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"This room is like Nathan's mind..."Max Caulfield in "Dark Room"

Nathan's Room is number 111 in the male part of the Prescott Dormitory. It is an explorable location in Life is Strange during "Dark Room" when Max Caulfield searches for proof of Nathan Prescott's involvement in the Dark Room Conspiracy.



The slate outside room 111 reads "The Prescotts rule this town" -- a show of power and outward aggression. If Max had saved Kate Marsh in "Out of Time", Kate will text Nathan's room number to Max after the latter visited her at the hospital, but Max can easily establish this room to be Nathan's from the slate message alone.

Max uses the nearby fire extinguisher to bust open the locked door of the room. She can rewind to repair the damage if she likes, once she's inside.


The first notable thing about Nathan's room is that it appears to be very dark due to the closed blinds over the windows. It reinforces the suggestion that Nathan is the brooding and moody type.

To the left of the door, near his bed, is a commode with his clothing. Inside one of the drawers, Max finds a threatening note from Chloe Price arranging their meeting in the Blackwell bathroom, as well as a horrifying picture of Chloe while drugged. A broken lamp and Nathan's prescription drugs are situated on the bedside table.

If Pompidou was hurt during the previous episode, a macabre photo of the injured dog lying on the road can be found on the bed.

To the right of the door is a desk with expensive photo equipment: a brand new monochrome camera and a new lens.

On the wall beside this desk is a certificate Nathan got from his father when he was little, certifying that he is the "best son in the world." This seems to imply that Nathan values the respect and admiration of his father and is desperately trying to redeem himself and win back the love he once had as a child.

On the right side of the desk is a black leather(?) couch. Above the couch, the screen from Nathan's computer is projected on the wall. Macabre black and white scenes similar to the old German Expressionism style form the screensaver of his PC and the images being projected.

Nathan's computer is located on the desk opposite the door. Beside it, there is a shelf with lots of horror DVDs and creepy photographs. Nathan even has a photo of Max on the wall near his bed which he stole if you accused him and he broke into Max's room earlier. Under his bed, there is a pornographic magazine; Max comments that he is an all-American teen in that regard. However, the bondage portrait photographs on his wall suggest he also has a BDSM fetish or are foreshadowing of the Dark Room.

Episode Four - "Dark Room"

Max can explore the room and use Nathan's PC to glean more insight into his troubles and involvement in the drugging of Blackwell Academy girls. She can find a thoughtful email from his sister Kristine as well as unsupportive notes from his father and some conversations with Victoria Chase about what she plans to wear to the Vortex Club's upcoming party.

There are the scratch marks by the couch as a result of the couch being pulled away from the wall. Interaction with these marks is only available after Max has interacted with several items in the room first. She moves the couch to find Nathan's hidden stash of information, as well as his phone. She takes the zip-lock bag and departs the room to find Chloe.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Max's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.
  • Max can look at a poster of a woman tied with rope. (Comment: "I really hope they were all consenting models...")
  • She can look at a note from Chloe and a photo of her in a drawer. (Comment: Note: "That is so Chloe..."
    Photo: "Oh my God... Chloe... Oh, Chloe...")
  • She can turn on Nathan's MP3 player. (Comment: "Whale songs? Maybe this is the only soothing thing Nathan ever hears...")
  • She can look at a broken lamp. (Comment: "That must be the lamp Chloe broke when Nathan drugged her...")
  • She can look at a book by Dr. Bill near Nathan's bed. (Comment: "I don't think one book can guide the Prescotts.")
  • She can look at some black and white photos on the bed. (Comment: "Damn, Nathan, that is a nice shot... If only all your energy went into photography."
    "It's so damn creepy, but the guy has his own style.")
  • She can look at a photo of Pompidou's carcass (determinant). (Comment: "Jesus... Nathan is one sick fuck.")
  • She can look at a poster of the "New Romantics" above the bed. (Comment: "That looks like a totally fun show. Even Nathan has a light side.")
  • She can look at a pornographic magazine under the bed. (Comment: "Nathan Prescott. All-American teen...")
  • She can look at the stuff from Kate's altar (determinant). (Comment: "Nathan took this from Kate’s altar... but why? What is with this dude?")
  • She can look at Nathan's DVD collection. (Comment: "These films all have a dark pattern...")
  • She can look at three similar posters. (Comment: "Nathan likes his tortured subjects... way too much.")
  • She can look at a guide to 9mm weapons. (Comment: "Holy shit! That's the gun Nathan used on Chloe. A gift from...?")
  • She can look at Nathan's computer. (Comment: "Let's see what Nathan hides in here.)
  • She can use Nathan's computer to view:
    • An email from Nathan to Victoria. (Comment: "Nathan is way into this party... Bad sign.")
    • A video hosting page with Kate's video. (Comment: "Bastard. Now I remember why I hate you... and why Kate will get justice.")
    • An email from Sean to Nathan. (Comment: "Oh man, Sean Prescott might be Nathan's real problem...")
    • An email from Kristine to Nathan. (Comment: "Too bad Nathan isn't more like his sister. She sounds awesome... and far away.")
    • An online drugstore website with Dexomine. (Comment: "Yes, Nathan sure needs diet pills. This is strong stuff...")
    • An email from Principal Wells to Nathan (determinant). (Comment: "Wow... Kiss ass much, Principal Wells?")
  • She can look at a photo of Nathan and Sean near the computer. (Comment: "I’d cry too if I had him for a father and had to wear that suit...")
  • She can look at Nathan's prescription pills. (Comment: "I don’t think this prescription has helped Nathan.")
  • She can look at Nathan's projector. (Comment: "Yes, I would be cool with having this high-tech projector...")
  • She can look at the scratch marks on the floor (required). (Comment: "What the hell are all those marks on the floor?")
  • She can move the couch to grab a plastic bag with Nathan's phone (required). (Comment: "Let’s find out what you’re hiding..."
    "Oh yes, little phone, you are mine now.")
  • She can look at Nathan's camera. (Comment: "That monochrome camera is brand new and costs about six grand. Bastard.")
  • She can look at the lens for Nathan's camera. (Comment: "I thought Victoria had the photo bling, but once again, the Prescotts rule.")