniel (who questions why he can't remember the outcome of the fight with Brett) and howl at the full moon together before Daniel grows tired, causing Sean to decide to send them both to bed.

Later that night, the fire flickers and grows as Daniel tosses and turns in his sleep, calling out for his father. Sean awakens and wakes Daniel up with a shake, causing Daniel to groan and ask where their father is.

(If Daniel had no issues)
Sean reassures Daniel about his bad dream and that they're both fine, placing another log onto the fire before they fall back asleep.

(If Sean scared Daniel)
Daniel tells Sean that he's been hearing noises, having developed paranoia about scary animals in the woods. Sean reassures Daniel that they're both safe, and promises that they'll find a better place tomorrow before they both fall back asleep.

(If Daniel ate bad berries)
As Daniel tells Sean that he's feeling sick, he crawls away from the campsite and vomits as Sean attempts to soothe him. After Daniel finishes throwing up, Sean promises that they'll find a better place tomorrow before they both fall back asleep.

Episode Four - "Faith"

The park briefly appears in Sean's dream. Sean is seen sitting on the bench overlooking a cliff with Daniel, who encourages Sean to find him before allowing himself to fall off the cliff. This then causes Sean to wake up from his dream.

Episode Five - "Wolves"

If Sean surrenders and Daniel's morality is high, the brothers revisit the park fifteen years later after Sean is released from prison before they part ways.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Sean's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.

Episode One- "Roads"

Trout Spring Trail

  • Sean can look at and discuss with Daniel about a car. (Comment: "A car out here? Hope the driver isn't around, watching us...")
  • He can examine and discuss with Daniel about a Pierce County Forest map. (Comment: "Welcome to Nowhere, Washington... Yay...
    SEAN: "Now we can see where we are. Cool, there's a river nearby."
    DANIEL: "A river? Are we gonna go swimming?"
    SEAN: "No, duh. It's way too cold for your skinny butt."
    DANIEL: "Okay...")
  • He can examine and discuss with Daniel about a warning about trail damage caused by a landslide. (Comment: "Let's just hope that doesn't happen while we're here."
    SEAN: "There must have been a bigass storm."
    DANIEL: "Oooooh, landslide... Doesn't sound good..."
    SEAN: "Should be fine.")
  • He can examine and discuss with Daniel about a bear alert sign. (Comment: "I'm sure there's no bear around here..."
    SEAN: "I don't know, I guess they missed that car..."
    DANIEL: "What if the owners come after us? And they're hunters?")
  • He can look at and show to Daniel a trail blaze. (Comment: "Dad showed me how to read these when I was eight..."
    SEAN: "Hey, check out this mark on the tree..."
    DANIEL: "What is that? Grafitti?"
    SEAN: "Not exactly... It's called a "Trail Blaze" and people used to put them up to give directions."
    DANIEL: "Like GPS?"
    SEAN: "Yeah, sure... Just slightly more ancient."
    DANIEL: "Awesome! Let's follow it!"
  • He can examine a Trout Spring Trail sign with a park rescue phone number. (Comment: "How? No reception in this shithole...")
  • He can examine a self-service pay station sign. (Comment: "Like anybody is going to pay in the middle of nowhere...")
    • Afterwards, he can look at and attempt to break open the pay station box. (Comment: Look before breaking open: "Hmmm.... Could take a quick peek."
      Open: Damn. This is going to be a bitch...
      Look after breaking open: Fuck me! So tired of this bullshit...)
      • Afterwards, he can use a rock to break open the box. (Comment: SEAN: "Fuck it."
        DANIEL: "Uhhh... Sean? What are you doing?"
        SEAN: "Just... taking a little peek inside..."
        DANIEL: "But... But are we allowed to?"
        SEAN: "It's a box in the middle of the woods. Nobody cares."
        (Sean breaks the lock off the box and finds that it's empty.)
        SEAN: "Aw shit... Don't worry... It's empty. Of course.")
  • He can look at and discuss with Daniel about a dead raccoon. (Comment: "Screw this... Like I needed to see that."
    SEAN: "Come on Daniel... Don't look at it."
    DANIEL: "It's not fair..."
    SEAN: "No... No it's not, Daniel...")
  • He can examine a hygiene sign.. (Comment: "Man, people don't even read the signs...")
  • He can look at and ask Daniel about the washroom. (Comment: Before showing Daniel: "Man... We haven't seen one of these for miles."
    If Daniel used the washroom: Daniel's always making a fuss for nothing... He'll thank me later.
    If Daniel didn't use the washroom: Great. He's going to wake me up in the middle of the night to take a shit.)
  • He can look at another trail blaze. (Comment: "Dad always knew exactly where to go... He was a living compass.")
  • He can look at a direction sign. (Comment: "Man... What are we doing out here...")
  • He can look at a third trail blaze. (Comment: "I don't know how I still remember these...")
  • He can look at a fourth trail blaze. (Comment: "I bet nobody knows what they mean anymore.")
  • He and Daniel can discuss a raccoon. (Comment: SEAN: "Daniel! Come check this out!"
    DANIEL: "What? What?"
    SEAN: "Be quiet... He'll take off."
    DANIEL: "Ooo... Raccoon! He's sooo cute!"
    SEAN: "Hah. That raccoon will tear us apart. Let's go, bro.")
    • After it runs off, he can look at the raccoon.
  • He can look at a landslide blocking the trail. (Comment: "I do not wanna get stuck out here... We gotta find a camp site...")
  • He can step over (required) and help Daniel over a large fallen tree. (Comment: SEAN: "Okay, now it's your turn... Hop on down.")
  • He and Daniel can discuss a bird nest. (Comment: SEAN: "Hey! Daniel! You hear that?"
    DANIEL: "Is that a bird's nest?"
    SEAN: "Oh yeah. They're everywhere out here."
    DANIEL: "At least they have a home..."
    SEAN: "Come on... We're too big for a nest.")
  • He can jump down and help Daniel down a tall ledge (required). (Comment: SEAN: "Come on! I got you!"
    DANIEL: "Whew... Thanks!"
    (The two high-five each other.))
  • He can look at a "creepy mushroom" growing on a tree. (Comment: "What the hell is that? I should've listened in biology class...")

Picnic Area

  • Sean can look at, check for/show to Daniel, and eat at several bushes of black berries. (Comment: Look before eating: "We don't have much... This is better than nothing."
    Check: "They're okay. Go ahead."
    Show to Daniel:
    SEAN: Dude. I found some berries, come get some.
    DANIEL: Cool! I'm so hungry.
    Look after eating: Free, healthy food. That's cool.)
  • He can look at and check for Daniel several bushes of red berries. (Comment: Look before eating: "Fucking cellphone... If only I could google those..."
    Look after eating: These ones taste really bad, must be toxic.)
  • He can look at a carving on a picnic table that says "EAT MANKIND, NOT ANIMALS". (Comment: "I'll leave that to the zombies...")
  • He can look at a picnic table carving depicting a penis surrounded by profanity. (Comment: "People write stupid shit sometimes...")
  • He can look at and discuss with Daniel about a wild animals sign. (Comment: "Just like the trails Dad used to take me on...")
  • He can look at and discuss with Daniel about poster listing the park rules. (Comment: "What'd happen if somebody actually catches us?"
    SEAN: "Now we know what not to do, right?"
    DANIEL: "I guess... I don't like it here...")
  • He can examine another warning about trail damage caused by a landslide. (Comment: "Let's just hope that doesn't happen while we're here.")
  • He can sit and have a moment of calm on a bench overlooking a cliff.

Nisqually River

  • Sean can pick up logs around the area for the fire (required). (Comment: First log: "Now this is perfect."
    Second log: "Nice and dry..."
    Third log: Hmm... Now that's enough for a toasty fire...)
    • If Sean sent Daniel to find materials for the fire and gets back after Daniel, he can set the logs down (required).
    • If Sean sent Daniel to find materials for the fire and gets back after Daniel, he can check the logs Daniel has gathered (required).
  • He can sit and draw on a rock overlooking the river.. (Comment: "Feels good to focus on something after all that shit.")
  • He can look at and skip some stones embedded in the stand. (Comment: "Ooo, rocks and water... I have a good idea...")
  • He can look at a carving on a rock that says "FOR OUR BELOVED FRIEND LYNDA KING 8/22/86". (Comment: "1986? Damn, that's ancient...")
  • He can look at a mass of ants crawling on a rock. (Comment: "Careful! Don't wanna wake up covered in ants tomorrow...")
  • He can look at a spider web. (Comment: "I ran into a web like that when I was a kid... Ewww.")
  • He can look at deep scratches embedded into a tree.. (Comment: "Shit, those are bear claws... I'm not gonna tell Daniel.")
  • He can look at a carving embedded into the rock that says "YOUR GONNA DIE HERE". (Comment: "Not today...")
  • He can look at an abandoned polaroid photo. (Comment: "Hope they had a better time than us...")
  • Sean can find Daniel doing several activities around their campsite.
    • He can cheer up or splash Daniel while he's stabbing at the river to find fish.
    • He can teach Daniel how to skip stones.
    • He can play ally or opponent to Daniel play-fighting with a stick.
    • If Sean didn't both splash and play opponent to Daniel, he can explain about or scare Daniel into a spider web.
  • He can look at and, with Daniel's help, take an "odd thing" stuck in the branches of a tree by the river. (Comment: "Hmmm... What's that? That's too high to reach."
    SEAN: "Daniel! Can you see that?"
    DANIEL: "Totally! But what is it?"
    SEAN: "It's your job to find out... If you want..."
    DANIEL: "Okay, hold on! Whoa, careful, dude!"
    SEAN: "Come on! What do you see?"
    DANIEL: "Ahhh... Looks like fishing bait..."
    SEAN: "Well... Let's take it, as a souvenir..."
    DANIEL: "We can hook it on your backpack!"
    SEAN: "Nice...")
  • He can ignite the fire pit (required).
  • Sean can look at the fire pit. (Comment: "Man, I made a fire tonight! Dad would be proud...")
  • If Sean asked Daniel to hold down the fort, he can look at Daniel's makeshift "fortifications". (Comment: "Now that's a fort... Good work, little bro...")
  • He can look at his wallet. (Comment: "We're almost broke... How do we eat tomorrow?")
  • He can look at his backpack. (Comment: "Wonder if I'll ever go back to school after this...")
  • He can look at his phone. (Comment: "Still no reception...")
  • He can look at his lighter. (Comment: "I could really use a smoke.")
  • Depending on what Sean took from home:
    • He can look at a can of soda. (Comment: "Good I took those and not the beers... Daniel needed this sugar rush.")
    • He can look at the can of beer. (Comment: "Nice Sean... Beers are exactly what we needed for survival...")
    • He can look at the bag of chips. (Comment: "I am sooo over chips...")
    • He can look at the empty box of cookies. (Comment: "That's my quota of cookies for the year...")
  • He can look at, check on, and send Daniel to bed (required). (Comment: "Funny how a little food chills Daniel out...")


The "creepy mushroom".

  • On the offshoot from Trout Spring Trail leading down to Nisqually River, Sean and Daniel come across and comment on a "creepy mushroom" that bears a strong resemblance to the fungal plates that grow on Infected, also called Clickers, a type of enemy from the post-apocalyptic video game The Last of Us. When looking at it, Daniel comments that it looks like a Clicker and imitates Clicker sounds, confirming the reference.



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