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"Sean? The family that lived here... What do you think happened to them?" — Daniel while exploring outside the cabin in "Rules"

The old house is an abandoned cabin located in Willamette National Forest. Three weeks prior to the events of "Rules", Sean and Daniel Diaz come across the cabin and decide to take shelter there.


The house is the former residence of a man named Patrick Hill and his two children, Maggie and John. A picture of the family can be found taped to the fridge, dated to Agathe Falls during the summer of 1993. A postcard from an older Maggie can be found on the same fridge:

Maggie Hill's postcard to her father, Patrick.

Hi Dad!

Say hello to your little girl in Miami! Yes there is a sun here and it burns. I love it!!! Tom knows everybody and I keep waiting to meet Scarface. Were at his friend's killer condo with a beach view and balcony! I feel so spoiled but I know John is at a castle in the Alps so I don't feel so bad! Plus I really like it here - what a great way to start this new century! I miss our vacation at the secret lodge but I don't miss the raccoons in my room... Hope you can come visit soon after summer! Love you!

- Maggie

Several old canoes can be found lying around the cabin, as well as a birdhouse with Maggie's name and a broken doghouse with the name "Sandy" carved into it.

While looking through his things, Sean can examine a letter addressed from a Dr. Fischer on May 25, 2003. In it, Fischer reminds Patrick of his scheduled upcoming chemotherapy appointment, indicating that he had developed some form of cancer.

Several other clues to the Hill family's existence can be found around the house:

  • Plastered above the sliding door are several small, colorful posters.
  • A stack of magazines lies on the floor next to the main room's armchair.
  • An old Aweso Comics-licensed Hawt Dawg Man issue lies next to the main room's mattress.
  • The walls of the room containing Daniel's lair are decorated with posters for films entitled Case Closed 22 and Gold Crap, as well what appears to be a boy band.
  • A collage picture frame containing several family photos hangs beside the door to the locked room.
  • Various bottles of Patrick Hill's medicine rest on a shelf above the bathroom's sink.


Daniel's progress board.

After years of neglect by its owners, the former vacation house shows visible signs of its abandonment; the ceilings and walls have significantly decayed with several large holes, most of the furniture is either rusted over or falling apart, and many of the red floor tiles are loose or missing.

The main room contains a wood stove, a large floor mattress, and a coffee table. Several childish drawings are sketched onto the room's walls, including one depicting Hawt Dawg Man and Mustard above the mattress. Sean and Daniel's backpacks rest on either side of the mattress, and a spinning wheel is placed to its left. To the left of the sliding door rests a green armchair, where the brothers have propped up a piece of wall on which they mark Daniel's progress in training his powers. The room's right wall holds a built-in kitchen, which consists of a fridge, a stove, a sink, and several cupboards containing cans of ravioli. A plate for Mushroom's water lies on the floor next to the fridge.

On the far left corner are the entrances to two other rooms. The first room contains Daniel's lair, which can consist of either the tent from Bear Station or a tarp based on Sean's choices in Episode 1. Within the lair are a water gun, an old doll, a "Draw-A-Lot"-branded drawing toy, a CD player, a robot toy, and a drawing of Daniel by Sean, as well as a map hidden underneath the floor spread. A desk holding Sean's belongings is positioned in front of the door, and a bed frame and a shelf lie to the left behind the lair, both broken. The second room is mentioned by Sean to be too cold, leading the brothers to place their unneeded items inside before keeping it closed.

A short hallway leads from the main room to the front door and the bathroom. The hallway contains a broken wall phone and a shattered picture frame, and the floor is covered with flattened cardboard boxes. The bathroom contains a sink, where the brothers keep a container of drinking water, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and bottles of bubble bath from the Three Seals Motel. Next to the sink are a bucket covered by a piece of cardboard and a toilet with a sign above it depicting the word "NO" over a sketch of human waste. On the far wall is the bathtub, which contains the brother's dishes, a bucket of laundry water (marked by a sign depicting the words "LAUNDRY WATER DON'T DRINK"), and a clothesline supported by the shower head. On the right wall is a broken window covered by a taped piece of cardboard, as well as a towel rack with a single towel.

Episode Two - "Rules"

After completing their power training session, Sean and Daniel decide to head back to their cabin after Daniel begins coughing due to his worsening fever. Upon entering the house, Sean records Daniel's progress on a chalkboard while Daniel entertains Mushroom by lifting a plate with his powers. After noticing this, Sean reprimands Daniel and reminds him about their rules regarding his telekinesis: "hide your power", "never talk about it", and "run from danger". Following Daniel's affirmation, Sean gets up to prepare dinner by lighting up the wood stove with his father's lighter, pouring out a can of ravioli into a pot, and setting it onto the stove. After some time, Sean deems the meal ready and calls Daniel down for dinner.

The "Ship, Captain, and Crew" game board.

Several hours later, after the sky has darkened and the brothers are finishing their dinner, Sean gets up from the table to retrieve a map of Oregon, which he ends up finding under Mushroom in Daniel's hideout. As he walks back to the table, Sean is startled by a figure knocking at their door; after walking up to it, the figure is revealed to be a floating blanket Daniel was using to prank him. After either reprimanding him or brushing it off, Sean shows Daniel the map and tells him that he wants them to travel to their grandparents' house in order to find help for Daniel's sickness. Daniel agrees, then proposes that they play one last game of "Ship, Captain, and Crew" to commemorate their last night in the cabin.

After one of the brothers wins and draws on the other's backpack, Sean steps outside to let Mushroom relieve herself. As Sean sits on the porch and smokes a cigarette, he spots a rock embedded in the snow and experimentally tries to telekinetically lift it, but to no avail. Upon returning inside, Sean finds that Daniel has fallen fast asleep on the mattress, and after adding another piece of wood to the fire, Sean lies down next to him and does the same.

The next day, as the brothers prepare to leave, one of them notices Mushroom pawing at the screen door and lets her outside. A few minutes pass, and Daniel realizes that Mushroom hasn't yet returned and goes outside to look for her. Sean stays behind to fill their water bottles, then leaves the house to search for Daniel and Mushroom.

After finding Mushroom's body and dealing with the cougar that killed her, Sean and Daniel plant a wooden grave marker with Mushroom's name written across it close to the cabin. After saying their goodbyes, the brothers leave the house behind and begin their journey towards Beaver Creek.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Sean's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.


  • Sean can look at an old canoe. (Comment: "The family who owned that cabin... Really seemed to enjoy themselves out here...")
  • He can look at a bird feeder. (Comment: "You can't really name birds, right? ...probably the name of a child who used to live here.")
  • He can look at and discuss with Daniel the mutant snowman. (Comment: "Ha! Daniel's definition of a cool snowman... I like it."
    Sean: "We really nailed it with this two-headed snow-ogre.
    Daniel: "Yeah. They're really badass! And Mushroom isn't even afraid of them anymore! Right, puppy?" )
  • He can look at and ask Daniel to get down a metal box from a tree. (Comment: "Hey, what's that? Looks like a metal box or something..."
    "There must be a way to get this down, somehow...")
    • Afterwards, he can look at and inspect the metal box, finding an old Power Bear toy. (Comment: "Huh. Looks like an old cigar box...")
  • He can look at a carving on the back of the cabin. (Comment: "Runaway millenials and part-time forest squatters, at your service.")
  • He can look at an inscription on the side of the cabin. (Comment: "Sorry, guys... We don't take any more guests.")
  • He can look at an old doghouse. (Comment: "What kind of dog were you, Sandy? A cool stray mutt like our little Mushroom?")
  • He can look at an old toy wagon. (Comment: "How old are these kids today?.")
  • He can look at another one of Daniel's traps. (Comment: "Yep. No meat tonight...")
  • He can look at the old house. (Comment: "Fucking miracle we found this place three weeks ago...")
  • He can look at a barbecue. (Comment: "I miss Dad's barbecues. His marinade with achiote paste, jalapeños... shit.")
  • He can look at and have Daniel use his powers to play fetch with a stick. (Comment: "I train Daniel... Daniel can train Shroom.")
  • He can look at some patio chairs. (Comment: "Must've been a really sweet spot to get a tan in the summer.")
  • He can look at some flower pots. (Comment: "Yeah... NOt my kind of weeds.")
  • He can look at a fishing rod. (Comment: "We tried to fish in the river... but we really sucked.")
  • He can have a moment of calm on a couch on the patio.
  • He can look at and enter through the cabin's sliding door. (Comment: "We had to use Daniel's... gift to break in.")
  • The next day:
    • Sean can look at blood stains on the ground. (Comment: "What the fuck happened here?")
  • He can look at Mushroom's bandanna. (required) (Comment: "That's not good...")
  • He can crawl under the trunk. (required) (Comment: "That's not good...")

Main Room

  • Sean can look at the sliding door. After setting the meal on the stove, Sean can go outside to draw. The next morning, Sean can exit through the door to search for Daniel. (required) (Comment: "We had to use Daniel's... gift to break in.")
  • He can look at and show a raccoon to Daniel. (Comment: "Is that the same from the previous days?")
  • He can look at and refill a bowl. (Comment: Look:"Shoot. Poor doggie's out of water..."
    Refill: "Hey 'Shroom, you thirsty? Good girl...")
    • Afterwards, he can pet Mushroom. (Comment: "So now you let me pet you, huh? Give-and-take, I get it...")
  • He can examine an old photo of Patrick, Maggie, and John. (Comment: "Feels weird to be living in their home...")
  • He can examine a postcard sent from Maggie to her father. (Comment: "Poor guy... I guess kids have to grow up anyway, right?")
  • He can look at a broom. (Comment: "I wish I helped Dad more... with the house chores back then...")
  • He can look at a cigarette pack. (Comment: "Wish I had more than tobacco, to be honest...")
  • He can look at a scotch bottle. (Comment: "There was a little bit left when we came. Pretty disgusting, but... Helps staying warm.")
  • He can look at a coat. (Comment: "We scored with these clothes. Plus 5 street cred!")
  • He can examine and discuss with Daniel a chalkboard. (Comment: Look: "He's definitely a fast learner. Maybe too fast...")
  • He can look at some magazines. (Comment: "The guy who came here sure had time to kill...")
  • He can look at a wood stove and arrange the tinder. After retrieving the lighter, he can make a fire. (required) (Comment: "We're so lucky this thing is still working... Wouldn't have lasted long without heat.")
  • If they got one from the claw machine in Bear Station, Sean can look at the Power Bear toy. (Comment: "No more batteries. Thank God.")
  • He can look at a mug that says "Best Dad Ever". (Comment: "Kinda weird to use strangers' stuff every day, but... Not like we have a choice.")
  • He can examine and discuss with Daniel a photo of his dad, Esteban. (Comment: "I hate it when I hear Daniel crying at night... I can't do shit.")
  • He can look at Mushroom's cushion. (Comment: "Mushroom clung onto Daniel on the first nights. But now she loves her bed by the fire.")
  • He can examine a Hawt Dawg Man comic. (Comment: "Thank god kids used to spend vacations here. Daniel would've been mad without these.")
  • He can look at Daniel's bag. (Comment: "High school feels so far away now...")
  • He can look at his bag. The next morning, Sean can put the canteens into his bag. (required) (Comment: "This thing is strong as a rock...")
  • He can look at and teach Mushroom. (Comment: "Daniel needs a doggo friend...")
  • He can look at the sleeping bag (Determinant). (Comment: "So glad we trade my stupid blanket for this.")
  • After lighting the fire, Sean can look at and choose from the shelved food cans. (Comment: Look: "These were all I found when I hit the town last week.""
    Choose: "Hmmm.... Tough choice.")
  • Afterwards, he can look at the can. After retrieving the pan, he can prepare the meal. (Comment: "So tired of eating the same shit... I just want one slice of pizza...")
  • Afterwards, he can look at the pan of food on the stove. (Comment: Before cooking: "Nah, it's not ready yet... I'm a ravioli expert.""
    After cooking: "All right! Seems warm enough.")
  • During the night, he can look at the candles. (Comment: "I actually like having only candles. Kinda soothing...")
  • After retrieving the map, he can set it down on the table. (required) (Comment: "This is rank... Sharing with Daniel is the worst.")


  • Sean can look at an old phone. (Comment: "Feels almost good to be cut off from everything.")
  • He can look at a door. (Comment: "This room is fucking cold, so... we put everything we didn't need in it, and... keep it closed.")
  • He can look at a broken frame. (Comment: "Yep. No more indoor training sessions.")
  • He can look at the front door. (Comment: "We never found the key to this door. I guess using the sliding door is cool.")


  • Sean can look at some bubble bath left over from Three Seals Motel. (Comment: "Hello, motel room soap!")
  • He can look at some medicine. (Comment: "No way I can give any of these to Daniel. Too risky...")
  • He can look at a container of drinking water. In the morning after, Sean can refill the canteens in the container. (required) (Comment: "Pro tip: Always boil the water... Unless you want Daniel spraying nasty things on both ends.")
  • He can look at a bucket. (Comment: "Once you get used to squatting... It's not so bad...")
  • He can look at some drying clothes. (Comment: "It feels weird to loot other people's clothes, but... We need the warmth.")
  • He can look at and add water to a container. (Comment: Look: "At least we have fresh water in our front yard."
    Add water:
    Sean: "Hey! I put some clean water in the bathroom so you can wash a little."
    Daniel: "Mmmmm... Okay!")
  • He can look at a broken window. (Comment: "No more peeing at night for Daniel... He got so scared... We're lucky he didn't blow up the house.")
  • He can look at a towel. (Comment: "This is rank... Sharing with Daniel is the worst.")
  • After retrieving the can of food, he can look at and pick up a pan. (Comment: Look: "One pan, one wash..."
    Take: "Daniel needs to eat something, after all that...")


  • Sean can look at a boy band poster. (Comment: "Gotta love one-hit wonders!")
  • He can look at some posters. (Comment: "Kinda reminds me of Dad's cheesy posters...")
  • He can inspect through his stuff, where:
    • He can look at and take his Dad's lighter. (required) (Comment: Look: "This thing has saved our ass. Thanks again, Dad..."
      Take: "Time to get warm.")
    • He can examine a letter from Dr. Fischer. (Comment: "Yeah. Daniel doesn't need to see this...")
    • He can look at a book. (Comment: "No excuse not to binge read.")
    • He can examine Brody Holloway's parting letter. (Comment: "Wonder where Brody is now. Oh yeah... no Internet.")
    • He can examine a newspaper. (Comment: Page 1 (if Sean didn't attack Hank): "Oh yeah... He definitely cared for us. Asshole."
      Page 1 (if Sean attacked Hank): "Of course... He's the town fucking hero now."
      Page 2: "How can I feel bad for him?")
    • He can look at an old radio. (Comment: "Dead for a week... but at least we got some news.")
    • He can look at some colored pencils. (Comment: "I'm used to ink, so... this will be different. I have time to learn now.")
  • He can look at Daniel's lair. (Comment: "Nice fort, Daniel. All that Minecraft paid off...")
    • After Daniel leaves, he can inspect the fort, where:
      • He can look at a DrawALot slate. (Comment: "Daniel loves his brand new tablet.")
      • He can look at a CD player. (Comment: "Man... I miss listening to music, so fucking much.")
      • He can look at a toy. (Comment: "No way I'm touching that .")
      • He can look at a drawing of Daniel. (Comment: "Hmmm.... I could do a super cool manga about Daniel...")
      • While looking for the map, Sean can look at and move Mushroom. (required) (Comment: "Shroom... I can't get mad at you. Stop being so damn cute.")
      • Afterwards, Sean can look at and pick up the map. (required) (Comment: Look: "Here it is. For fuck's sake."
        Take: Time to play 'Dad Talk'.")


The defaced and non-defaced variations of the family photo.

  • Depending on Sean's influence on Daniel during "Roads", the photo of Maggie, John, and Patrick on the cabin's fridge can be defaced in black marker.
  • Scrawled onto the house's exterior is the message "Sean and Daniel were here". This may be a reference towards the original Life is Strange, where Max Caulfield can come across a similar graffiti written by Chloe Price and Rachel Amber in the junkyard and add her own name to the list.
  • Dontnod Entertainment's level designer Simon Svoboda designed this level.
  • Even though Sean has named this area "Abandoned House" on his map, the design team at DONTNOD refer to it as "Old House." Usually, the name in-game in the menu is the final name.[1] File naming in the localization and asset files show it as "Old House."
  • During their time in the abandoned house, one of Episode 2's ending outcomes is foreshadowed when Sean says to Daniel, "Dude! You'll be moving... cars around in no time if you keep improving like that." This foreshadows the outcome where Daniel can use his power to knock a moving police car out of Chris's path, preventing injury.





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