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"Liar! Where were you and Captain Spirit when Mantroid saved my life? Huh, good guy?" — Noctarious to Power Bear in Captain Spirit

Noctarious is a character in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit and Life is Strange 2. He is one of the villains on Mantroid's team, having defected to his side after Mantroid saved his life.

Captain Spirit

While in his room, Chris Eriksen can choose to play with Noctarious and Power Bear. During their "confrontation", Noctarious refuses to accept Power Bear's pleas for him to rejoin Captain Spirit's team after Mantroid had saved his life. They proceed to have a fight, during which Noctarious is knocked on his back and rendered unable to move.

Release him
Captain Spirit tells Power Bear to release Noctarious. After being let go, Noctarious mocks the two heroes and promises revenge before going back to Mantroid.

Destroy him
Noctarious begs for his life before being flung backwards in an explosion caused by Captain Spirit, killing him.

Regardless of the player's choice, playing with the figurines counts towards completing Chris' My Awesome Things to Do list.

Episode Two - "Rules"

After Daniel goes to the bathroom, Chris sets up his toys in front of Sean Diaz and has him guess whether each one belongs to Team Spirit or Team Mantroid. If Sean chooses all of them correctly, Chris rewards Sean with a rare interstellar traveler toy.


Power Bear and Noctarious' battle may be a parallel to Sean's fight with Brett Foster in Episode 1 of Life is Strange 2, as both fights end with the latter being knocked onto their back and rendered incapable of moving.