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"We hope you haven't brought shame on you or our family." — Mrs. Marsh to Kate via email in "Out of Time"

Mrs. Marsh is the mother of Kate Marsh and Lynn Marsh and the wife of Richard Marsh, a church preacher. The Marshes are a very devoted and Christian conservative family.

Episode Two - "Out of Time"

Sometime in the new school year of 2013, Kate decided to attend a Vortex Club party against her better judgement and became intoxicated. She was completely unaware of her actions that night until a video was uploaded to the Internet which quickly went viral, especially around the students of Blackwell Academy, causing Principal Wells to make Kate's parents aware of the matter.

In response to this, Kate received the following email from her mother:

Re: Call us.

Kate, Your father and I just received a rather disturbing call from Principal Wells about you and some party video. Our concerns about sending you to Blackwell seem justified.

Please call us after your classes this evening so we can fully discuss this matter. We hope you haven't brought shame on you or our family.

We'll pray for you and expect you to pray for forgiveness.

Your mother.

On October 8th, when Max Caulfield enters Kate's dorm room to return a book to her, she sees the email from Kate's mother and comes to the conclusion that Kate is dealing with her problems alone and lacks parental support.

Later, in complete shame and desperation, Kate jumps from the roof of the dormitory in a suicide attempt. Max is able to use her rewind power so that she can rush to the rooftop and try to save Kate. If Max mentions to Kate that her mother doesn't care about a video and would be destroyed, this backfires, as Kate responds to Max with, "You don't know my mother. At all. She already thinks Satan has me on the fast-track to Hell." Kate will then jump off the roof before Max can do anything to stop her.

Kate's father is the only adult in her family who she thinks truly cares about her and believes in her.


  • Mentioning Kate's mother on the roof of the dormitory will contribute toward Kate's suicide, but mentioning Kate's sisters or her father can contribute towards saving her.