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"I can't believe Firewalk is playing a show at the old mill. Fuck yes! Mom would kill me if she knew I was out here."Chloe's first monologue in "Awake"

The Old Mill is an abandoned sawmill and explorable location in Life is Strange: Before the Storm. It has been re-purposed into a punk club by Damon Merrick. The sawmill is currently disused and dilapidated.

According to Chloe Price, the mill is located miles away from where she lives. Chloe hiked along the railway for an hour to get there.



Episode One - "Awake"

Chloe hikes to the mill to hear the unregistered Firewalk concert inside the punk club. After the bouncer doesn't let her in due to her age and also doesn't approve her fake ID, Chloe gets inside by backtalking him or via a backdoor. Inside the punk club, Chloe speaks with Frank Bowers and can steal a t-shirt and money from a vendor. The path to the room the band playing is blocked by the crowd. Chloe bumps into two skeevy guys, spilling one's beer while trying to pass by and they threaten her. She walks away from them and takes the dilapidated staircase to a rotten second floor with a view of the band. Shortly afterwards, the skeevy guys show up again and threaten her. Rachel Amber suddenly shows up and helps Chloe by distracting them or throwing a bottle, leading them to escape into the crowd downstairs. The skeevy guys follow them downstairs and Frank blocks them from further following them. Rachel and Chloe dance to Firewalk's music.

Episode Two - "Brave New World"

In Frank's RV, Chloe can find out through an email in Frank's computer that the old mill burned down (likely due to the fire Rachel Amber caused) and costed Damon (Frank's "business partner") a lot of money.

Episode Three - "Hell is Empty"

The mill serves Damon as a hideout near the end of the episode, where he kept Sera Gearhardt after kidnapping her on James Amber's order. Chloe arrives after getting the cash from the DA's office, in the hopes of freeing Sera and reuniting her with Rachel. She sees Frank's RV parked nearby with blood smears and decides to search for Sera first. Inside the mill, Chloe can find Damon's phone with a SMS conversation with the (alleged) snitch she blamed and can pick up a knife. She then finds Sera, who has been tied to a chair by Damon. Chloe can try to negotiate with Damon or use the knife if she picked it up earlier, but he slaps her and she falls to the ground regardless. Frank, while nursing a stab wound inflicted by Damon earlier, comes in at that moment and attacks Damon while Chloe slowly blacks out.

When Chloe wakes up, Sera is sitting in the chair and smoking. Sera implies that Frank killed Damon and tries to convince Chloe that it's best for Rachel to never know about the incident. If Chloe has Rachel's bracelet, she can give it to her when Sera is about to leave. Depending on the conversation, Sera will either accept the bracelet or hand it back to Chloe. Chloe then exits the mill and drives back to the hospital.

Optional Graffiti

In Episode 3, Chloe can cross out the "Don't mess with Damon Merrick" graffiti with a knife serving as an optional graffiti.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Chloe's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.


  • Chloe can look at and jump over the fence. (required). (Comment: "No trespassing? No way.")
  • Chloe can look at a betting stub. (Comment: "If I owed somebody a thousand dollars, I'd be shitting my pants.")
  • Chloe can look at the two men arguing. (Comment: First look: "Those guys need to get a room. Or not. Damn."
    Second look: "Should probably avoid getting on that guy's shit list.")
  • Chloe can look at the RV. (Comment: Look before graffiti: "This RV's just begging for a little street art. But if I do it here, someone will see me."
    Look after graffiti: "Seriously though, who drives an RV to a Firewalk show?")
  • Chloe can look at the back panel of the RV. (Comment: Look before graffiti: "Ah, perfect place for me to work."
    Look after graffiti: "I'm sorry, officer, it says what on the side of my RV?")
  • Chloe can graffiti the back panel of the RV. (Comment: "Now, what to draw..."
    Not a Meth Lab!: "Definitely, absolutely not a meth lab."
    Free candy!: "Hey, kids! Free candy.")
  • Chloe can look at the gas can. (Comment: "Guess fire safety isn't exactly high on the agenda here.")
  • Chloe can look at and have a Moment of Calm near the bonfire. (Comment: "Some say the world will end in fire.")
  • Chloe can look at the dog kennel. (Comment: "This place has collected a lot of junk over the years."
    Look after failing backtalk:"If I move that crate beneath
    the loading door, I might be able to get that sucker open.")
  • She can move the dog kennel towards the door after failing the backtalk, and look at it again. (Comment: Move: "This thing's heavier than it looks."
    Look after moving: "There. Piece of cake.")
  • Chloe can look at and listen to the back door of the mill. (Comment: Look: "A second door inside? So close, and far."
    Look after failing backtalk: "Might be able to get inside through
    that loading door. If I can get to it, that is."
    Listen: "This band shreds so hard. I gotta get in there!"
    Look after moving kennel: "Now I should be able to reach the latch.")
  • Chloe can look at the bikes. (Comment: "I'd join a motorcycle gang...if I had any friends.")
  • Chloe can look at the bouncer's bike. (Comment: "Nothing says badass like a nice floral print.")
  • Chloe can look at the train car. (Comment: "An old lumber car. Guess it's been years since anyone's actually worked here.")
  • Chloe can look at the machinery. (Comment: "That saw looks ancient. I wonder how long ago the mill actually closed.")
  • Chloe can look at and speak to the bouncer (required). (Comment: "I've got to figure out how to get past this guy.")


Chloe can look at and pet a pitbull. (Comment: "That dog is fierce.")
She can look at a drunk girl. (Comment: "Sober up, girl! You're missing the show!")
She can look at a graffiti on the wall. (Comment: "Don't mess with Damon. Thanks for the memo.")
She can look at a "No Parking" sign. (Comment: Before releasing brake: "Yeah, no shit. This car could slide down any minute."
After releasing brake: "Justice has been served.")
She can look at and speak to the T-Shirt Vendor. (Comment: Before speaking: "Is that guy selling merch? Wish I had some cash."
After speaking: That guy's a dick. I'd love to see his car roll right out from under him.)
She can look at and try to take a shirt near the vendor. (Comment: Look before speaking to vendor: "That shirt is rad."
Take before speaking to vendor: "That guy's a dick. If I want a shirt, I'm going to need to get creative."
Look after speaking to vendor: "I've got to distract that asshole if I want to grab a shirt."
Take after speaking to vendor: "Can't grab a shirt with this dickhead watching. I need to
give him something else to deal with.")
She can look at and release the handbrake of the vendor's car. (Comment: Look before speaking to vendor: "Looks like that parking brake is the only thing keeping that car
from rolling down the ramp."
Look after speaking to vendor: "Releasing that brake would roll the car right out from under
that tool. Do I want a Firewalk shirt that bad? I think I do."
Release: "Sorry, dude. Maybe you shouldn't overcharge.")
She can look at a water pipe. (Comment: "Nothing sadder than a neglected bong.")
She can look at a knife. (Comment: "Sweet knife. Just like the one my mom refused to get me for my birthday.")
She can look at the skeevy guys. (Comment: "Sketch central.")
She can look at a chill girl. (Comment: "How can you just chill when Firewalk is tearing it up in the next room?")
She can look at and take a bottle of beer from a bucket. (Comment: Look: "Cold beer, free for the taking?"
Take: "Drink more, feel less. Yes, please.")
She can look at a dart board. (Comment: "Reminds me of the way I make important life choices.")
She can look at some syringes on a crate. (Comment: "No thanks. I try to avoid hepatitis when I can.")
She can look at a poster of two women kissing. (Comment: "Classy.")
She can look at and speak to Frank. (Comment: "Before speaking: Frank Bowers? What is he doing here?"
Before buying weed: "Bumping into my drug dealer at the Firewalk show? Seems like fate to me."
After buying weed: "Despite what he says, Frank's not a bad guy.")
She can look at the deer head. (Comment: "Don't you judge me, spooky deer head, I'm here for the band.")
She can look at the drunk guy (Comment: Before taking a bottle of beer: "Sweet dream, hombre"
After taking a bottle of beer: "That's totally me in five beers. Ok, three")
  • She can look at and push through the crowd (required). (Comment: "Damn, there are a lot of people here.")
  • She can look at and climb the stairs (required). (Comment: "Half those stairs are rotted through. Looks dicey.")

Unused Content




  • The mill is named "TUMNUS LUMBER CO.", evident from the discolored letters on the building.
  • This sawmill must not be mistaken for the (still active) Lumber Mill of Arcadia Bay. A look at the Arcadia Bay maps confirms that those are located at two different places.
  • Burner.jpg
    The sawmill stopped functioning during the mid-70s at the latest. Indeed, a wigwam burner can be seen near the two smokestacks. These free-standing conical steel structures — commonly used in the sawmills of the western coast — were progressively abandoned until they were finally outlawed due to environmental concerns in the mid-seventies.
  • The names on the four bikes' license plates near the fire may be a reference to the American TV series The A-Team members: Faceman, Murdock, B.A. Baracus and Hannibal.




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