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Nik Shriner is comedian, actor and voice over artist. He is voice actor for Nathan Prescott, Trevor, Daniel DaCosta, and Luke Parker in Life is Strange.


"Nik Shriner got his start in comedy when he could barely speak. While on stage, his father (Comedian Wil Shriner) knew his son had an ear for a “bad crowd”.

While studying film and theatre abroad in Australia he got up on his own and hasn’t looked back.

Nik has been finding his voice in South Florida, New York City and his home town, Los Angeles as the world’s only Third Generation Comedian, where he hears “good crowds” weekly.

Nik is also an actor and voice over performer most known as Nathan on the hit video game, Life is Strange. He also appears regularly on General Hospital and most recently on USAs Pilot, Paradise Pictures."

[Source: Nik Shriner's official website]


  • Nik loves Ultimate Frisbee.
  • Nik apparently joked that he ships Nathan Prescott and Warren Graham, as evident by one of his Twitter posts.
  • In a Life is Strange livestream, Nik gets annoyed whenever Warren shows up. He also thinks Warren "is that kind of guy who is desperate to meet girls".
  • During the Life is Strange - Episode 2 livestream, some fans from twitch chat said that they ship Pricefield and Nik stated that he supports them as well. After saving Chloe from train, he also said, "Are they gonna kiss now?".


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